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  • Our Hearth and Home (Xodis)

    Where thou art - that - is Home. ~Emily Dickinson

    After thanking Guardian Nafrayo for seeing them to their new quarters within the Jedi Compound, Rhianna bowed respectfully and had her padawan translate for her, informing the Jedi that they would both be ready to meet with him again later that day, once they'd had a chance to settle in from their long journey.

    She closed the door and turned to her student as he was heading into one of the separate bedrooms. She followed behind him, but turned into the room opposite his. Once again, she was sure there was some kind of mistake. She was used to sleeping on the ground on a bedroll, or sometimes in the back of a rolling wagon if she was caring for someone else. This whole room was just for her?

    Stepping within, Rhianna took the satchel from her shoulder and set it on the bed which was made up with fresh sheets and blankets. From inside she took out a few things which she had brought form her home planet, among them carefully wrapped layers of rustic cloth that contained seeds and snippets of healing medicines that she was going to try to cultivate as soon as she found the means to do so. There was also a dagger whose handle was decorated with particular bird feathers, their meaning was that it was the blade of the chieftain of her people. It had belonged to her father. It belonged to her brother now - and she had no idea where Rhiandar was. Her heart told her that he lived. A few last things were set around the room. Later she would make the space more her own, but for now it would do.

    "Xodis?", she called to him, coming out of her room. "Is everything alright for you?"

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    Xodis was just glad to be in the quarters. His room was not large, but he did not need much. The Miraluka was used to traveling, nomad of sorts, so he had no possessions, only what he could carry in a small satchel which he dropped onto the bed. The room smelled clean, unused. It would be fine. His name was called so he exited the room.

    "The accommodations will be adequate. It is a place to rest when not training. I have a feeling we will not spend much time here."

    Xodis stared off, wishing he could see. He would say nothing to the woman, but she had made him want to. For the first time in his life he wished to see as others did, if only to see her face.

    "Or did you mean my burns, how am I feeling?


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      Meeting him in the short hall space that separated their sleeping quarters, Rhianna stopped just before Xodis.

      "Both I suppose? I did mean with the living arrangements, but now that you have brought it up I should do a better job of taking care of our injuries."

      It had been a strange journey once they had left the relative safety of her home world. She understood that the Force itself was outlawed in some sections of the galaxy. People were mistrustful of abilities they did not have. Sometimes what she saw as a blessing was seen as something to be feared by others. She would never hurt anyone intentionally, but others who were graced with the Force would, had. It made it hard to tell the good from the bad. She understood that, and so in their travels she had not reached out for the Life Giver's gifts, not once. Which meant that she and her padawan were still suffering from the continual pain of their burns. She had treated them with medicinal herbs to take away some of the pain, and help promote healing but the truth was - she could do better.

      "Why don't you come and sit down? We can talk more while I see what I can do about our wounds."


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        "Okay," Xodis nodded.

        He sat on a small couch which was in the small living area. What was it she could do? They had been taken care of several times, and the burns were still slow in healing. There wasn't much hope he had that anything could happen.

        "What are you going to do that you have already done?


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          Sitting beside Xodis on the couch, Rhianna held her own hands out before her to assess the burn damage. The skin there was still an angry red, tender to the touch. The ointment she carried, a blend of healing plant derivitaves and bee resin, had done wonders for the amount of pain she was in. There was even some signs of healing beginning to show. No doubt it was the same for her student's wounds as well. There was only so much that medicine could do, the potential for healing with the Force was only limited by the strength of the practitioner. She knew without a doubt that she could heal her hands completely, but she was more concerned for Xodis. She had accepted him as a student, and that made her responsible for his care, as far as she was concerned.

          "The Life Giver... the Force itself has many gifts, my printíseach. I have been trained to heal myself and others by calling on such skills. I will teach this to you also, in time.", she promised.

          "I understand that being Miraluka, the Force grants you sight. It is important that you take this one step further, beyond just 'seeing' your surroundings you must also learn to Sense with the Force. To feel your connection to everything and everyone around you, and to be able to determine whether what you are sensing is Light or Dark in nature..", she explained.

          "That is the first step. Can you do this, Xodis?"


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            Xodis felt the cushions of the couch shift as Rhianna joined him. His other senses were sensitive, making up for what his eyes could not give him.

            "I can," he reasoned, "It must be similar to how I see now. When I look at those who have been granted the ability to call upon the Life Giver's gifts I can see into who they truly are, whether they will use those gifts for good or evil. The Neti who met us today, he is very bright, and ancient."

            That would give his mastír some insight into how his sight worked. What she asked though was for him to take it one step further. Rhianna wanted him to connect with the world around him, to feel it through the force, rather than simply see it. The concept would not be too difficult, so he reached out with all his senses. The man smiled. He could feel her, and see her, though her face was still a mystery to him.

            Without a word, he extended his own aura to brush against hers, to let her know he had accomplished what she had asked of him. It was more than that though, it was a moment of sharing something. Xodis had never let himself be open to another in the way he had with Rhianna. He was not skilled enought to close himself off completely, but the Miraluka never allowed himself to be vulnerable. To learn from her, that would require him to be.

            "You are able to heal wounds, why did you not try before now," Xodis asked out of genuine curiosity.


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              It was reassuring to hear that Xodis saw the same things in Master Nafrayo that she had, each having come to their impressions in different ways. She could feel that they would both be under great guidance with the Neti as their teacher in the ways of the Jedi.

              Also it was interesting to hear a little about how her student saw the world around them. Rhianna could only imagine what it would be like to rely only on the Force to experience life, and yet it also seemed to be a way to have an even deeper understanding the will of the eternal power that spoke to them all, Her student did not seem to suffer for his lack of conventional sight.

              For a moment, Rhianna could feel the evidence of his success in the space around her as Xodis projected his own unique presence in the Force. It washed over her like a sudden peek of sunlight from behind a cloud, bringing a smile to her lips. It made her wonder what he saw in her, but she did not ask.

              "Very good.", she praised.

              "I did not do so before now because I was uncertain of our safety at the time. Before we departed Dhomanda A'lainn, and while we traveled among the strangers on the transport, but now that we are here among others like ourselves, all that is changed. We could be no safer place."

              "Before I do so, there is something you could learn from this experience, if you are willing.", Rhianna offered.

              "I could heal you, right now and that could be the end of it. Or you could learn a useful skill. It is possible for you, when in need, to control your pain. The Jedai here will have their own names for such things, which I am not yet familiar with. I can only tell you how I accomplish it, I open myself up to the light of the Abhairt Saoil, I pray for him to send the Force through me, to allow me to be strong, to take my pain."


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                "Your aura shifted just now," Xodis said after his brushed against yours.

                It was unique, curious in a way, since he had not tried brushing his aura against another force user before. What was it that made the shift? Xodis would ponder it as he did not want to ask why it had happened. There was a chance it was unrelated to what he had done.

                Hearing Rhianna's reasoning about why she had waited, Xodis nodded. It made sense to him. The Miraluka simply took the answer for what it was, though his face took on a measure of curiosity at her suggestion of using the pain to learn a new skill. It involved allowing the Life Giver to ease the pain, to remove it. Despite the fact he could not see to begin with, Xodis closed his eyes. The act seemed appropriate. He focused on the force, offering the pain to it, and as he did, he began to feel relief.

                "Interesting," he said. "This feels much better already."


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                  Rhianna was unsure what to say about the news that something in her aura had shifted. Could it be that for a moment there, as their Force signatures had collided they had been closely connected? He might have picked up on her smile for him, overcoming the first of many tasks he would have to complete to become a Jedi himself.

                  "Good!" Rhianna exclaimed with a bright smile, happy that Xodis was understanding her methods quite well.

                  "This is not true healing though. It is just a temporary solution to help you on your way when you are in pain. Eventually the pain will return, or you will succumb to the injury itself without proper healing. That is the next step beyond what you have just accomplished. You can focus the Force itself, with prayer and meditation, directly into your injuries, or where a sickness has settled. With His will, the flesh will mend itself, the more practiced you are with the Force, the more rapid the recovery will be. Also, you will have to work hard and become at least a ridire, a knight, yourself before you will have the skills to heal someone else."

                  Angling herself more toward her student, she tilted her head in speculation. "Xodis, do it again. Reach out for the Abhairt Saoil, ask Him for his blessing to cure your hurts. Focus the Force directly into your burned flesh and know that He will take the burns and give to you new, healthy skin..."
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                    How ironic it was both sat on the couch wishing to see the world as the other could. The pair might laugh at the silliness of it were they to know what the other was thinking. Was that all there was though. True, Rhianna's aura had shifted, but not until his had pressed against hers. What did that mean exactly? The question had to be asked, but after the task at hand.

                    Rhianna's approach was very religious and spiritual. The nature of it was something which distinguished her from the way the Jedi they were now among viewed the force. One viewed the force as the creator and sustainer of all life, the other took a much more intellectual approach. While Rhianna prayed to the force like a god, the Jedi approached it as though everything was the force and the force was everything. Xodis only saw the force as it existed. The force just was. Either approach worked in his mind.

                    Again with eyes closed, the Miraluka called to the force, pleading to it silently to not only remove the pain, but grant healing to his wounds. His mind offered the injuries to it, asking for regeneration to wash over the places where the fire had burned his flesh. Heat built in the locations of his injuries as the force moved to do just as he asked. Though he could not see, Xodis could see the taint in his aura where the injuries were. The dark spots began to change. His body now healed.

                    "Are the burns gone," Xodis asked, pulling his pant legs up for Rhianna to inspect. "There are questions I wish to ask if they are.


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                      Sliding off the couch, Rhianna knelt to have another look at her student's burns. The last time she had seen them been while still on board the transport that had brought them. Although they looked painful, there had been signs of healing in the flesh. The same as appeared on her own burned hands. Xodis was lucky, his body had already begun the natural restorative process on the injured tissues by then. Focusing the healing touch of the Force, what she had been brought up to believe was a blessing of their Life Giver, into the damaged area should have greatly boosted the healing process along.

                      From where she examined them, Rhianna spoke at once to her padawan. "It looks much better, yes."

                      There was evidence of the burns still left behind though. Perhaps a more skilled healer could have left Xodis without signs of them, but Rhianna thought they had done well. It was the first time she had ever taught someone such a thing. "The skin is still a little pink, and there may be some scars. There should be no more pain though."

                      "What questions did you have?" Lifting back up onto her seat, she waited patiently on her printíseach.
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                        "Scars I cannot see, pink, doesn't mean anything to me, so if I understand you, it will not be exactly as before, but healing has come."

                        Xodis simply reworded what she had said. They had no language barrier and yet translation still occurred. Certain words had no meaning to the Miraluka as he could not see. His blindness to the physical world made it difficult for him to relate to many who could see. It was the same for those who were force blind, they could not see as he did. His descriptions meant nothing to them. No matter, Rhianna understood him better than most. Which was why her non comment about what he said about her aura shifting had surprised him. It was the first she had not been an open book to him, as he was to her.

                        "I was curious as to why your aura shifted when mine brushed against yours? Why did it feel, right?"


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                          Feeling suddenly silly, Rhianna put a hand over her mouth in a wince of apology. "Gabh mo leithscéal, Xodis. I should have done a better job of explaining that. Forgive me."

                          "Yes, the healing is nearly complete. You might get itchy there now actually, keep putting that bee resin ointment on for another few days."

                          It was going to take time for her to understand and adjust to how her student not only saw - but how he understood what he was seeing. Rhianna was very curious about his sight, but now did not seem the time to fire a volley of questions at him about it. She had already been ridiculous enough for one day with her comment about pink skin..

                          His next question caught her a little off guard.

                          "I suspect it was a natural reaction. I should have been prepared for your presence to brush mine. It will happen often so long as we are student and teacher.", she smiled and folded her hands in her lap.

                          "I was happy for you..You have begun the first steps of a long journey."


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                            "There is no need to apologize, Rhianna. I cannot understand pink as much as you cannot understand the transparent, yet solid, way the force shapes itself so I can see without seeing."

                            The way Xodis saw the world defined what was and was not beautiful to him. The force it was beautiful, the world, the people in it, he would never know. Well sometimes. There were times he could see a glimpse of the detail he missed. Rain and snow would often allow him to catch distinct detail as opposed to the general view of things.

                            Rhianna's answer caused a frown on Pen's face. He knew she had been happy for him to begin. Perhaps it surprised her that his aura had brushed against his, but he had brushed against other force users before without that reaction. Was it simply the force had connected them to see even the most subtle of shifts?

                            "It didn't happen after. The shift happened as I brushed against you. I have never sensed such a shift in another force user before, let alone see it..."

                            Xodis stood and walked toward the fire place which was in their main living space. He rested his arm on the mantle as if he were not blind at all.

                            "What really happened? What did the Life Giver do the day we met?"


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                              Rhianna rested her hands in her lap, not at all sure what to say. She had some theories but nothing that she could say was absolute. She had only her own intuition, and the Force, to guide her answer when she spoke.

                              "There have been instances...", she began, watching Xodis as he crossed to the fire and stood pensively awaiting some kind of explanation.

                              "...masters and students, in some cases, over time can develop a strong bond between them. A bond that allows them to communicate sometimes without speech, even without the telepathy that I will teach you soon. It is a deeper bond. One that allows them to draw off each others strengths at times. To feel as the other feels. To know the others thoughts. Even to see what the other is seeing..", Rhianna tilted her head a fraction, wondering again what it would be like to see as Xodis did.

                              "It is possible that because of the extreme nature of our meeting that such a bond was created."