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Gathering of the Light(All Please Read)

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  • Gathering of the Light(All Please Read)

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 08-05-2002 11:26 PM:
    Gathering of the Light(All Please Read)

    OOC Ok, training shall now begin. I ask that the following please reply to this thread only:
    Alexander Raife, Chadwick Shadowmoon, Count Alamar, Hirokumi Chodak, Regenald, Tessa Rendahl

    The following are to be with Aura StarRider and will report to her as soon as she has her own training thread up: Aryiah Dana, Ceryx Os, Kietaro Svrenz(more to follow)

    Aura will post her own training thread when she gets the chance to.

    IC: It had only been a few days since Amalia had come to find herself among a newer group of Jedi, and already she seemed to be finding herself at home, at peace.

    Although it was taking the Jedi Master some time to adapt to her newest surroundings, she finally seemed to have a sense of togetherness, wholeness. She'd belong to so many Jedi groups before, and she felt like she had almost belonnged, but not quite. Students of the Light...this group was different, more inviting and welcoming.

    This group, and the Jedi belonging to it, was a whole new beginning for the Jedi Master, as she was sure it was the same for the many students she would find herself teaching today.

    The building that would be used as a training facility was not exactly one of the biggest training areas Amalia had come across, but it seemed to suit her well. The building's size seemed just right for the number of Jedi that belonging to Students of the Light. Somehow though, the Jedi Master could only see the building becoming larger, to accommodate whatever new students would be arriving within the future.

    The room Amalia stood in was circular, the theme of the room gave off light colorings, fit for a Jedi. The room was completely empty, except for the walls, and a few mats that Amalia had brought along, used specificly for training. The walls were honorably decorated with swords, many a unique blade. Perhaps such tools had been wielded by Jedi of the past, but that remained to be really known for sure.

    Amalia stood, standing in the center of the room, training on her mind, a look of promise edged in her face.

    ..And she awaited the Jedi that would help bring forth a new era, and better things to come.

    Posted by Hirokumi Chödak on 08-05-2002 11:39 PM:

    Peace. Harmony. Dedication.

    This is what a Jedi was to the man walking slowly down the halls of his new home. Hirokumi Chödak, as the Jedi Padawan and Ton Po Master had became known, was an older man, and a proficent healer. He eagerly walked at a steady pace toward the building where he was told to meet for training. It had been such a long time since he had trained with other Jedi, it would be a radical change from the self-training that he was so used to. Perhaps it would improve his naturally anti-social disposition, but only time could tell. Perhaps he might even make a few...friends?

    No!, he thought to himself, the memory of his one and only true friend's brutal death flashed in his head and Hirokumi felt nothing but remourse. If only he had been more in tune with the Force, perhaps he could have healed his life-long friend. But no...instead, he was now wandering the galaxy alone. At least until he found his new home.

    Perhaps the Students of the Light would be it, he was not sure. The other Jedi were quite inviting, and some seemed to have a very deep connection to the Force. Hirokumi sensed that there was much he would learn this day as he stepped through the doors into the nearly-barren training room.

    A dim light shone through the windows as the sun rose slowly over the horizon, illuminating a woman across the room. Moving with cat-like agility, Hirokumi approached the woman. As he neared, he fell to one knee in a sign of respect Not speaking until acknowledged, as was his way, Hirokumi waited patiently.

    Posted by Tessa Rendahl on 08-06-2002 01:04 AM:

    :: As Tessa Rendahl entered the Training Dojo, her thoughts drifted to a time long ago when she had met her first master. A pang of sorrow touched her heart as she remembered how much she missed him. He was an excellent teacher and she was learning so much...but it would continue to haunt her dreams why he ever fell to the Dark Side. Tessa had not seen that coming at all and had always thought that he held the strength of the light side in his very soul.

    Letting out a deep sigh to calm her thoughts once more, she reflected upon how much had changed since that time though, and how her path had led her here, to the Students of the Light, where she sought to embrace the light once more under the watchful instruction of a Jedi Master. Light seemed to emit from every part of the brand new structure as its hallways and rooms glistened, just waiting for the tales of the legendary keepers of the peace in the galaxy to be born.

    As she continued to walk, she took in every part of the building as she glanced out a window and saw the lush green foliage. The Jedi smiled at the tranquility she felt at this very moment in time. A gentle breeze brushed up against her face as she passed by one of the large windows which stretched from floor to ceiling. Tessa knew she had arrived at the right place. Seeing a man kneeled and a woman standing in the center of the room, Tessa smiled and walked over silently. As her brown robes trailed behind her, she soon reached the woman and bowed in the deepest respect to her, lowering to one knee as she awaited the others to arrive ::

    Posted by Count Alamar on 08-06-2002 03:41 AM:

    Alamar entered the training dojo slowly as he always did when he entered a new place. He could feel the pesence of the other Jedi, the dim but maluable flames of the apprentices and the bright, powerful inferno that was the Jedi Master.

    Alamar ran his hand down the nearest wall, getting a feel for the place, getting to know it, the layout, the feel, the soul of the dojo. He nodded slowly to himself as the warm goodness of the place flowed over him.

    As he stood there, letting that warmth flow over him, he thought about the events that had brought him to this place, the death of his family, the slaughter of his people but the Sith. To many vengence would have been his aim, many would have fallen to the darkside with hatred for the Sith and gone to destroy them but Alamar was different, he did not seek vengence, he sought justice. He would bring the Sith who had orchestrated the slaughter to justice, Jedi justice.

    The Count made his way over to the other Jedi, his pollished silver armour shining brightly in the gentle light. He turned towards the brightest flame, the Jedi Master. He bowed and went down on one knee before his new master, once down he opened his eyes, they were white, the Count was blind.

    Posted by Alexander Raife on 08-06-2002 09:47 PM:

    He inhaled the cool crisp mountain air through his nose and exhaled the white vapor out of his mouth. Something about the cool air in the mountains had drawn him up here. It's soothing and therapeutic properties had rejuvenated his tired soul.

    It had been a very long time since he had felt as young as he actually was. The unimaginable horrors that he had seen had made him look and feel older then he really was. It had also been what had brought him here to this desolate place. Inner peace was so much easier to accomplish when surrounded by tranquility.

    A soft chirping from beneath his brown robe broke him from his trance. It was time for him to return to the compound. However as he walked down the winding path to the Jedi compound at the base of the mountain, Alexander continued to prepare plans to construct a personal compound in a small valley he had found.

    Until then however he was being summoned for a training session. As he entered the circular training room he nodded in respect to Master Azalin before walking forward and kneeling, his ankles crossed under him waiting for the lesson to begin.

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 08-06-2002 11:26 PM:

    Slowly one by one the Jedi students began to enter, and with each student's presence, Amalia began to feel more and more overwhelmed.

    There was something about these students, it was not in the way each student carried him or herself, nor was it in the way they reacted to the Jedi Master. No, this was something the Jedi Master "felt".

    Amalia gave a lage bow to all those before her, greeting them all with a warm smile, her brown eyes lighting up with recognition of ever individual that kneeled before her.

    She did not greet them with any other greeting than this, but simply, surprisingly perhaps, went into immediately reciting the Jedi Code.

    "There is no emotion; there is peace. There is no ignorance; there is knowledge. There is no passion; there is serenity.
    There is no chaos; there is harmony. There is no death; there is the Force.
    Jedi are the guardians of peace in the galaxy. Jedi use their powers to defend and to protect, never to attack others.
    Jedi respect all life, in any form. Jedi serve others, rather than ruling over them, for the good of the galaxy.
    Jedi seek to improve themselves through knowledge and training." - Jedi Code

    She paused, waiting a few moments before she spoke once more, allowing each individual to gather his or her own thoughts on her words.

    "I welcome you all, today begins a new day for each of you, as well as myself. Today is a first of many days that will be filled with new found knowledge and discovery, growth and learning."

    Again she paused, but this time she took a moment to quickly look at each student.

    "That of which I have first spoken to you upon your arrival is what is known as the Jedi Code. Your training has begun, and it has begun with the Jedi Code. None of you, not one, shall continue on with your training until you can recite the Jedi Code to me, word for word. The Jedi Code represents what a Jedi stands for, what we abide by as users of the light, and it is essential that you know the code by heart..."

    Her face had been rather serious throughout her speech, but now a large smile fell onto her lips.

    "Who dares to recite the code first to me?..."

    Silence fell across the entire room.

    "No? It does not matter who goes first. You all will be reciting the code individually to me, and to the group here as a whole...eventually."

    She grinned slightly, and then gave a quick nod of her head before going silent.

    Posted by Count Alamar on 08-07-2002 06:04 AM:

    Alamar raised his head, his milky white eyes centred on Amalia. Though sightless the Count still knew where everyone in the room was, and the Force was not entirely responsible.

    "There is no emotion; there is peace."

    His voice was strong, like his character, the Count knew what he wanted and was never denied it. His was a voice that had commanded armies, and sentensed guiltly men to death, it was a commanding voice.

    "There is no ignorance; there is knowledge. There is no passion; there is serenity.
    There is no chaos; there is harmony. There is no death; there is the Force.
    Jedi are the guardians of peace in the galaxy. Jedi use their powers to defend and to protect, never to attack others.
    Jedi respect all life, in any form. Jedi serve others, rather than ruling over them, for the good of the galaxy.
    Jedi seek to improve themselves through knowledge and training"

    Alamar recited the code with the practised easy of an orator, one who had spoken to groups of thousands, speaking to a small group like this would not, could not, phase a man like Alamar.

    As to the code its self, it was not the first time he had heard it, nor the first time he had recited it.

    Posted by Alexander Raife on 08-07-2002 05:11 PM:

    Alexander waited for his fellow Padawan to finish before raising his head to meet their master's eyes.

    Taking in a slow breath he began to recite the code with the same calmness and crispness as the nature that he enjoyed in the mountains around the compound.

    "There is no emotion; there is peace.
    There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
    There is no passion; there is serenity.
    There is no chaos; there is harmony.
    There is no death; there is the Force.

    Jedi are the guardians of peace in the galaxy. Jedi use their powers to defend and to protect, never to attack others.
    Jedi respect all life, in any form. Jedi serve others, rather than ruling over them, for the good of the galaxy.

    Jedi seek to improve themselves through knowledge and training."

    He paused for the breifest of moments.

    "This is the code that I have pledged to live by."

    Posted by Chadwick Shadowmoon on 08-07-2002 07:17 PM:

    The sound of hurried footsteps neared the facility as Chadwick attempted to reach the training dojo. He knew he was late and somewhat blamed it on the fact that he had never had any formal training before and the fact that he used to simply run on his own schedule. However, the former Shadow Jedi truly felt ashamed that he hadn't been on time. He quickly came into the dojo and dropped to one knee before looking up.

    "I would like to apologize for my tardiness. I will not let it happen again."

    Nice one, Carrick...maybe you really don't belong.

    Posted by Tessa Rendahl on 08-07-2002 10:39 PM:

    :: When it was her turn to speak, Tessa rose slowly from her kneeling position as she allowed the warmth of the light surround her. She then drew upon personal experiences to recite the Jedi Code with meaning as she spoke with great respect toward her Master ::

    "There is no emotion; there is peace."

    :: The Jedi's thoughts fell upon her compassion for those around her and her desire to help those in need find positive solutions to their problems ::

    "There is no ignorance; there is knowledge."

    :: Being somewhat attuned to the Force already, Tessa had already established a connection to the inner voice which had always led her to the answers she was seeking. She looked forward to discovering her inherent ability within the light and developing it to its full potential ::

    "There is no passion; there is serenity."

    :: She had always felt that by being centered, balanced and controlled, a Jedi would be able to find a non-aggressive solution to problems encountered ::

    "There is no chaos; there is harmony."

    :: Tessa believed that by calmly focusing on restoring order to the lives of those who may come in harm's way, a collaborative resolution without violence could be achieved, thus perpetuating a balance of body, mind and spirit ::

    "There is no death; there is the Force."

    :: The Jedi could only hope that by living her life and showing others her knowledge of the Light side of the Force, that she could somehow help foster peace, love and understanding in others for as long as her destiny allowed. For life and death were merely an eternal cycle and since her life came from the Force, it would someday be returned to the Force, allowing for her participation in the neverending tradition of that which is the Force ::

    "Jedi are the guardians of peace in the galaxy. Jedi use their powers to defend and to protect, never to attack others. Jedi respect all life, in any form. Jedi serve others, rather than ruling over them, for the good of the galaxy. Jedi seek to improve themselves through knowledge and training."

    :: To be a Jedi was to undertake an honorable task, one which this Jedi felt she was destined to always seek out. Tessa smiled at her Master and knew that the words she had recited today were the very words she would live by..for all time ::

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 08-08-2002 10:27 AM:

    OOC: I know some of you have not recited the code yet, however, in order to keep the thread moving along, I have to move it along so that we can get this going as soon as possible. So ic, we'll all assume that everyone has recited the code by now.

    IC: Amalia did indeed except the class to come with interruptions, as not all had shown up for class on time. However, Amalia was one of those whom believed that everything happened for a reason, and she was sure that Chadwick had his own good reasons from being late. So it was with silence that Amalia looked onto the kneeling padawan and smiled reassuringly at him. She felt his sense of shame, but it only seemed to make Amalia smile more. Her smile remained, as she shook her head no silently at the padawan, letting him know that he had no cause for shame. She motioned for him to rise to his feet and then looked on to the next padawan who was eagerly awaiting to recite the code.

    Not only did Amalia feel a sense of pride come off of each presence as each individual padawan recited the Jedi Code, but she also felt experience, knowledge. The words meant something to each padawan. They were not just speaking words as Amalia had assumed each student would do, the words of the Jedi Code actually meant something to all who stood before the Jedi Master. The feelings of recognition for the Jedi Code could be heard in their voices' and it filled Amalia with pride.

    Amalia smiled broadly, recognizing that the students she had among her were very well experienced.

    "My my, it seems that you all have been able to baffle the Jedi Master that stands before you now. Those words, so full of knowledge, experience, and wisdom....Yet I can already tell that each of you understands the code in its entirety, for I heard it in each of your voices. Should I be so bold to say that the Jedi Code is nothing new to any of you, and that you all have recited it many a time before?"

    She smiled softly, nodding her head lightly.

    "Yes, forgive me, I will be so bold as to say so, and think as much. If one of you cares to correct me on my assumption, please do so...but not right now.."

    Silence seemed to suddenly fill the room, perhaps that might have been cause for alarm. However, Amalia suspected that somehow the students knew what to expect next.

    The silence was also greeted with swift movement from the Jedi Master, yet she never turned her attention away from her students. Her hands were placed behind her back, her smile still remained, but her stance remained ever still.

    Her mind however was what was active, full of life, full of visualizations. Yet out of all the visual aids the ran through her mind, two visuals were being focused on more than the rest, her students and the wall behind her that was so honorably filled with crafted Jedi tools.

    She had chosen a sword, the only blade with a light blue handle. The blade was centered near the middle of the wall, perhaps she had chosen this blade among all the rest because of its location.

    Slowly the blade glided off of the wall to float in mid air behind Amalia, and ever so slowly she guided the blade toward her. It was just at the right time that she opened up arms and hands outward, palms facing outward and up. Her timing had been made almost right on que as the blue handled blade landed safely and delicately into her hands.

    Amalia waited a moment, allowing each student to study the blade that she now held in her hands, and then spoke, her brown eyes looking from padawan to padawan.

    "Tell me, when you look onto this blade, what do you see?"

    Posted by Count Alamar on 08-08-2002 03:00 PM:

    Alamar rose from his kneeling possition, the look on his face showed that he was not amused by his masters choice of words. He moved slowly but purpousfully forward till he stood toe to toe with Amalia. Without a word he reached his hand forward and ran his hand along the length on the blade.

    His fingers traced the round the hilt, his sightless eyes closed as he built up a mental picture of the blade in his mind. Slowly he moved his hand back along the blade and gripped it tightly, the sharp steel cutting into his hand.

    As the blood began to run down his wrist he let go of the blade and opened his eyes, the milky white orbs meetin Amalia's.

    "I see strength my master, both in the blade and its maker,"

    He let his fingers trace the length of the blade again before he moved away, going back to where he had been knelt before.

    "The blade is a Jedi blade, one can almost feel the Jedi code radiating from it,"

    His sightless eyes fixed on his master once more before he closed them.

    Posted by Hirokumi Chödak on 08-08-2002 07:48 PM:

    Waiting until his fellow Padawan had finished, Hirokumi took this opportunity to speak.

    "I see the lives of the many honorable Jedi that have gone before us, some even giving their lives for our cause, that of peace."

    Hirokumi paused, wetting his lips slightly as he continued.

    "I also see knowledge. Knowledge of the Force, knowledge of others, and most importantly, knowledge of one's self. But first and foremost, I see the same thing as Count Alamar. I see the Jedi code. I see everything that a Jedi strives to be, every reason that we dedicate our lives, and every time that any Jedi has ever done his duty in keeping the peace."

    Hirokumi bowed his head as he stayed in his kneeling position, ever respectful of his peers, and their Master.

    Posted by Alexander Raife on 08-08-2002 08:13 PM:

    Alexander didn't even look up at the blade. Like many things in the recent past he could see the blade in his mind already. At first he did not know what was causing the visions of the unseen in his mind, but as he learned more about the force he made the assumption that it must be a part of his being and manifesting itself first in such a form.

    He waited until both of the Padawans spoke their piece before adding his own.

    "I also see strength, knowledge, and wisdom. The souls of our brethren flows through it's forged being."

    He paused for a moment to collect the few final stray thoughts that he wished to speak.

    "However I also see a last resort. A weapon that should only be used when all else has been tried and then tried again. The souls of our dead brethren that flow through the sword remind us that some sacrifices may be required of us, and that the ultimate sacrifice will come at the end of a weapon such as that. It is a reminder to us that conflict may result in the loss of our lives, but that before we allow that to even become a possibility we only cause the loss of words in trying to bring a situation to a peaceful conclusion."

    For the first time Alexander looked up.

    "I have seen too many arguments that could have ended peacefully with words, end at the tip of a sword. I wise man once told me that words can be mightier than the sword. I have come to realize this, and that the Jedi Code in it's essence speaks the same message."

    Posted by Chadwick Shadowmoon on 08-08-2002 11:30 PM:

    Waiting patiently for the others to finish, he spoke.

    "It is not so much what I see in it, but rather what I feel. There is almost a somber aura around it. A reminder of what the price of peace can sometimes be. Rarely are weapons made simply for decor, and this piece, I feel was no different. When words fail, the blade must be used."

    He sighed slightly

    "Though there is a duty filled with wisdom and strength that I feel in it as well. A duty that all Jedi have to keep harmony and peace rather than chaos. Although that duty can sometimes have unpleasant means, the fact this blade is here before us, is a reminder that the code does live on, although many of our kind has left this existence."

    Posted by Tessa Rendahl on 08-09-2002 01:12 AM:

    :: Tessa studied the blade closely as the other Jedi spoke. When it was her turn, she once again rose to her feet and bowed before speaking with conviction ::

    "In the hands of a noble Jedi, I see an honorable tool with which to assist in defending those who are unable to do so themselves. I see a well crafted weapon of defense which could prevent much needless bloodshed in the galaxy."

    :: She paused briefly before continuing ::

    "Now in the hands of someone filled with darkness and hate, I would see it as a weapon of destruction.. something only created to cause pain and suffering, and to instill fear in others. That would be an unfortunate use of this well crafted blade. For I believe it is not the weapon itself which causes bloodshed, but in fact it is the alignment and beliefs of the person wielding it which drives the use of the sword."

    :: Her eyes met those of her Master's ::

    "In my hands, the blade of the sword would reflect my training and reliance upon the Force to guide any conflict to a peaceful resolution. And if indeed my words would fail to be heard by those who were seeking to cause pain to the innocent, I would endeavor not to fail the person I was protecting by wielding this weapon defensively in the name of all guardians of peace in the galaxy."

    :: Tessa bowed once more and then took a kneeling position on the floor once again ::

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 08-09-2002 12:04 PM:

    Even before Amalia had let her question escape her lips, she knew the question would cause a different reaction to come from the Count. Needless to say, it was a reaction Amalia half expected to come.

    She had noted that Alamar was blind as soon as he had entered the room and Amalia had looked at him. However, she had refused to ask the question any differently so that the Count would think it just.

    The man was blind, but that did not make him any different than the other padawans that were among him. He was still their equal, everyones equal. That is also why Amalia had refused to carefully rephrase the question, though the thought of doing so had crossed her mind.

    As soon as the Count had finished speaking, she quickly motioned with a silent hand to stop the next padawan who was waiting to speak.

    It was then that she made her way over to the Count, the blade still in her hands. Without so much as uttering a word at first, she carefully reached out to his hands to help him guide the blade into his hands so that he could hold it. Then she spoke, looking directly into the Count's face.

    "Forgive me, and my deepest of apologies to you, but I refused to ask the question any differently. I do not regret the way I asked the question. I believe that of all of those here, you are the one to be able to relate to the question the best. For my main part of the question does not involve the use of sight, even though it sounds that way. If you think about my question, if anyone was not to put any thought into my question, and they thought my question was based on sight alone, they simply would have answered my question with the answer of a blade."

    Amalia paused to smile at the Count, her hands still rested with his as he continued to hold onto the blade.

    "I was not asking you to see the blade with your eyes, my question hinted at something more. I was asking you to see with your mind, perhaps with even your heart and your soul. Even though I might not have phrased the question to the best of my ability, I would have hoped, for you, that the meaning behind the question, what the question entailed, would have meant a great deal to you, for it is how I assume you see everyday things, and I assume that somehow it makes you appreciate things more, for you can see things as they truly are and not for what they look like to the eye."

    Amalia's eyes remained on the Count for a few more seconds before she slowly yet carefully removed the blade away from his hands. Without another word to him, she slowly made her way to stand back at her previous place.

    She turned to look at Hirokumi whom she had previously stopped with a gestured hand to stop and wait, and now with a light nod of the head, she allowed him to continue on. As for the Count, well she left him with his own thoughts so that he could think on her words, leaving him to think as he wanted or believed.

    She waited until all of the other students had finished with their views, giving each student the individual attention as they spoke to her in turn, and then she spoke again.

    "As I am sure you all are aware, and if not, let me mack you aware by saying that this particular question has no right or wrong answer, and that it is all in what you believe. You have all done well, and your potential grows with each passing moment."

    With that, Amalia turned to face the wall, gesturing to it with both hands.

    "As you can see, many a blade decorate this wall. There are more blades than their are of us alone. So it is that I ask you now, one by one, we will go from left to right, choose a blade of your liking up off of that wall. If you accomplish the task of levitation, you may keep the blade that you have chosen as your own to carry with you always."

    She turned back around to face them all once again.

    "The task of levitation, I believe, is one of the easiest force skills to learn. Though I know you all may be eager to begin to accomplish this task, you can't do so without the knowledge of the force itself. So it is that I bring forth to you, the next question, this question also involves no right or wrong answer, but however, there is an answer that is most common. What do you all believe the force to be?"

    Posted by Count Alamar on 08-09-2002 01:23 PM:

    Alamar slapped himself mentally, he had heard his master's question but he had not been listening, why would she word it differently, even though he was blind he could still see as well as anyone else. He made a note to appologise to his master when the training was over.

    He turned his head to the side and listened for a moment, the way the breeze brushed along the wall and past the sword blades. Having felt Amalia take a sword from the wall with the Force he had a rough idea of where the blades were located.

    The Count began to walk the length of the wall, his hand running lightly along the stone work, near the end he stopped and listened again. He had found his blade.

    He took a step back and closed his sightless eyes, in his minds eye he pictured the blade as he believed it looked, till he held it he would not be able to tell for sure, the way the breeze moved around the obsticle could only tell him so much.

    In his minds eye he pictured the blade being pushed from its resting place, slowly the blade began to move. Alamar furrowed his brow in concentration as, with a final push, the blade dropped from the wall.

    Alamar spun round and caught the blade by its handel before it hit the floor. He ran his fingers along it, tracing its shape, building an image in his mind. The corners of his lips raised in a tiny smile, he liked his choice.

    He moved slowly back to his former possition, concidering the answer to his master's question. He turned to face her, his slightless eyes still closed as he replied.

    "The Force is the life blood of the universe, without it we would cease to be. To me though it is more than just what keeps me alive, it is my sight, my comfort, my protection, without it, I am less than dead, I am nothing."

    He furrowed his brow again as he finished his answer, concidering it still after he had said it. He sighed quietly and waited to hear was answers the others would give.

    Posted by Tessa Rendahl on 08-09-2002 08:09 PM:

    "I believe the Force to be a moving, living energy field which flows through us and surrounds all living things in the galaxy. The light side draws its strength from the serenity of life itself, and the emotions which tap into peace, patience and humility enhance the flow of the light side and lead to the path of enlightenment."

    :: Tessa stood once more and looked upon the wall of blades. As the sunlight shimmered into the room from the tall, open windows and passed along the swords which were hung with meticulous care, a single etched sword sparkled and caught her attention. It was a long sword with a thin blade and pearl hilt. Etched along the blade itself were a series of arcane symbols.. this was the sword which Tessa felt she was meant to carry on behalf of the Jedi she had pledged her loyalty to.

    Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and focused on inner sanctity, and the sensation of the warmth of sunlight shining upon her filled her entire being as she extended her arm, palm facing upward. She visualized the long sword laying across her palm and continued to focus opon peace and serenity as the hilt began to shake gently on the wall. She opened her eyes and watched as the sword then rotated and freed itself from the hooks on the wall, floating slowly toward Tessa before coming to rest in her palm. She smiled and looked down at the blade laying in her hand, and then bowed to her master before kneeling on the ground and placing the sword on the floor in front of her ::

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 08-10-2002 10:08 AM:

    Somehow Amalia knew that the task ahead for her students would need no explanation, but as the teacher, it was her job to explain each task to its fullest, in specific detail if she had to.

    Something told her that the training here today would not take as long as usual, she had a feeling this all was nothing new to any of her students before her now.

    She waited in silence as each student took the time to perform the task, observing each student carefully as they picked oiut their blades.

    When they had all finished, she spoke again, glad to, for once, being able to train her students inside rather than out.

    "Excellent job. I hope you all have picked a blade that suits you best, and that you use it with pride and honor. I trust that the next task shall be no great feat for any of you, but do be fair warned, it does not get any easier from here on out, only harder."

    She smiled lightly, nodding her head in observation.

    "..However, I have a feeling that you all seem to like challenge."

    Amalia gestured with her hands toward the floor.

    "Please place your blade before you at your feet, you will be using it for the next task. Force Push and Pull is just as it sounds. You will take your blade and push it forward by aid of the force, and then with Force Pull, you will pull your blade back to where it rests now. I do not think I need to give specific explanation for this task as levitation seemed to go rather well without any explanation at all. Begin when you are ready."

    Posted by Alexander Raife on 08-10-2002 01:26 PM:

    Alexander had levitated a large broad sword as he recited what the force meant to him.

    Currently the large blade stood in his hands, it's razor sharp tip resting on the hard floor the gold plated and engraved hild resting in his hands as he listened to his master.

    Once she had finished Alexander placed his blade on the ground. Concentrating on the blade he watched as it slid across the floor. Once it had reached the opposite side of the room, he paused, but only for a moment, for as suddenly as it had begun to move away from him, he brought it back. When the hilt of the sword was once again only a few inches from his knees Alexander knew his task was completed.

    He knew of such abilities in the force. He also knew that he was gifted in the force. However up until this moment in time, he had been unsure if he would be able to actually harness the power inside him.

    Now he knew, and with that his confidence in his skills rose.

    Posted by Chadwick Shadowmoon on 08-10-2002 02:10 PM:

    The simple sword with a silver handle and a long thin blade that had been levitated off of the wall now lay at Chadwick's feet. He had once been skilled in such things, but the simple levitation of the sword had been slightly difficult for him. His mother had taught him the techniques when he was a young boy, but after the tragic death of his parents he had been highly hesitant to use them.
    However, the fact that he had been able to complete the task had raised his confidence in himself again. He focused upon the blade at his feet and moved it slowly across the floor. It paused only for an instant before it returned. He let out a soft sigh and smiled when it had fully returned to where he had laid it.

    Posted by Count Alamar on 08-10-2002 03:32 PM:

    Alamar heard the instruction of his master and responded without a thought. Laying his sword down on the floor his opened his mind to the Force. Standing slowly he commanded the blade away from him. With some resistance the blade glided along the ground.

    He slid his foot out infront of him, checking that the blade was no longer there. Noting that it wasn't he with drew his foot. Calling out the the blade with his mind he grabbed hold of it and, with a resistance crushing yank, pulled it back to him, bringing it to rest back where it was before.

    He tested with his foot again to make sure the blade was back where it should be, then turned his head towards his master. Though this did nothing for him he found it disconcerted people when he did not "look" in their direction.

    Posted by Tessa Rendahl on 08-10-2002 09:40 PM:

    :: Tessa looked down at her new sword shining in the sunlight which glistened softly in the room. She then meditated on the warmth of that sunlight as she was basked in an aura of goodness which radiated all around her being. The Jedi extended her arm, palm facing outward, and an invisible force shook the sword as it slowly began to slide across the floor in front of her.

    The long sword moved with ease across the room as she guided its path with the feelings of serenity and peace. As the blade reached its destination, she held it in place up on its side, suspended in animation as the pearl hilt shined in the success of the first half of the task assigned to her being completed.

    Rotating her hand so that her palm faced toward her, Tessa recalled the sword back to her as it traced along the same path it had once travelled to come to rest in the place where it first lay before her ::

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 08-10-2002 11:21 PM:

    As Amalia had suspected, the students seemed to complete the task set out before them without much difficulty at all, if any.

    They had not even reached the middle of the day yet, and already they were all making great progress.

    "An excellent job, I don't think any of you could have done any better if you did it a second time, a wonderful job. Now if you all will please leave your sowrds to rest where they may and follow me..."

    She turned toward her left and began to walk toward the empty wall that faced the left side of the room, from Amalia's point of view anyway.

    She stopped and turned to the students who were now standing in wait just behind her.

    "Here is where we shall work on your force Jump."

    The Jedi smiled warmly at her students.

    "Do not be fooled, this is no ordinary wall..."

    As Amalia spoke, her attention of course was centered on her students but her hand moved to her jedi robes as she continued to speak, picking out some hidden device from within one of her hidden pockets of her robes. She kept the small device out of plain view, but it was surely known that she was holding something.

    ...And with one simple click of the device, the wall flipped iself. Now revealing a not so empty wall, but instead a wall filled with bars, arranged at different heights along the wall.

    "This shall be interesting..."

    The Jedi smiled lightly, gesturing to the wall.

    "I must warn you, I do have those mats by the wall for a reason. If your landing is not so peaceful, the mats are their to make your fall not so unpleasant. Who cares to give it a go?"

    Again, she did not bother to explain the task, she knew very well that she did not need to, but she would if need be.

    Posted by Count Alamar on 08-11-2002 09:16 AM:

    For the moment, Alamar had no idea where the bars were, when one of the others tried he would though. Moving closer to the wall he turned his head slightly to better hear the movement of the brease.

    He let his Force sense float out, he would remember everywhere his peers went, remembering where the bars were, but for now he would wait.

    Posted by Tessa Rendahl on 08-11-2002 06:08 PM:

    :: Tessa marvelled at the wall which appeared almost out of nowhere. It looked to be a great test of the new task set before them and she looked forward to the challenge of improving her skills in the Force. Rising to her feet, the young Jedi woman approached the wall and looked upwards. Concentrating on good thoughts and feeling peace within, she crouched down slightly and then propelled herself upwards as she landed upon the second bar up.

    She smiled and as she bent her knees once more to force jump up to the next level, Tessa's soft soled boots slipped and she found herself falling forward. Grabbing onto the nearby bar as she fell, she dangled from the makeshift handhold and pulled herself back up to her feet.

    Tessa was mindful that this task was going to take her full concentration and to not acknowledge accomplishment too early or she would find herself flat on the floor in front of her fellow Padawans.. talk about a poor impression on her fellow Jedi. Brushing her blonde hair from her eyes, she looked up once more and bent her knees, this time careful to make adjustments for her footing and she force jumped up to the next level, landing silently.

    She continued this pattern until she had ascended the wall and looked down with respect to her Master. Feeling more at ease with the force jumping exercise and having recovered from her early near mishap, Tessa took a different path back down the wall. As she jumped from the last bar she landed with a twist and then stood before her Master. She then bowed deeply before walking to take her kneeling position on the floor once more in the circle of Padawan learners ::

    Posted by Hirokumi Chödak on 08-11-2002 06:56 PM:

    Nodding in respect as Tessa landed, Hirokumi stepped up, deciding that it was better to get this task over with sooner, instead of waiting. Bowing his head slightly, he let his thoughts be filled with feelings of calm, of his need to help people. In his mind images flashed, just as fresh as they were the day that the incident happened. Hirokumi saw his best friend and mentor yelling, telling Hirokumi to hide and take cover. He then heard the piercing screams as the Tuskan raiders ripped his friend limb from limb. Driven to become a keeper of the Peace ever since that moment, Hirokumi's mind calmed and he felt the Force flowing through his very being.

    Crouching slightly, the Jedi Padawan and Ton Po Master leapt high into the air, landing gracefully on the first bar. Standing from the crouch that he had landed in, Hirokumi looked up at the next bar, looming even higher overhead. He knew that this would test his skills, and that he could not let his new Master down. He pushed off of the bar, his bare feet tensing as he landed on the second bar. The metal was cold on Hirokumi's feet, sending a momentary chill throughout his body. In this manner he continued until he too reached the highest bar.

    Nodding in respect to his Master from the pinnacle of the wall, Hirokumi eyed a bar below his current one. He jumped through the air, grabbing the bar with his hands. The momentum from the jump allowed him to swing back over the bar. As he completed the circle, Hirokumi released the bar and fell toward the ground, executing a somersault before he landed in a crouch. Bowing low to his Master much the same as Tessa had, Hirokumi kneeled on the matted floor, his head bowed.

    Posted by Alexander Raife on 08-11-2002 06:59 PM:

    Alexander stared up at the wall. He had experience with a wall of this type during his previous physical and martial arts training. Of course that was a smaller wall with smaller gaps he reminded himself.

    Stepping up to the wall Alexander took several deep breaths, and reminded himself that this was nothing different then what he had done before.

    Bending his knees deeply Alexander leaped upwards and immediately felt at home in the air. Alexander landed on the first bar as silently as a cat and was not there more than a millisecond as he began a quick and silent ascent up the remaining bars.

    As he reached the final bar he stood there and looked down memorizing the layout of the bars from above. Then just as easily as he had ascended, Alexander leaned backwards. To some it may have seem like he had lost his balance but the fall started completely controlled and remained that way as he flew through the air.

    At precisely the right second Alexander reached out and grabbed a bar about three quarters of the way down. As he did he spun 360 degrees around the bar. As he reached the apex he released the bar from his grasp. Flying upwards again he waited until he reached the apex of the arc and then performed a summersault in mid air, before landing on the ground in a crouched position.

    As he stood he looked at his master, his face carried a look of slight embarrassment. As he kneeled before her he hoped that she understood that he did what he had done not to show off, but because that was how he was trained.

    It was something that in the past had seemed second nature, but now, when put up against the Code he had pledged himself to... now it was very humbling, and something that he could not help but feel embarrassed about.

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 08-12-2002 11:44 AM:

    ooc: Again, sorry, I know everyone has not posted, but I'm just trying to move the thread along. We're almost done.

    Amalia felt many emotions run through her students as they set out to accomplish the task set before them.

    She silently observed the many diffferent forms the students were using to reach each bar. She was impressed that each student had his or her own individual style, chosing to creat their own forms.

    She waited a few moments more as the rest of the students set to completing the task and then spoke aloud once again.

    "Very good, impressive jumping and movement forms. Although the atmosphere inside is great, I thought perhaps we could all use a breath of fresh air. So we will be heading outside for the next task. The outside area provides more space to work on your Force Run/Speed.(whichever you prefer to call it) If you all would please follow me outside..."

    Posted by Tessa Rendahl on 08-12-2002 11:48 PM:

    :: Tessa rose from her kneeling position and realized she would need to fashion a protective leather scabbard for her newly acquired blade, so for the meantime, she just carried it carefully with the blade pointed downward. She then followed her Master and the other Jedi outside for their next lesson. It was a warm day and there was a gentle breeze which swept in and out of the trees as the sounds of birds and other creatures of nature filled the air. She placed her blade down on the ground next to her and awaited Jedi Master Amalia's next set of instructions patiently as feelings of peace and serenity guided her every thought and action ::

    Posted by Count Alamar on 08-13-2002 05:15 PM:

    Alamar walked slowly but purpousfully over to his master, he inclinded his head in respect to her. He concidered what he was going to say before he said it.

    "I am a prideful man master, but being blind I know my limits and I know when to ask for help."

    His sightless eyes focused on her, the milky emptiness was perhaps more unsettling than those who could look into your soul. The Count swallowed and lowered his head.

    "Will you guide me outside master?"

    He asked at last.

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 08-14-2002 04:26 PM:

    Amalia smiled at the Count, and gently clasped her arm with his.

    "I'd be more than happy to guide you, it would be an honor."

    Amalia was happy with the way training was progressing, tohugh she enjoted teaching force classes, she was more inviting to individual teaching. She liked the individual time, learning about her students was rather important ot the Jedi Master. She did not like to consider her students just her students, but her friends as well. She liked taking the time to see each student for who they were and not just what they could do.

    The Count sparked great interest with Amalia, as did all her students. However, the Count seemed to stick close to home with the Jedi Master, for one of her very own children was blind as well. She remained quiet with such news, but she would tell the Count one day soon, but not today.

    Slowly she guided him outside, guiding him to stand beisde the other students. She hesitated for a small moment, wanting to tell him of her child, but decided againt it, now was not the time, there was training to do. Qucikly she found her own place among the group.

    "This area is much larger and should give you enough room to do your Force Run. I'd like you alll to spread out so that you have some space for yourself and so that you don't bump into one another. There is nothing here that should get in your way, but I'd still like you to be mindful of your surroundings."

    She looked to the Count, wondering if he needed assistance with the task at hand or not. She wanted to ask him, but did not, if he wanted the guidance he would ask. Yet it never hurt her to ask, as long as it was not specifically directed at the Count so that it would not make him feel uncomfortable. She glanced about, seeing the students had all found themselves a comfortable place to start their task.

    "Are there any questions or concerns?"

    Posted by Count Alamar on 08-14-2002 05:50 PM:

    Alamar heard the question and smiled, his master was most kind to him. Even in his life time Alamar had found most people shunned him becuase of his blindness and most would not have offered their arm to him.

    He shook his head in his masters general direction to indicate he had no further questions but knew, next time he needed help he would ask his master without the worry of the laughter that usually greated his requests for aid with tasks most people took for granted.

    Alamar lowered his head, listening to the wind, using it to guage the locations of his fellow apprentices, he already knew where his master was from the sound of her voice.

    Turning away from them all Alamar ran, letting the Force permiate every fibre of his being, strengthening his muscles, spurring him on to greater speeds.

    He stopped and turned around, the others were too far away for him to know where they were, he had come along way in a short distance it seemed. He raised his hand to his brow, amazingly there was not even a single bead of sweat there, he smiled.

    With a sudden breath he set off back, letting the Force flow through him again. As he ran he heard the sound of breathing in the wind. Turning suddenly he came to a stop. Almost exactly where he had started from, it was his masters breathing he could hear. He turned and bowed to her, his breathing had not even become strained by the run.

    Posted by Tessa Rendahl on 08-17-2002 02:17 AM:

    :: Tessa smiled and then once again did as her Master instructed. She took in a breath of fresh air and focused upon the beauty of the outdoors, and she found the subtle tranquility it emparted on all living beings to be very soothing. The calmness of the light side surrounded her completely as she began to concentrate on the task set before her.

    Her line of sight focused upon her starting place and then across the open area from her where her midway point resided. She closed her eyes momentarily and visualized herself moving faster than she had ever dreamed possible.. the wind blowing in her hair as she crossed great distances in the blink of an eye. When she opened her eyes she was already at the midway point across the area from where she once stood.

    Smiling almost in disbelief, Tessa once again drew upon the strength and serenity of the light side to guide her quickened footsteps back across the area where her Master stood waiting for the padawans to finish their Force Run demonstration. Tessa bowed to Master Amalia and then folded her hands behind her back as she waited patiently for the next instructional exercise ::

    Posted by Alexander Raife on 08-18-2002 12:45 PM:

    Alexander was unsure about this task. Unlike some of the others he had never performed this, even accidentally like ohers.

    Looking around, he picked out a tree several hundred yards away. Starting towards it he was only at a light jog and began to increase his pace to a dead run. Suddenly and without concious thought his speed increase exponentially until until he was nothing but a blur to anyone who was watching.

    Within moments Alexander was to the tree and headed back to the group of other Jedi. As he closed on them he slowed and jogged to rejoin them. Content with himself for accomplishing the task but knowing it was something that he would have to work on during his free time.

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 08-19-2002 11:40 AM:

    Amalia watched on in complete silence, nothing on her face said what she thought of each of her students' individual performances. Though it remained to be seen, the Jedi Master was pleased.

    They all had done very well in such a short time. Time had slipped by so fast, and she wondered where all the time that it took in teaching had gone. It did not matter though, even if she had tried to do everything differently. These students were quick, well experienced, and they adapted quickly.

    There was not much more Amalia could think of to teach her well adapted padawan students. For the most part, she'd taught them all what was required of a padawan to learn. There was nothing more to let them do accept grow...

    Now it was time for the ultimate test. To see if they were ready, ready to take the next step into the Lightside of the force.

    Slowly the Jedi Master's face fell across each student, studying them, observing.

    "Now it is time you face one of the greatest challanges of a padawan. It is a challange, that if done correctly, will lead you to a new place amongest the Light. I believe that you are all ready to face this challenge. However, that is not enough, you must feel you're ready as well. So before I continue on, before I go the next step, I must know..Whom here thinks they are ready to become a Jedi Knight?"

    Amalia believed that they all had what it took to be Jedi Knights', but it would be no good if they did not believe it themselves.

    Posted by Count Alamar on 08-21-2002 02:33 PM:

    Alamar closed his sightless eyes for a moment. He had heard Jedi training was long and grueling before a padawn could atain the rank of knight but them for him, and he guessed that for the others, it already had been.

    He opened his milky eyes again and centred them on his master, his face was a mask of grim determination as he spoke.

    "I am ready my master,"

    That was it, no oppinions, no requests, nothing but a fact, cold and hard like the Count himself.

    Posted by Tessa Rendahl on 08-21-2002 11:59 PM:

    :: Tessa reflected over her training and the life she had chosen to lead. She had always been drawn to the path of light for as long as she could remember. In her heart she knew she was ready to take the final step.. the final committment to being one of the noble guardians of peace in the galaxy.. and the time for that final step was now upon her. She took a step forward and bowed to her Master ::

    "I am ready, Master Amalia."

    Posted by Alexander Raife on 08-23-2002 08:40 PM:

    Alexander thought about what was being asked of him. Was he ready to take the next step? Could he pass on the teachings he had been studying and been taught to a new generation of Jedi?

    Surprisingly the answer was fairly clear to him. He knew that he could. Despite the lingering self doubt that may have been in his mind before beginning this training he knew now, after completing some of the tasks laid out before him that he was a Jedi and that he could pass on the teachings to those that wanted to learn.

    Looking at his master he answered her matter-of-factly.

    "Yes, I am ready."


    Posted by Chadwick Shadowmoon on 08-25-2002 01:57 AM:

    Up to this point, Chadwick felt that he was ready for anything that the Jedi Master would throw at him. The other tasks had been at a level where he was comfortable with his skills, once he got past the fact he thought he couldn't do them anymore.
    However, he found himself pausing and actually contemplating the question that had been put before him. Was he really ready to become a Jedi Knight? The cards that fate had dealt him the past few years almost seemed to throw him in the direction of the Dark Jedi, but here he stood, among the light and felt a sudden calm about it all. There was a comfort here that he had not felt since his mother's demise. With a slight smile, he suddenly knew the answer to the question, and there was no doubt left in his mind.

    "I am ready."

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 08-25-2002 10:20 AM:

    Amalia smiled proudly, knowing that each student was ready for what awaited ahead of them.

    "Very well, then I believe it is time that you learn one of the most challanging of tasks. This task requires much skill, concentration, understanding, patience, something I think you all have."

    Amalia took a moment to pause to withdraw her lightsaber from her belt, carefully placing both hands on her jedi tool, she let the thumb of her left hand hover over the button that would ignite the tool. Slowly the purple blade came to life. Amalia did nothing with the lightsaber, keeping the same stance even as she spoke.

    "A Jedi's tool, it is not just a tool, but rather a part of you. When you build a lightsaber, you should craft the tool as if you were in the tool. A part of you is with this tool, always and forever. You will remember it, and the details of your lightsaber wll become and will eventually be important to you. This tool is not without meaning."

    She shut the lightsaber off, quickly placing it back on her belt.

    "Now it is time that you all create a part of yourselves, a part of your histroy, something that should remain by your side always. Let your hands speak for themselves...For the past, the present, and the future."

    She paused to look around the room before continuing on.

    "I will make this task a bit more easier for you, I have the required tools needed to make your lightsaber, and they will be given to you soon enough. I expect all of you to take your time in completing your lightsaber, it is not something to be rushed, and should be done within your own free time. If you need any guidance, I will be glad to offer it. Are there any questions?"

    ooc: I looked through some of the links on the side that had to do with the lighsaber. I think I can find more if need be, but I'm sure most of you already know how to put one together anyway.[email protected]/holo05.htm

    Here is another one:

    Posted by Tessa Rendahl on 09-05-2002 10:15 PM:

    :: Tessa looked at her Master and then bowed deeply to her ::

    "I have no questions, my Master. I shall retire to my room and await the necessary tools to undertake this final task."

    :: The young Jedi felt drawn to return to her quarters before undertaking the daunting task of constructing her own saber, so she nodded to Master Amalia and then made her way back to her quarters. She knew what the process entailed from reading in the Jedi Holocron in the archives, and she wanted to clear her mind before she began the final project given to her by her Master. As she arrived at her personal quarters, Tessa entered her room and found the lightsaber kit already sitting upon her small desk by the window. The metal hilt glistened as its reflection shone upon the wall across from where it laid ready to be assembled. The twin gemstones sparkled as the sunlight refracted the soft glow all around the room.

    Smiling with pride in how the tools of the kit were laid out systematically and with great care, her thoughts fell upon Master Amalia and the wisdom she had emparted upon the group in their lengthy training session. From reciting the Jedi Code.. to the meaning of the blade she showed them.. to levitating the blade of their choice to them using the strength of the Light to guide its path.. to the Force Pull and Push demonstration.. to Force Jumping up and then down a perilous wall.. to Force Run and Force Speed.. and now at last to the final training assignment - the construction of her very own saber.

    The lightsaber.. a weapon of elegance designed to aid in protecting those unable to do so themselves in the galaxy, yet such a symbol of the committment to those following the Light. Protectors of the peace would wield them in defense with honor and conviction. And now it was time to create her own weapon of defense. She took a deep breath and then went to splash some water on her face. As she looked upon her own reflection in the mirror, she swore she saw a glow on her skin that was not there before. It practically radiated from every pore. She smiled and knew that the future was almost upon her as she would soon accept one of the most important responsibilities ever bestowed opon her in the galaxy.

    As Tessa walked back to her desk, she turned on a work light near her so that she could attend to every part of the saber construction in a well lit environment. She carefully laid out all the pieces and then grabbed the first two components of the weapon.. the activation switch and the hilt. As she rotated the hilt around to look at the circuit board inside, she noticed that her initals were etched into the endcap and that brought a smile to her face. She also noticed a very faint etching of the Jedi Code itself all up and down the length of the metallic cylinder. It was certainly very meaningful to her and she made a note to thank Master Amalia for such a nice touch of detail in her kit.

    After she finished attaching the connectors to the circuit board, Tessa tore off a section of shielding tape and placed it along the switch and the superconductor with care. She smoothed out the bubbles in the adhesive and spent time making sure that there was no place for air to get in. The next part required much concentration to align because it was the addition of the gemstones to be used in focusing the beam that would serve as the blade of the saber. The first gemstone seemed to slide in with little effort, however the second one would not stay in place once she put it inside the chamber. She repeated this painstaking process for the remainder of the day until she had to stop for the evening due to eye strain under the intense concentration required.

    Waking after a restful sleep, Tessa dressed and had breakfast before walking back over to the table to once again try to place the gemstones in their proper position inside the saber hilt. It only took her five hours to accomplish this task today as she finally discovered the correct combination of the placement of facets on the gemstones, the stones clicked into place as she breathed a sigh of accomplishment. Wiping a small amount of perspiration from her brow, she moved on to the next step of building her weapon of defense - placing and adjusting the continuous energy lens in the center of the hilt, just above the gemstones.

    The lens was rather tricky to align and the majority of the remainder of the afternoon and evening was spent working with the lens. Each time she would move it into place, the gemstones would wrench free and topple to the ground. Finally, she came across the location through trial and error. She then took the high energy flux aperture and screwed it into place firmly. Her hands were steady even though her heart was beating rapidly in the nervous excitement she felt in assembling her own weapon of defense. Each time she would step to the aid of someone in need, Tessa would remember this process and how her saber became a part of her with each addition of a component.

    Tessa was getting down to the final manual assembly steps of the saber before the time she would meditate and bond herself to the tool of the Light side. She took the energy cell and clipped it into place and then connected the recharging socket. The hilt seemed to be fitting the form of her hand or perhaps she was just becoming more accustomed to handling the hilt as she kept putting parts together. It was finally time to charge the lightsaber to be used for the first time.

    Tessa rose from the desk and stretched after sitting for such a long time without moving. Walking over to the window, she gazed out upon the mountainside. The colors of the fall were so beautiful and peaceful as the birds fluttered all around the trees. With a smile, she turned and walked back to the center of the room and then took a kneeling position to recite the meditative ritual which would bind her to the lightsaber and give it the final steps in construction.

    Her mind, body and soul were completely devoted to the Light side. Her thoughts focused upon the goodness and serenity in the galaxy and how she would soon rise to the occasion as a Jedi Knight. She would embrace this challenge with all the knowledge and compassion she had and her devotion to the resolution of conflict in a non-violent way would be her lifelong creed to abide by. Closing her eyes, she said the ancient words over and over in her mind as she drifted into a meditative trance. Time seemed to cease to exist during this final step and when it was finally complete, her eyes opened. Rising to her feet, she walked over, took the completed hilt in her hand for the first time and ignited it.

    A dim green light filled the space in front of her as the lightsaber blade came to life for the first time. She glided her saber infront of her as the crackle of energy resounded in the quiet room. Tessa knew it was time to show Master Amalia that she had completed the task, so she disignited the saber and then left her personal quarters to go visit Master Amalia ::

    Posted by Count Alamar on 09-14-2002 04:50 PM:

    Alamar turned towards his master, the blind Jedi was sometimes arrogant and condesening, but he was never prideful, the blind couldn't afford to be. He walked over to his master.

    "Master Amalia, I am aware of how to put the parts of a lightsabre togther, I do not however know what the parts feel like...would you help me master?"

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 09-14-2002 05:05 PM:

    The Jedi Master directly looked at Alamar even though he could not see her face, she smiled. She at first did not think he would bother to ask for her help, she had already noticed, earlier on, a slight arrogance about him. She had already observed much about her students.

    She was quite glad that Alamar had approached her to ask for assistance, it showed on her face. It even showed in her voice, something the Count could no doubt recognize.

    "I was hoping you would ask, Alamar. I would be be most honored to assist you, if you wish it."

    Posted by Chadwick Shadowmoon on 09-25-2002 05:55 PM:


    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 09-28-2002 06:57 PM:

    OOC: Chadwick, I hope I'm not being too much of a pain for asking, but would you mind editing your post some?(I'm sorry)

    I'm looking for just a bit more construction detail than what you've given.

    Tessa's is really the only example I can give you to go by at the moment, as she is the only one to have really completed her construction of her lightsaber thus far.

    I'm just basically looking for you to list the parts somewhere in your post(The parts of the saber can be found on one of the sites I've provided for you)