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The Inner Gift(Heaven Epiphany)

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  • The Inner Gift(Heaven Epiphany)

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 10-28-2002 10:22 PM:
    The Inner Gift(Heaven Epiphany)

    It was rather unusual for Amalia to take on a new student without meeting them first, but Amalia believed in firsts for everything.

    The prospect of taking on yet another student of the light excited the Jedi Master. She never passed up the opportunity to teach someone in the ways of the light.

    Amalia's only worry now was if Amalia would be all that Heaven, Amalia's soon to be padawan, hoped for in a Master. Amalia did not ever wish to disappoint any of her students, and she took great care of finding out what they wanted and needed in a teacher so that she could provide them with the best learning experience possible.

    The Jedi Master patiently waited in silence for the service droid escort to bring Heaven to the Training Dojo to meet Amalia.

    Posted by Heaven Epiphany on 10-30-2002 09:14 PM:

    Heaven followed the service droid into the training dojo, her slender hand gliding along the wall as she reached out with the force to help guide her along. She was clad in traditional white padawan robes, her golden hair hanging loosely down to her hips with a single padawan braid in it.
    As she reached Amalia, she clasped her hands infront of her slightly swollen belly and bowed respectfully to her new master, greeting her afterwards with a warm smile.

    "Good morning Master..."
    She said softly, then stood still and silent, awaiting instruction.

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 10-31-2002 09:32 PM:

    Amalia bowed before her padawan, smiling in turn as she ended her bow.

    "It is a pleasure to finally meet you, Heaven. I look forward to our training."

    Amalia could not help but pause as she looked her newest student over, observing her. This was somethnig she did with all students, not just her own, upon first visit or glance.

    "Before we begin your training, I'd like to hear more about you, if you don't mind. I always enjoy getting to know my students in any way I can."

    Posted by Heaven Epiphany on 11-03-2002 06:37 PM:

    "And a pleasure to meet you, Master"
    Heaven replied sincerley as she studied the woman through the soft haze covering her vision. All she could make out was her master's frame, but it mattered not to her, she could sense Amalia's peace with the force. This only reassured her more, that she had indeed been chosen a great master to teach her further in the force.
    "I am from the planet of Noriah, my father was a Jedi Master and began training me when I was very young. Unfortunately he died before he could ever complete my training. I am sad to admit that I strayed from my calling..."
    She gestured towards the slight curve of her belly.
    "I know it is unusual for a Jedi to have children, I do hope this wont affect my training."

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 12-07-2002 02:23 PM:

    OOC: Sorry, I'm back. Been without a teacher, huh, sorry.

    IC: Amalia's eyes gave off a slight look of sadness for a moment before her gaze became expressionless, not wishing to show her own sadness.

    "I'm sure your father looks down on you now with much pride," she said with a soft smile.

    Her eyes fell onto Heaven's belly, she could not help but smile a bit more.

    "It never affected my training," the Jedi Master said, a mysterious look in her eyes, leaving Heaven to wonder. She did not waste much time in continuing on.

    "I do not think it will affect your training much at all, you'll do quite well. Tell me, what was your father able to teach you?"

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    :::OOC::: Sorry it took so long to reply! I lost you guys! lol..

    Heaven tilted her head as she felt the slight sadness coming from her teacher. She was curious indeed, but she did not wish to offend Amalia by questioning was obvious the woman was not ready to share what was on her mind, and as quickly as the feeling of sadness came it was gone.

    "I hope so."

    She smiled softly, Heaven had never really doubted her father's pride for her..well there was that one time...but it was not good to dwell on the bad.

    Arching a golden brow, Heaven stepped forward so she could see her teacher a bit more clearly.

    "You have a child?"

    She inquired gently, folding her hands behind her back. It would be nice to have someone to talk with once the baby came along. Her question went unanswered however as Amalia quickly changed the subject and inquired about Heaven's training.

    "We spent alot of time on my concentration on the force, to help me see and such. We didn't spend much time on anything else...I guess we assumed we'd have more time for that."


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      OOC: Welcome back.

      IC: Amalia could tell that the girl was curious, and had almost thought of speaking on her feelings, but decided against it. After all, this was the training dojo; it was best to concentrate most on the training aspects. There would be time for other things later.

      As for the question, well, she had wanted to answer that too, but timing was not as it needed to be. However, sooner or later, Heaven would know Amalia better on a more personal level, such was to happen between master and student.

      The Jedi smiled reassuringly at the padawan.

      "Ah, but no matter how little or big you had learned, you learned, and that is something to be proud of. I am interested to know, as I am sure your father spoke some about the force, what do you believe the force to be?"
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        "The Force.."

        Heaven began lightly, stopping a moment to consider the question. She pursed her lips together lightly, as if tasting the words upon her tongue before she spoke.

        "I like to find out all I can about it. I expect to live with it through all eternity. If I were going to dwell in any place in this galaxy, if I were going to make it my home, I would inquire about its climate, about the neighbors I would have -- about everything, in fact, that I could learn concerning it. We are going to spend eternity in another world, being one with the force. … Is it not natural that we should look and listen and try to find out who is already there and what is the route to take?"

        She pauses a quick moment before continuing, hoping she is making the least bit of sense.

        "Thinking about the force can inspire and encourage us to be more force-minded and realize that the force is a real thing...The force is much more real, beautiful and lasting than the world which you can see with your natural eyes at this very moment"


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          Amalia nodded her head softly, finding something she could agree with in Heaven's words.

          "I suppose we all have our own way of perceiving the force, how we believe it to be. Not only in how we perceive the force, but in how we use the force as well."

          Amalia paused, opening her arms wide to gesture to the open area around Heaven and herself.

          "I want you to now, simply concentrate on the force, as your father taught you. I want you to feel and see this place with the force. Tell me what you find..."

          It was here that the Jedi Master went silent. she would take the time to study Heaven in her moment of concentration.


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            Heaven's eye fluttered shut, for although she could not see clear images, she found it less distracting to concentrate on the force around her with her eyes completely blocked from anything. She stayed this way for a long moment, almost as if she were in a deep sleep.

            "There is much peace in this place..."

            She finally spoke.

            "There are many tragedies in the hearts of the people here...but they will be healed if they have not already. This is a good place full of good hearted people that are strong or becoming strong with the force.."

            ((Erm...sorry it took so long again..grr..don't give up on me yet! lol))


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              "Excellent...Now continue to keep your eyes closed..."

              As Heaven stood with her eyes closed, Amalia's mind was at work. Near the two Jedi stood a table, on the table rested several objects used for training purposes. Slowly, one of the objects on the table began to lift off of the table, only to rise toward Heaven. The object was no bigger than the size of a human fist, round in shape and silver and metal looking in color. The object hovered itself safely just in front of Heaven.

              "...What else do you find, Heaven? Remember to feel..."


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                Heaven slowly let her hand rise as she felt the object hovering just infront of her face. Her finger tips brushed the metalic surface of it before she dropped her hand to her side once more.

                "I don't know.."

                She said softly, trying to concentrate on the object before her and then once again to her sorroundings.

                "Is there something I am missing Master Amalia?"


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                  OOC: Oops, my apologies, Heaven, it would probably help if I named the object.

                  IC: The object was a metallic ball, perhaps the easier object for Heaven to identify because of its shape.

                  "The force is something rather unique, Heaven, it allows us to "see" what our eyes sometimes can't. It allows us to "feel" what we can't see."

                  The ball suddenly darted away from Heaven to hover off to her right, just at waist height.

                  "Stretch out with the force, feel the object."

                  She did not expect the padawan to identify the object specifically, but just to identify finding objects by way of the force, without the use of sight. This was something ever Jedi did, to feel ones way through the force was something wonderful.

                  "Once you've located the object, walk up to it and reach out to it with your hands, feel it and tell me its shape."