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    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 10-28-2002 10:39 PM:
    Believe(Selena Aidan)

    Amalia had been the first to greet Selena as she entered the recuitment area that day.

    So nervous, a little unsure.

    Yes, she remembered the former witch of Dathomir that came, seeking redemption.

    Much to Selena's doubt, Amalia had welcomed her into Students of the Light.

    She saw much potential in the woman, potential that the woman herself perhaps did not see. That would change however, with time, Amalia would make Selena see all the great potential she saw.

    She would make Selena believe.

    After all, believing was everything.

    Selena would accomplish her goals, Amalia would do her best to help accomplish this.

    Patiently Amalia awaited Selena's presence, a droid would escort Selena to the Training Dojo any moment now.

    Posted by ~*Selena Aidan on 11-05-2002 05:26 PM:

    A little nervous, and excited at the same time Selena followed yet another droid to the Training Dojo. She wasn't at all sure what to expect, but she wasn't about to drop out now.

    She had been given a chance and she was going to take it and do her best not to screw it up.

    As the droid reaches it's desination, Selena smiles as she sees Amalia. She had grown to trust the jedi and to enjoy her presence. She felt more at peace around her.

    "Master, Azalin," she greets, announcing her presence.

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 12-07-2002 02:29 PM:

    OOC: Sorry.

    IC: Amalia smiled warmly upon seeing Selena's presence.

    "Selena, I'm happy to see you here. Your journey into the lightside grows stronger with each passing minute," she said to the padawan as she bowed before her in greeting.

    "How has your stay thus far been?"

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    "Amazing," Selena replies, returning the bow.

    "It's so peaceful here, and everone has been helpful and kind."


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      "I'm glad to hear that," Amalia said with a smile, evidently directed toward Selena, but the Jedi Master's concentration seemed to be somewhere else at the moment.

      Amalia's gaze had shifted away from Selena and onto something behind her as her hand outstretched just slightly. She was, though it could not really be seen from Selena's position, calling something to her hand via the force.

      When Amalia's gaze finally returned from behind her back to look toward Selena, in her outstretched hand, now rested an object, very visible to the eye.

      Taking the item in both of her hands, Amalia placed the item out to that it rested across both of her hands.

      In her outstretched hand rested a blade. It was the Jedi Master's own blade, one that she had shown to many a student before. The blade's blue handle was what stuck out most to the eye. Amalia had just recently polished the blade, making it look brand new.

      Amalia's gaze never looked to the blade, but instead, to Selena, a question evident on her mind as her brown eyes met the other woman's gaze.

      "When you look upon this blade, what is it that you see?"

      An odd question of sorts, but nonetheless, a thought provoking one, meant and asked for nothing more but to observe the answer.


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        Selena takes her time, gazing at the blade she silently studies it. She can't help but wondering what is wanted of her out of this exercise, hopeing she will not mess up and say something wrong.

        Finally, looking up at Amalia, she takes a breath and replies softly, "I see a blade of exquisite chraftmanship that is eye catching and beautiful."

        Gripping her hands behind her back, she gazes quietly into Amalia's eyes, waiting for her response to her answer. She looks for the immediate disaproval, disapointment or acceptance.


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          Amalia gives a slight nod of her head, her eyes express nothing toward Selena's answer. After a moment, she smiles softly, continuing on.

          As she speaks yet again, she sets the blade aside.

          "I will ask you the question at a later time. Your response was just as I expected it to be."

          She senses slight down, deciding to reassure the padawan.

          "Not to worry, no right or wrong answer, just an observation. This next question runs along the same way. What do you believe the force to be?"


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            Selena nodds, accepting Amalia's response, and then answers her next question, "I was told that it was a power that lives in all living things, surrounding us, and filling us, and that only a select few have been gifted with the ability to call upon it's power and use it for good or evil."


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              "Good, I have but one more question and then we can start on the physical as well as more mental aspects of your training. Have you learned any force abilities, if so, what are they?"


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                "I've learned a few. I can move objects, levetate and I have been able to use it with animals, to calm them, on Dathomir. I also learned to use the force lightning, but I know that is of the dark side..." she says, lowering her blue-green eyes at the last comment.


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                  The Jedi's face moved to make way for expression at the mention and use of force lightning, her left brow lifting ever so slightly as she gave a meek nod to Selena's response.

                  Amalia said nothing at first, rather, she stepped off to her right, giving Selena a perfect view of the blue blade once more.

                  "Well, let's test your abilities now..."

                  With a simple fluent movement of her hand, Amalia gestured to the blade.

                  "If you would, levitate the blade..."


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                    Selena nodds and looking at the blue blade she gives a little gesture with her right hand and it slowly floats into the air, leaving it floating she looks toward her master.


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                      The Jedi said nothing.

                      Suddenly, without warning, the blade moves to quickly travel toward Selena's direction, the sharp part of the blade facing the padawan...

                      Amalia watched with hidden curiosity, waiting to see how the padawan would react...


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                        Selena frowns in concentration, fighting to keep herself calm as she calls upon the force to stop the blade, and readies herself to jump out of the way if she fails...


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                          "Very good.."

                          The woman smirked timidly.

                          "...I was just testing your reflexes, which appear to be in perfect working order.."

                          With one fluid motion of Amalia's raised arm, the blade changed its course back toward Amalia's direction, landing on the ground off to the right of the Jedi Master.

                          Amalia then gestured with a hand to the ground.

                          "Please, sit..."

                          Amalia waited for Selena to sit before she herself sat down, continuing on once the two were settled.

                          "Let's test how attuned you are to the force. It's clear you have no problem stretching out with the force, from what I can see. This task in itself is quite easy. Quite invigorating as well...

                          To stretch out with the force you must draw upon your feelings within the lightside of the force. Then you must make a connection with what is around you, this is otherwise known as feeling through the force. To get a better understanding of your surroundings, you must feel them. So relax, stretch out with the force, and then tell me what it is you feel..."


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                            Selena closes her eyes and wills herself to streach out her awareness through the force... it had been a long time since she had done so and she was a little nervouse about it... what if it was the dark-side that answered instead of the light?

                            And so her reach was quite short... she could feel Amalia sitting across from her, a well of peace and calm in the 'darkness', and across the room she could sense the scuttlings of a smaller life-form... probably a bug... but the shadows farther away she would not approach, though she could sense them.

                            Remembering that she was to tell her master what she felt through the force, she told her, "I can sence your calm and peaceful presence, ... and there are some bugs toward the left side of the room... it is warm with the Force in here, but there is a surrounding shadow that is cold... and familiar that I dare not approach..."


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                              The Jedi's gaze was fixated on Selena with great intensity. Like Selena, Amalia too was reaching out through the force, feeling the padawans emotions and feelings as she stretched out with the force.

                              "I sense some uneasiness. You must learn to face the things you dare not to. Conquering your uncertainties can be quite a challenge, but you must do your best to overcome these challenges. Tell me why you dare not to feel what you already know?..."

                              ooc: Sorry for the late reply!