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When you're not looking for someone, everyone finds you (Keeva)

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  • When you're not looking for someone, everyone finds you (Keeva)

    He wasn't some ridiculous workout junkie, but he was someone who liked the idea of pushing himself. This wasn't out of some need to be able to protect others, though now, well, he was a Jedi and was going to. No, our hero liked the idea of being able to bounce and roll over obstacles, it made it easier to pull off hover-board stunts and (star wars version of Parkour), no he wasn't doing this to better himself. He was running some big muscleheads "Hidden" and "Secret" running route...

    ... ooo scary...

    ... not to be stronger, he ran it because it was (censored) fun! Of course some of the female set seemed to be standing on the sidelines watching. It bugged him. Sure... I try to mingle and they look away. Now that I keep to myself, they wanna play "find the Ewok"...

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    “Find the Ewok?” Came a voice from over Baus’s shoulder. Like a flash, a blue flash, a blond haired girl with a blue coat ran up beside Baus on his own run. “Haven’t heard of that game.”

    It was one of the Jedi Guardian’s favorite route. Of course, the spectators were knew. Hopefully the further out they went, the less of them would be around. She wasn’t in it for the show, she was a Jedi and had to keep herself physically strong and fit.

    Keeva smiled at the man, as they past some more spectators. “Haven’t seen you on this path before. My name is Keeva.” She added with a smirk. “Do you want to pick up the pace?”


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      Running up on him, the girl scared the bejabbers out of the Orders least memorable Padawan and he had to jump onto a large rock that wasn't near him or trip into one of the streams. Yo! He barked as he flipped off of the large rock, not losing stride. Keeva, is it? our hear asked ostentatiously as he ran balancing on a log before jumping and grabbing a hold of a branch swinging off of the other side.

      Do you always scare the crap out of people when you run?


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        “Sometimes... though only when the person isn’t paying attention to their surroundings.” Keeva said, her eyes narrowing on Buas. “My aura should be noticeable to any Padawan right now.”

        Keeva skidded down a steep embankment and jumped off a stone, high into the air and landed back on the path, next to Baus. She eyed the man again, curious who he was.

        “You haven’t introduced yourself yet.”


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          Good to know. He said, jumping from one rock to another. Sure he wasn't paying attention to his surroundings, did she notice at all as to what he was doing? Now you see why I'm not picking up the pace. You're welcome to run ahead, I'm staying out of your way. Running down the same embankment he flipped over the stone she jumped over.

          I'll bet it is... haven't really learned how to pick any of that up yet though so I guess I'm your exception, huh? Why she seemed so concerned that he knew her was beyond him. When did you get promoted to Apprentice? This morning? She seemed concerned about being seen, maybe she was still starry eyed, he didn't judge but hoped he wasn't when he was in that spot.

          Then she noticed he didn't introduce himself. Why the twenty questions in the middle of a run? Can it wait until we stop or does this sort of thing get you going? Yeah, he wasn't trying to be the jerk he was sounding like.


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            Keeva’s blue eyes flashed at the man. “For your information I am a Jedi Guardian, not an apprentice. If you don’t want a friendly chat while you run, fine. I’ll wait for you at the lake up ahead.”

            With that, the blond haired Guardian picked up an incredible amount of speed and shot ahead of Baus, down the trail, then jumped up into the trees to jump from branch to branch until she could smell the body of water a head.

            It wasn’t her though, he was being rude? Keeva questioned to herself, upon reflection when she was back to being alone. She hadn’t expected to run upon anybody on this trail at this hour, and he seemed interesting at first, a Padawan for sure if he was unable to sense her approach, but still... obviously a skilled man of some sort.

            So why did he snip back at her, why didn’t he just give his name like the others did? Did she surprise him so much that he went on the offensive? Way to go Keeva... you start reach out from her hermit’s lair and get struck by a snake.

            Keeva let out a sigh as she stopped on the final branch by the lake’s edge. The trail turned to the right, and followed the bank for some distance before heading off towards the mountains. She said she’d wait for the man here, but maybe he wouldn’t want to talk, so Keeva kept herself high in the tree, and reached out with the Force to judge his approach. If he kept going, then she’d know he didn’t want to talk to her.


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              What the... He didn't break stride as she tore into him and then tore off into a sprint. If that was the woman's view of a "friendly chat", berating him for not knowing who she was, her station, her favorite food, her favorite hair color, her least favorite sandwich on a Saturday, then he didn't want to be around when she was mad about something. Now little Ms. Guardian was about to yell at him because he insulted her and called her an Apprentice, like he knew, like he knew her, like he knew anyone around here. Women...

              He didn't bother jumping from branch to branch, she could use the Force but he didn't bother, this was about his physical abilities, always was. He just enjoyed his run and while he wasn't planning to, our hero stopped at the lake where she was and put his hands on his hips while he caught his breath. Get it over with. Yell at me. Tell me how I should know who you are and I'm stupid for not... I have a run to finish, but remember, you ran up to me, not the other way around Guardian Keeva. One day he will learn how to speak respectfully.


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                Well... he did stop at the lake, even though he still had some sort of attitude in his tone. Keeva jumped down from the high branch in front of the man, her face was struggling to keep calm and serenity a Jedi should, but her frustration at the Padawan was apparent.

                “I’m not going to yell at you.” Keeva said, her words coming out slowly. “I’m sorry... for running off like that. I’m not very good at socializing. Go, finish your run, i’m sorry I bothered you.” She sighed, it was true, she was horrible at trying to talk to strangers. She should stick to her training and students who at least understand that part of her.


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                  Oh here we go, jumping down from the branch the way she did, all angry and mad she looked like she wanted to hit him. What is it with some of the sentients on this planet? She jumped up on him and then it was his fault that he reacted the way he did? Maybe he should just thank the Jedi for finding him and helping get at least some of his memory back and just leave. Time to tense up so she could throw a right hook, she looked the type.

                  Wait what? She's not going to yell at him? She apologized? Really? She was backing away now, like it was some kind of failing in her life? Seriously? This mouse was a Guardian? Who said you had to go anywhere? You're the only one on this planet other than Master Farifax who made some attempt to talk to me, no one else around here seems to give a crap. I was only mad that you jumped up on me then at me when I didn't know who you are. Waving off her sudden timid feeling he quipped The rest is nothing... it's gone.


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                    “I jumped up on you because I was impressed that you took such a difficult route. Not many Padawans dare, you’ve got some real skill there.” Keeva said, a small smile on her lips. “I ran off because of your attitude, it made me feel like I was intruding in on something. The twenty questions in the middle of the run got to me...” She said with a shrug of her shoulders.

                    “And... I was a bit hurt at the Apprentice comment. I’ve been through a lot since coming to the Jedi, I didn’t like the idea of suddenly loosing that.” Keeva confessed, so he did have a point there. “You shouldn’t brush aside the rest of the Jedi yet, I know it can be hard to open up and make friends with them, but... as corny as this sounds the Jedi are a family and we do look after each other.”

                    Keeva let out a harsh laugh. “That’s a bit of a laugh coming from me, but it’s true.”


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                      You scared the crap out of me, then yelled at me because I couldn't sense you. What did you want me to say "I know, whoever you are... I'm sorry and will try to do better?" I didn't feel like I did anything wrong. He shrugged of the smile, not really interested in arguing this further, but too stubborn to ever back down.

                      You could have kept running with me, but I'm not used to people talking to me, I didn't mean anything by the "twenty questions". I mean you made it sound like I wasn't supposed to be there, like I was some criminal or something. The whole "Apprentice" thing, sorry but you were so concerned about being sensed that you didn't ask if I knew how to do that or not. I don't. He shrugged again, not normally a talker because it usually gets him into trouble. If it makes you feel any better, I didn't mean anything by it; just who I am.


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                        “Obviously... and that is who I am.” Keeva replied back and let out a loud sigh. “I came from a family of soldiers... military generals and the like, where you’re constantly training yourself, and pushing your peers forward with you. I meant no disrespect, it’s just... running is part of training, where you can hone your senses as you go. When you lear Force Speed, everything takes on a new perspective and you have to keep an eye out on your surroundings... or trip on some root or get caught in a trap. My surprising you was... in the long run... trying to help improve your skills.”

                        The Guardian turned her back on Baus and towards the lake. It was crystal blue, even covered in ice. The sun broke through the dark grey clouds and created a sparkling effect around them. She turned back to the man.

                        “Normally, Jedi are willing to share their names freely with one another when asked. You’ve been the first I’ve come up to who has refused, or at least... avoided. I don’t know what your story is, and I don’t need to know. If you wish to remain a mystery, I will respect that.” Keeva then gave Baus a formal bow.

                        “So much for first impressions, huh?” Keeva added with a laugh.


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                          Now he realized why he didn't like her, well "didn't like" may be too harsh a couple of words, but it was better than "thought she was being a..."

                          They get the idea.

                          She came from a life of authority and he had a natural problem with authority, so it wasn't her directly just his desire for what he truly believed to be "true freedom" and not all people realized or looked at it that way. So you're saying that I can't come on the home planet of the Jedi, and let my guard down? Really? I can't relax? What good is a safehouse if you're not safe? I was focused on my running, it's what I do. I don't know if you were paying attention but I wasn't using the Force at all because I was having some old school fun, I could have just ran to get it over with but too many people live for the next fight. Why can't we live to enjoy the day? Sure, he may have sounded like he was arguing with his words, but his tone was actually pretty quizzical and he wasn't fighting his curiosity.

                          Of course her comment about him trying to be a mystery just outright insulted him. Was it her business who he was? Was it his business who she was? Sure it was a part of being social, and Jedi were social but he was in the middle of a run, what did she want? Fine, you wanna know my story? Good, so do I. Still learning it. Smacking his head a couple of times he kept complaining. Amnesia, a little embarrassed about it because I keep running into people who know me that I can't remember for the life of me. I've been using this to actually try and properly introduce myself to people because I didn't before, that isn't cool to me that I did that, so I'm trying to do things right. I'm used to people who jump on me like you did and blaring out questions to have stuncuffs in their hand so no, I didn't refuse or avoid, I had nothing to give you. I still don't. Look, you didn't do anything, just mad about it all. He was mad, and she didn't help but it was more personal frustration at the fact that he still hadn't completely regained his memory yet. You want to call me something? People who pulled me out of whatever ship crash I was in kept calling me "Baus", guess it kind of stuck.


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                            Keeva was trying hard to not fly off the handle at the man. By the sounds of his voice, he was almost picking a fight. Yeah, they both screwed up on their first meeting, both misinterpreted the other. But why all the attitude? Why was he continuing to gang up on her when she’d been trying to apologize and start over again? She remained quiet until he was done talking... more for her own sake of saying something else that could potentially offend him.

                            “I’m sorry to hear of your condition.” Keeva said, honestly. She couldn’t imagine what it would be like to walk around and not remember anything of herself, or her past. Then again... she had so many bad memories a fresh start was actually welcomed by her.

                            “Do you even like Baus? You don’t have to keep it just because that was what someone first called you. You have the freedom to pick whatever name you like.” Keeva said, starting to see some of the frustration from Baus’s words. They weren’t so much directed at her, but at his own personal issues.

                            “As for the I said before... it’s just who I am. You have the right to just run for your own reasons, and you’re right... it was wrong of me to interrupt you the way I did. I have my own way of doing things, and you have your own.... i’m not your master and had no right to push you as I would one of my students.”


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                              The question about why he would let someone call him "Baus" was a good one, but as usual he just shrugged. Well, it's either that or calling me what a Jawa I know does, he calls me "Kebo" but I don't think that's really my name. I don't really care though, what's in a name, right?

                              Stretching as if getting ready to start running again, not really wanting to dwell on the past. We are who we are, even if we sometimes forget. Don't worry about ticking me off, I get that way, I'm an (censored), and am well aware. It's probably why I don't seem to fit in around here.