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The Induction of Justice {Daunte Aidan}

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  • The Induction of Justice {Daunte Aidan}

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 10-16-2002 03:01 PM:
    The Induction of Justice {Daunte Aidan}

    Jedi Master StarRider was seated in a meditaitve position as the Force was guiding her to attain her myriad objectives. She was expecting her new padawan, Daunte, to heed to her call and meet her for the first of training sessions.

    Posted by Daunte Aidán on 10-17-2002 11:51 AM:

    As Daunte entered the room, he could see his master meditating. He was amazed from all the peace that could be felt around him. He could not help but stare, in a none disrespectful way, at his Jedi Master, not only was she beatiful, but she inspired so many "good" feelings. Peace, wisdom, justice, protection, knowledge, understanding. Just by seeing her he knew he was going to learn a lot, and he couldn't wait any longer.

    "M'lady, I'm here at your service and ready to begin training"

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 10-19-2002 02:06 AM:

    Aura sensed Daunte's presence as she arrested her trance, measureably opening her eyes to connect with her new padawan.

    "Please, have a seat my padawan on the mat before you. Tell me if you can, what is the Force, and have you experienced this mystery of life?" She uttered in a placid air, as if her meditation lowered her speach to a barely audible whisper.

    Posted by Daunte Aidán on 10-23-2002 01:24 PM:

    "M'lady..." Said Daunte as he nodded respectfully to his master, he then proceeded to kneel down in the mat in front of him he took a deep breath and carried on "I'm afraid I do not know the meaning of The Force, though I know what it is, I just can't find a definition, words are just not enough to describe this energy that surrounds us, that's within us."

    "I have not experienced it personally, though as a Stormtrooper I sure have witnessed it in many ways."

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 10-24-2002 01:28 PM:

    "A stormtrooper was really just an elite soldier who followed orders from his superiors, not of the darkside, though many were corrupted and lusted for carnage, there were also honorable ones. I suspect you were one of those." Aura nodded to her padawan with a rewarding smile.

    "What mysterious things have you encountered in your tour of duty with the Imperials, Daunte?"

    Posted by Daunte Aidán on 10-28-2002 11:22 AM:

    "I thak you for the concept of an honorable soldier you have of my person. And I don't mean to contradict you m'lady, but in my case a Stormtrooper was more than that"

    Dante nodded showing the due respect to his Jedi Master, and carried on, his eyes meeting hers.

    "In my case I got to experience the most mysterious thing of them all. The SWAT team of which I was part, was under the direct orders of Darth Vader himself. Many horrible things did I witness, like him, choking officerw with a simple wave of his hands. Tearing enemies apart with his lightsaber and great ease. Memories I wish were not part of me and which I'd rather forget."

    The apprentice was frozen, still, without movement, seemed like remembering those things, had trigger many feelings within him. One of them regret, along with sorrow.

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 10-29-2002 07:26 AM:

    "And what special weapons did you brandish with this select assault team? Have you killed innocents, Daunte? All this information is prudent if I am going to help you on your path to the Lightside. Do not hesitate to hold back any information. Meditation and reflection will remold your battle hardened soul and allow the Force to penetrate your conscious." Aura spoke without surprise as she was well aware of the atrocities lavished by the troopers.

    Posted by Daunte Aidán on 10-29-2002 09:27 AM:

    "All kinds of fire weapons, from the smallest blaster, to the big bazooka type weapons. I was also a very skilled combat pilot, mine used to be a TIE Fighter"

    Daunte then paused for a second, as if he was ashamed, regret could be seen written all over his face.

    "Yes, innocent have perished under my hand, without distinction, no matter race, age, sex...if it was under my orders, it's something I had to execute..."

    "...I'm not proud of it, but I can't deny it either."

    Daunte then looked into the woman's eyes, he could see he was not being judged, nor condemned, somehow that gave him just a tiny bit of relief.

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 11-01-2002 11:38 AM:

    Aura deeply sighed, not because of discovering his tainted past, but because she wasn't sure if she could totally bring him into the Lightside as a result of his past atrocities.

    "Daunte, have you the armor you wore as a SWAT trooper? This may be of extreme importance in our training if I am going to assist you in shedding the dark that has cast a shadow over your soul by your past violent actions." Aura cast a concerned glance in his direction, hoping he had access to the uniform.

    Posted by Daunte Aidán on 11-01-2002 04:07 PM:

    Daunte seemed rather surprised by his Master's question. It had been long ago since he last put on that suit. The last time he took it off, he was happy he never will have to wear it again. Now a somewhat afraid, look could be seen in the Padawan's face::

    "I...I...I do have my Stormtrooper suit, m'lady" Daunte's answer was hesitant. For he was dreading and afraid of what Aura would say next. Though he already had a pretty good hunch on what it was.

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 11-02-2002 11:17 AM:

    Aura nodded, understanding his hesitation as she offered her story.

    "His name was Christopher Aklin, TK-101. A corporal in the Imperial stormtroopers. His unit was ordered to level a peaceful village for harboring Jedi. In the mayhem he went AWOL as the slaughter of unarmed civilians sickened him. We found him wounded at my first Academy's perimeter, The Noble Warriors of Light Clan. He asked to be a Jedi, and was taken in by my Master.

    Chris and I became lovers. His training eventually failed him as he adhered to the call of duty that was drilled deeply inside his conscious. He returned to his unit. I tried to stop him but was taken down by the stun beam of his E-11. He could never kill me. His honor and loyalty to the Imperials was too much for him to ignore." Aura met Daunte's surprise as the pain was written in her facet.

    "I won't make the same mistakes my Master has done with you, Daunte. It is necessary to donn the armor as you will face your inner demons being the soldier you once were, only then can we eradicate the darkness that has torn apart your soul, and begin to allow the Light to heal the wounds."

    Posted by Daunte Aidán on 11-04-2002 09:23 PM:

    Not a world left Daunte's mouth. Astonished, no other words could have described it. Daunte could not just believe what he just heard. His Jedi Master, involved with a trooper? One of the soldiers whe was, and one of the things he now hates the most? His Jedi Master had indirectly been related to The Galactic Empire? She had to be kidding.

    Daunte saw into Aura's eyes, hoping she would say she was kidding, but no response like that came. All there was for a long moment was silence. Daunte realized Aura was not joking, but most important he realized she was right.

    There was something else in Aura's words, he just couldn't make out what. Daunte then stood up and bowing to his master he said.

    "M'lady...I should be back shortly then..."

    He then turned around and head to his quarters. Where he would have to deal with his own past inner demons.

    Slowly he made his way in. What was it in Aura's words bothering him so much?

    'Christopher Aklin'

    'Noble Warriors of Light Clan'


    Why were these words spinining in Daunte's mind?

    He slowly reached for his duffle bag that was on top of his closet, very slowly, he started to take out, each and ever part of his trooper armor.

    'Christopher Aklin'

    'Noble Warriors of Light Clan'


    The words still spinning in his head. What was it?

    'Christopher Aklin'

    'Noble Warriors of Light Clan'


    He started to put 'em on very slowly. It had been long ago since he last wore it, but he remember perfectly how to put it on.

    'Christopher Aklin'

    'Noble Warriors of Light Clan'


    The words were louder now.

    'Christopher Aklin'

    'Noble Warriors of Light Clan'


    His chest piece...

    'Christopher Aklin'

    'Noble Warriors of Light Clan'


    His boots....

    'Christopher Aklin'

    'Noble Warriors of Light Clan'


    His gloves...

    'Christopher Aklin'

    'Noble Warriors of Light Clan'


    Finally his helmet...

    Posted by TK-423 on 11-04-2002 09:55 PM:

    Another voice came into play, once the whole armor was in place.

    "Captain, we found a Jedi Order "

    "A Jedi Order you say?" It had been quite a while, since the Imperials had landed in this planet, and thought to have swept the entire area.

    "Yes, they've taken one of our corporals prisioner, TK-101, the one we thought dead."

    "Get him back, no matter the price"

    "Yes sir" As he said this TK-233, gave his captain the due salute and started running, then all of a sudden...

    "NO WAIT LIEUTENANT!!!" Captain TK-423's voice interrupted his pace.

    "See if you can establish communication with him first" 'If this works out, Lord Vader, will be pleased'

    A few hours later...

    "Communication has been established Captain"

    "Good...TK-101 do you copy?"

    "Doesn't seem to be working...TK-101 do you copy?"

    "Loud and clear captain"

    "Are you still hostage to the Jedis?

    "Ah, I'm not being held prissioner captain, they've actually tended to my wounds since I fell in combat..."

    "That's only because they do not have the guts to kill you, that will be their doom MUWAHAHAHAHA"

    "TK-101, here are your new instructions, take advantage of their trust in you, since you have been lucky enough to infilter their camp and...whipe them out....all of them...."

    "Over and out"

    Several days later, TK-101 managed to make it back to the Imperial Base.

    "TK-101, reporting for duty Captain"

    "How come we had no communication with you? Your friend here, better be right about you shutting your transmiter down so that you wouldn't get caught. If so, congratulations on being so smart and accomplishing your mission."

    "You did accomplish your mission didn't you TK-101?"

    TK-101 then removed his helmet and added.

    "I'm not TK-101, my name's Cris Alkin. And no, I couldn't execute such orders, to the people who were so good to me" 'To the one that I loved'

    All of a sudden birds flew all over the place, leaving the tree's branches they were in. Animals ran way in fear, looking for safety. All of the troopers in the camp turned around, only to see smoke coming out of a blaster and TK-101's body falling to the ground.

    "In my SWAT team, there is no such thing as failure. Everyone who has room in their lexicon for such words should leave now and his life will be spared. From now on, death, will be the price for such thing as failure" Shouted Captain TK-423 to everyone in there.

    Captain TK-423 then gave the E-11 blaster he had just fired, back to his owner, Lt. TK-233, while saying to him.

    "As for you Lieutenant take whatever's left of him and in good use, such as his helmet and blaster and put it away, can not allow anything go to waste. As for his body, burn him, even better, throw his body to the womprats...."

    The flashback was then gone, it was back to reality for the former imperial now Jedi Padawan...

    "What have I done?" This can't be real... But it was. Such ideas were nothing but memories, things he had done in the past. How was he gonna tell his master? The thought of running away crossed his mind. But then again, that's not why he came to the SOTL. It had never taken him that long to get anywhere, and after a while, he managed to make his way into the Training Dojo, where his master awaited.

    He couldn't face her, he simply nodded and said.

    I'm here Master Aura. TK-423 reporting for duty"


    Posted by Aura StarRider on 11-05-2002 09:45 AM:

    For a fleeting moment shock registered on Aura's face at the bone-white armored soldier standing before her, his black visor shifted in her direction inciting memories of contradiction. Her long lost love Chris, as she had last seen him, was garbed in this armor, save for the colored shoulder pauldrons adorned by the rank of Captain.

    Tracing back to her last encounter with TK-101, a cobalt tubular ray encompassing her form was her last vivid memory of the Corporal's commanding vista. Other scenes of violence flashed before her; the mayhem and destruction these stormtroopers waged on the innocents, the horrific waste and pain inflicted by the merciless adept soldiers of Vader's personal doctrine.

    Regaining her composure, the Jedi Master sighted beyond the ivory plasteel plates, and discovered her padawan Daunte, buried underneath this fabricated vision of himself, or the essence of what he once was, and now held contempt for.

    What she would do next would not only captivate her padawan in an illusive dream world, she would transfer him to the time of turmoil that beckoned his release as a pawn from the chains of slaughter, but this undertaking would be extremely dangerous and complex.

    . ."At ease, TK-423.". .

    Aura motioned over to Daunte as she stopped before him at rigid attention, and barked an order like a superior officer.

    "I am checking your internal comlink Captain, stand down till readied."

    Aura touched his helmet as her hands migrated about the smooth white steel till they ceased their movement. She probed his mind, sending him into a trance-like state, temporarily unaware of his present position as a padawan, but living in the memories of what had since transpired; space and land invasions, the screaming of the condemned, the brutal cold-blooded killing of his own men for treason, were among the few visions. Aura stepped back from him at what she had discovered, her face paling in the aftermath of an indescribable loss. To the Captain TK-423, she appeared as a General, with the generated illusion the Force furnished his mind.

    "Captain...Relay onto me the coordinates of the Corporal, TK-101!" A slight hint of pain and hesitation projected from her voice as she knew Chris was executed by his order. She would see how this came about, and what led Daunte to surrender his affiliation with the dominating Imperial army. Only then could the Jedi Master slowly close the chapter on his life as the Captain of the Special Weapons Assault Team, alloting him the path to the Lightside.

    Posted by TK-423 on 11-06-2002 09:27 AM:

    All of a sudden, Captain TK-423, was in front of his general. The due salute at the same time the question was answered.

    "There are no coordinates for corporal TK-101, SIR. His status is known to be KIA"

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 11-06-2002 10:21 AM:

    "CAPTAIN! You are holding back vital information! Inside sources reveal he was executed for treason by your hand in the field, not killed in action. Is this not correct, TK-423?" Aura was careful not to to apply too much pressure on Daunte in his present delicate state, only wanting him to be held accountable for his actions as an Imperial officer, and to accept the responsibility with remorse, as this would be the commencement of his path toward the eventuality of a Jedi Knight.

    The Jedi Master unlocked concealed knowledge to discover to her astonishment, not only did her padawan harbor a multitude of midi-chlorions, she discerned it may have weighed heavily in his choices to leave the services of the army. Aura would press on further to find out what had brought this vital change in him to avert his alliance.

    Posted by TK-423 on 11-06-2002 10:58 AM:

    "When a man, dies in the battlefield it's said to be killed in action, regardless of who's responsible for the demise."

    "Indeed he perished by my hand. The corporal did not execute his orders, General."

    "I guess it's a matter of perspective..."

    A small pause was made, no emotions were reflected on the words of the Imperial Captain, none absolutely what so ever.

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 11-06-2002 11:22 AM:

    "I see," she replied coldly, expected of a high ranking official. "And why were these orders carried out? What evidence had you of disobeying a direct order?" She pushed on in her guise, hopefully to target a weakness in his make-shift durasteel wall posing as an obstacle to his morality.

    Posted by TK-423 on 11-06-2002 12:05 PM:

    "Evidence? evidence you say, General? How about his exact words and I quote: 'I'm not TK-101, my name's Cris Alkin. And no, I couldn't execute such orders, to the people who were so good to me'"

    "On SWAT team XXX099, my SWAT team, there's no room for unsuccesfulness, less for treachery"

    The man within the armor stood still, no feelings could be seen, no emotion shown, nothing, but a cold-blooded soldier

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 11-06-2002 12:24 PM:

    The timing had to be precise in the sequence of events that were about to unfold. Aura nodded to R2L4 as her true Jedi form was now revealed to the Captain. Aura then darted across the room as if in heavy pursuit. The astromech droid issued a command in a stormtrooper's voice, an audible click resounding after the order.

    "Blast her Captain! She pilfered secret information from the command console. She's a Jedi!" To TK-423 it was an order issued by his General. He suddenly felt the cold weighted grip of a Blastech E-11 blaster carbine in his gloved hands, the setting at kill.

    Posted by TK-423 on 11-06-2002 01:00 PM:

    "Blast her Captain!"

    The orders were given.

    "Cris Alkin"

    "Noble warrios or light clan"


    In the blink of an eye the weapon was in place ready to be fired.

    "She pilfered secret information from the command console. She's a Jedi!"

    Captain TK-423's eye, could bee seen through the sight, aiming for his target.

    "There are no coordinates for corporal TK-101, SIR. His status is known to be KIA"

    His target was locked with milimetrical precision.

    "I'm not TK-101, my name's Cris Alkin. And no, I couldn't execute such orders, to the people who were so good to me"

    His index finger was in the trigger and ready to fire.

    Blast her Captain!

    With no hesitation the trigger was pulled and fire was opened.

    Posted by Daunte Aidán on 11-06-2002 01:03 PM:

    After the column of smoke initiated by the blaster and its subsequent explosion. TK-423 removed his helmet...

    "My name is not TK-423. My name is Daunte Aidan. Jedi Padawan to Aura StarRider"

    He had not shot his master, but the image he had thought to be the Imperial General, which just happened to be an illusion.

    His gaze then met Aura's.

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 11-06-2002 01:30 PM:

    The deadly look of trauma weighed heavily on Aura's facet as her arms gripped about her waist, doubling over in pain, collapsing to the ground with a groan. Daunte was stunned. The odor of ozone permeated the air from the salvo of his weapon, yet he assumed it all had been an illusion conjured up by his Master, and the droid was acting as the General, Aura being unharmed in the escapade, or was she... he pondered solemnly.

    He knew all too well the bolt had been discharged from his weapon by sheer experience. The rifle was real as he shifted to cast a glare at the droid which only made pitiful pining squeals as if in mourning. He then shifted his attention to the prone body, eyes widening in disbelief as if something had gone grievously astray.

    Posted by Daunte Aidán on 11-06-2002 02:16 PM:

    For a split second Daunte thought he had succeeded. It wasn't hard for him to realize it all had been an illusion created by Aura. But success comes in many ways, and not always happy ones...

    "whaaa....whAT?!?!....NOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Daunte threw his helmet and his E-11 blaster to the ground. Quickly he made his way to where Aura's body laid. He knelt, afraid to roll her over, afraid to see. Not because he didn't know what happened, but because doing so, would only confirm it.

    Gently he rolled her over; only to reveal. his worst inner fear ever was truth, she had been injured. A blaster wound could be seen in her stomach.

    He reached out for her wrist, trying to find a pulse. No luck. He pressed his ear against her chest, looking for a heartbeat. No luck. She wasn't breathing.

    In an act of desperation he grabbed one of the long metal covers of the droid. He reached out for the medkit, hidden in a secret compartment of his armor, and put some ointment in it. He then placed the cold metal part over her chest. With his insulated gloves, he took two of the wide wires from the droid and placed them over the cover. Trying to bring her back to life by electro-shocking her. No success...

    He tried CPR, everything in his knowledge, to make her breath again.....and all he found was nonsuccess...

    Trying to regain composure he stood up, tried to walk, but couldn't he fell right back on his knees, next to Aura's body. He leaned towards her, and placed his head on her chest. Sighs, were coming out, mumbles, whispers, to low to make out, came out of him.

    Sorrow, regret, repentment, any feeling, you name it, and it would have been found flowing in Daunte's body. All of a sudden a tear came out of his eye. Then another one. Daunte for the first time in his entire life was crying, but how could this be?Stormtrooper's are not known to cry. What does this mean then? Could it be that....

    "I...I'm sor...sorry Aura...I'm so sorry!"Regret could be felt in his words.

    Flashbacks of all the pain and killing he did as an Imperail Stormtrooper Captain, passed right before him in a matter of seconds.

    "I'm sorry for all the killings...all the could I did it? How could I've been so stupid? He still was crying and the words were a little hard to understand.

    "I'm sorry I killed Cris, oh, what I'd give to give him back to you...AHHHH!!!!!" Pain was just tearing him apart inside.

    A ghost started to haunt him, he now knew how all the people he had brought misery upon, felt. He was shaking, how could he live with himself now?

    "OH, GOD!!! OH, GOD!!! OH, GOD!!! It was just an accident...I...I .di...did n...not her!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!!! GOD WHY!!!!" He then turned his gaze to the ceiling, as if looking through it, being able to see the sky.



    But his prayer was not answered, and there he was, kneeling in front of lifeless body, that shouldn't have died. What was he gonna do?

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 11-06-2002 02:41 PM:

    Wun her Droideka training droid stored far in an adjacent room, had been instructed to wake Aura after five minutes through their internal comlink connection, as one needs a stimulus to be revived from a hibernation trance. It can not only double as disguising a Jedi's Force signature and life detection, but can also save one from dying from an otherwise fatal wound; a way of buying time.

    The illusion of the blaster wound could only be successfully solicited before she was swallowed into a hibernation void, yet she implanted the vision deeply into his mind before going under. Daunte's rifle's scoping sight had been previously tampered with to avoid a fatal shot. He sighted far off from Aura's proximity with the E-11 unfolded into its targeting sniper position.

    A gentle hand caressed Daunte's face. "I am alright, my padawan. I am sorry, but this extreme exercise was essential to face the memories of annihilation incurred by your hand, stored safely hidden in your conscious, but had to be painfully addressed. Now the training and the healing can begin. You are well on your way to the light path of a Jedi," she paused, sighing with exhaustion. "I could use some help getting up. This trance weakens me greatly," she smiled meekly, meeting the profound relief escaping his welled up eyes.

    Posted by Daunte Aidán on 11-07-2002 07:40 AM:

    When Aura's hand touched Daunte's face, all he could do was turn his head slowly, so that her eyes, would meet his. Excitement could hardly be contained within his being, yet he tried to remain calm. He palmed her hand with his hand, as it slowly caressed his face. The tears of sadness and guilt, were now tears of joy, not because of what she had told him, but because she was alive.

    As he backed up a little bit to help her out, he still had her hand in his. He slowly and gently directed it towards his lips and kissed it in the most galant manner, as he said "M'lady...". It was really no statement, no phrase, no true meaning of an idea. However, it expressed many things, many things that Aura, could see through his eyes.

    Slowly he lifted her up from the floor, carrying her. And eventhough it had been a hard battle with himself, in the end he had to give in; he just couldn't contain his excitement any longer and spun around while stil carrying her, the tears were gone and now he could smile, giving one of the few smiles he had ever had in his life, as a gift ot thankfulness to her.

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 11-09-2002 10:52 AM:

    Time past as Aura called upon the Force to fill her once again with its pure potency. Daunte met her at the dojo as a new man, free of the armor and life as an Imperial soldier that held his very soul and morality in check.

    "Greetings my padawan. We shall now begin to meditate. It is the principal means of establishing a 1-1 spiritual essence with the Force. Have you done this before as a soldier before a battle? Blank out your mind to allow concentration to take hold?"

    Posted by Daunte Aidán on 11-12-2002 10:42 AM:

    "M'lady..." Daunte nodded as he greeted his Jedi Master, and gave a warm smile to her.

    Smiling........something Daunte, didn't really do in the past, but now, he could get used to it. Ever since his first training session passed, he had been a new man. A great weight was taken off of his shoulders, as he seemed to be free of the Imperial influence, of which he was prissioner for so long.

    "As a trooper I was taught to block everything that could be a distraction, pain, weather, etc; and just focus on my objective."

    "I'm not sure it was exactly meditation, but I'm almost positive it's an important first step."

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 11-16-2002 11:13 AM:

    "Indeed it is, my padawan. You speak of emptiness, purging ones thoughts to allot the Lightside to permeate and enshroud them. The time expanded in this exercise makes one stronger in the Force of Light. Consumed in battle we focus, never to allow emotions to rule over our thoughts and actions."

    She glanced over to Daunte, then averting her gaze granted herself a playful grin.

    "A smile becomes you Daunte, you should do so more often."

    Posted by Daunte Aidán on 11-16-2002 04:29 PM:

    "M'lady..." Was all Daunte could reply to his Master's comment. What was this he felt? Never before in his life had such feeling rushed through his body, actually his face and to be more precise, his cheeks. Did he blush? Probably understandable, since it's highly doubtful that as a trooper Daunte received many compliments, at least compliments from a beatiful woman, like Jedi Master Aura StarRider.

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 11-30-2002 08:08 AM:

    "The Force..Before we meditate, allow me to enlighten you on its intricate structure. It is an invisible energy field generated by every living thing. It surrounds and penetrates everything, binding the galaxy together. Within each Force adept's cell stucture lies a multifold of midi-chlorions, which are mircroscopic life-forms residing as simbionts within all living cells. We live in harmnony with one another, as these are also messengers of the Force. The highest recorded was that of Anakin Skywalker, scaling over 20,000. I would assume you, my friend, possess a high count, as very few can leave the Empire on their own accord, having been purged of a self conscious and will to protect and serve the innocent."

    "There are two sides of these extreme polar realms, the Darkside, of which I am sure you are well aware of, and of the Lightside, making up peace, serenity, and knowledge. Sense, control, and alter, A Jedi's manipulation of the Force, you shall learn in time to adapt in your training in your graduation on your path as a Padawan learner."

    "A Jedi's strength flows through the Force, as we use it for knowledge and defense, never to attack, as in the ways of the Darkside following."

    "Do you understand, Daunte?"

    Posted by Daunte Aidán on 12-03-2002 12:32 AM:

    "Crystal clear m'lady..." Daunte nodded in respect to his Jedi Master.

    Everything she had just told him, seemed to be already known by the former Imperial, and as it was being said it was just kind of remembered. Sort of Deja Vu, weirdest thing is Daunte did not know this things at all. Maybe it was just his learning capacity, which was beyond average, or his IQ, above average, too. However, he was not altered, due to the peace and serenity surrounding Aura StarRider and filling the training dojo.

    Indeed Daunte very well knew the Dark Side, he had not only witnessed it, but lived with it, almost every day. Being under the direct orders of a Dark Sith Lord, to bring misery upon others, and carry death with him, was not something Daunte would forget. Yet, he would overcome it, in many was he had already crossed that obstacle and left it behind, though he would never forget about it. He needed to remember, so that he would not make the same mistakes all over again, so that those footsteps, may be left behind.

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 12-05-2002 09:43 AM:

    "The Jedi code has four parts, my padawan..Before we submerse ourselves in meditation, I feel it is wise you learn them first. "There is no emotion, there is peace."

    "A Jedi must stave all emotions while in battle and when faced with obstacles that may conjure up intense feelings such as fear, worry, apprehension, confusion, grief, pain, anger, hatred, rage, and all negative emotions. This does not mean we are to dispose of our emotions at all times. We are all creatures of emotion, to deny ourselves these feelings would be profoundly unhealthy. But if they paralyze us or interfere with our objectives, then they must be controlled."

    Aura smiled, peering through his eyes soaking in her words.

    "You no doubt fought like an automated Battle Droid void of mercy and remorse in your past as a trooper. The Empire drilled this into you. A Jedi only kills if all choices of alternate means have been exhausted. By killing we stain our souls for an eternity, for all life is to be respected."

    Posted by Daunte Aidán on 12-06-2002 08:47 AM:

    "There's no emotion...there's peace..."

    Daunte repeated what his master had just said, letting such words sink in.

    Regarding the first part of what the Jedi Master had just said, Daunte was aware of and very well knew in a way.

    Indeed like Aura said, in his past Daunte was nothing but a mean, unstoppable, killing machine. As a trooper he was deprived of all emotions, in order for his tasks to be accomplished and succesful, so that his targets terminated. No thing such as feelings, nor pain, would stand in his way to achieve whatever his mission was.

    The second part of what his master said, was something he didn't quite well knew...peace...

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 12-06-2002 11:40 AM:

    "There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. What does this mean to you, Daunte?"

    Posted by Daunte Aidán on 12-09-2002 10:56 AM:

    "There is no ignorance...there is knowledge...." Daunte repeated the phrase said by his master, once more, making it a part of his knowledge, making it a part of him.

    Something so simple, yet so profound. Something that goes beyond words.

    "M'lady..." Daunte started his reply as he nodded respectfully to his Master "I strongly believe it not only refers to knowledge education-wise speaking" Dante meant all the knowledge acquired through any soort of schooling, refering to that knowledge such as Physics, Chemistry, Technology, History, etc. "I believe it means, that we should not act out ignorance. We should be well aware of our actions and our consequences. We should be well aware of what we do, and why it is we do it. We should be well aware of who and what we are, therefore of how to conduct ourselves in any situation"

    Daunte then raised his look and his eyes met Aura's.

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    "Yes, Daunte, you harbor a good grasp of the code," she stipulated, parting her lips in a smile at his compiled comprehension.

    "There is no passion, there is serenity...By learning this segment, one can free ones self from obsessions and compulsions that may drive you to perform certain acts of revenge, or actions stemming from a mental hunger of sorts. Passion can also be thought of as love, but in this particular instance, I am referring to how the Sith find a passion for warfare, and fixate on someone or something, as can a Jedi if their drive in this aspect is not curtailed. It is this compelling push of which disconnects our harmony with the Force. By allowing serenity to take hold, we beckon tranquility." Aura blinked once, exploring her padawan's reaction.
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      A flashback, seconds went by, yet a whole memory had gone through Daunte's mind.

      He remembered some of his tasks as a trooper, it was a fact, he found no pleasure in killing, but he remembered how his passion would take over his body and drive him to push himself further. All that would now be long gone, there was no room for it, not being a Jedi.

      Aidán perfectly understood what Master SunRider meant and only two simple words, left his mouth.

      "Indeed Master."


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        Aura quirked a brow in response..

        "I sense you are reflecting on this part of the code. Do you care to share it with me? It may prove prudent in further training, my padawan."


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          "Passion may be a good thing, may drive us to excel, to push ourselves harder."

          Daunte looked at his master directly in the eyes before continuing.

          "However, that same passion may put a blindfold over our eyes, and not allow us to sense everything that goes around us."

          "That may not be a good thing, when our lives, and probably someone else's life, is at stake."


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            "Correct, my padawan, but at times a Jedi must be forced to furnish a blindfold to feel the Lightside, in order to further indulge ones self in its permeation. But we shall get into that later on."

            There is no chaos; there is harmony.

            "Will you comment on this, Daunte?"


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              "Harmony is what keeps things together. It should reign over anything and everything. One should leave in peace with others, no matter species sentient or nonsentient. This is what would lead the galaxy to live together in perfect armony."

              "Chaos on the other hand is exactly the opposite and what us Jedi should fight real hard to prevent from ever existing."

              Daunte then looked firmly into his master's eyes.


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                "Sometimes alternate means of resolving a conflict can be utilized without the aggression of an armed clash with one's enemy. In the midst of chaos, a calm sanity is often the expelled victim as people can be engrossed in mania, a battle being the unfortunate aftermath. But always remember, my padawan, only when all other peaceful means of resolving an altercation have been exhausted, does a Jedi engage in combat. We strive for peace at all times. We use our sabers in self defense and the protection of others," she spoke waringly, while greeting his militaristic scrutiny.


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                  Daunte nodded in agreement.

                  "M'lady I can assure you, no weapons will be drawn out of their holsters nor of their sheaths, unless it is absolutely necessary."

                  Never did any one think an Imperial, actually ex-Imperial would say this, even less, mean it.

                  "It will always be the last measure to take, only and I emphasize only, if everything else fails."

                  The conviction in Daunte's words could be sensed, indeed his path towards the Light Side would not be easy, but he was certainly on his way.


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                    "Excellent, my padawan. Your strength in self control is a prudent attribute," she commended him.

                    "There is no death; there is the Force. This final part of the code can be considered debatable, yet many a time has a fallen Jedi sought through the power of the Lightside to warn, or offer advice to the Jedi of the living realm. They appear in a holographic form of pure energy. They are one with the Force," she elaborated, a subtle sigh escaping her breath as this part of the Jedi code was still a profound loss, as a fallen Jedi cannot defend the innocent, but can exhibit danger signals.


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                      This last part was not entirely clear to the Padawan, as he was not a Force erudite, his knowledge in that subject was still limited. Therefore he only nodded, entirely trusting his master.

                      He will surely understand it in the future.


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                        Aura noticed confoundment written on her padawan, as he had usually verbalized his comprehension of each code with his own intelligent insight.

                        "What don't you understand, Daunte?" She asked him calmly, hoping to enlighten him on it further.


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                          "M'lady..." Daunte nodded respectfully as he looked into his Master's eyes.

                          "It's not that I don't understand, is just that I'm sure, that part will come to a better comprehension on my behalf, once I'm further trained in The Force and can actually become one with it, some day."


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                            "Perhaps, Daunte," she agreed, taking in his words as one of contradiction to her ways of training.

                            "But as a padawan you must come to grips with its signification. At any time this academy could be attacked by the Sith. It is imperative for you to discern and distinguish each and every part of the code, even at the infancy of your training."


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                              "Yes Master" Daunte nodded in perfectly understanding to what she had just said.

                              "When one is able to keep in touch with The Force at all times, one should not die, but become one with it, once the time of our physical demise reaches us."