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  • Exhaustion [Navaria]

    For the past weeks, Satkia had felt more tired than usual, but she knew she had overextended herself since her arrival to the Jedi Temple of Yavin VIII. She often did that when visiting the main Jedi enclave, ensuring she caught up with all her students and council members. While her life on Corellia was demanding as well, she had better balance when there, than upon her travels.

    She had thought she was doing a bit better at some point, but the last days had seen her handle one lightsaber session after the other. She had also caught up with a few other things and relied on meditation and caf a bit too much.

    When the redhead woke up, something felt off. She blinked a couple of times. She tried to remember what had happened, but memories were blurry. Had she been in the middle of a conversation with another Jedi? Yes, she must have been. They were walking in the hallways of the compound. Then, it was a total black out. She couldn't have passed out without a warning, could she?

    Sighing, she then realized that she was in the medbay of the Temple...

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    Navaria was called immediately to the medbay when Satkia Wayne had fell unconscious in the hallway with another Jedi as witnessed. As she was one of the Jedi that specialized in healing, working closely with the medical droids and other healers, and being Satkia's former instructor, it only had made sense to inform the Jedi Master. She interviewed the Jedi that was with Satkia, only noticing some exhaustion in the redheads face, especially her eyes, and after all the diagnostic work had come back ... Well, the conclusion made perfect sense. It also made Navaria concerned for the future of her friend because a long road was ahead of her if she were to survive this major development ... One in which she confirmed through the Force - sensing the presence that had been indicated by the blood work.

    "Well, hello to you, Satkia ..." came the stern, disappointed, voice of Navaria Tarkin. "Glad to see your eyes opened. Feeling better at all?" She was still looking through Satkia's chart at the foot of the bed.
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      Her mind still a bit fuzzy, Satkia was startled by Navaria's voice, especially her tone. Her shoulders slumped a bit as she looked at her mentor and friend who was at the foot of her bed.

      "Navaria?" She felt worried, wondering whether she might have had some medical issue related to her upgraded organs or something like that. "I didn't expect to pass out and wake up here." She admitted wearily. "I'm a bit better, I guess..."


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        "No one generally does," she smiled patiently and sighed. "How long as this being on Satkia? I highly doubt this is the first time you're felt this tired and run down. A Jedi Master can push themselves and ignore signs like no other. You and I are both guilty of that."


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          "This is true..." Satkia admitted with a sheepish smile. When asked about how long she had been so tired, she thought about it for a moment. "Two weeks, almost three I guess... It started shortly before I left Corellia to come here."

          She sighed, knowing she had over extended herself. "I always tend to overdo everything when I come to Yavin VIII. I've had a hard time keeping up the past few days."


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            "Yes well, you're body's under a lot of strain this past month. Now it's manifesting considerably and will be unrelenting for the next 8 months," she stated, holding out the medical 'pad for the Satkia to see. Because truly, despite their close friendship, Navaria stating that Satkia was pregnant without proof would make the redhead laugh.

            "It's all there. And if you're not careful, you're going to kill one or both of you," she warned.


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              Satkia's eyes widened at what Navaria said. "Are you..." She was to ask her friend whether she was sure. The last time she had done a test had been about five weeks before. She took the medical pad the brunette handed to her.

              It was there. She was pregnant. She was in shock, because she had almost given up hope on her capacity to conceive again.

              Then she heard what Navaria said. "Is it that serious?" She knew that she'd have to be careful, but the way her fellow Jedi spoke made her believe this pregnancy was high risk.


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                "I believe your overtaxing schedule and collapse is answer enough, Satkia." She finally sat at the edge of the bed and sighed. "You and your baby are going to have a long fight ahead of you because everything that we see medically is saying that your lives are in danger. What you have going for you is the Force because I'm certain you would've miscarried otherwise ..."


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                  Satkia knew that Navaria was right. What had happened was proof that the situation wasn't a good one, regardless of how elated she was about her pregnancy. She turned pale with concern when her friend said how without the Force, she would have miscarried.

                  "Does this mean bed rest for the next months, or would a quiet type of life, and yes I'm serious, be safe enough?" If staying close to home and limiting her travels could help her see the pregnancy through, she was willing to do this.

                  "You know how I dislike giving up on my duties in the Order, but I'd really like to see this child come into this world alive and healthy."


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                    "You're now responsible for another life, Satkia. You need to have the least amount of stress placed upon your body until the child comes to term with constant monitoring. And I would even recommend a c-section so you don't have to put your body through labor." Navaria's face softened further. "I'm being quite serious here. The chances of your body sustaining this life is small. Even if all you do is normal day to day routines ... You need no stress. Or distractions."

                    Narrowing her eyes, there was concerned etched heavily there. "It's just unclear how your body will handle this as it was never meant to handle another life again."

                    The child or mother might not make it, even after the child was born - let alone what complications could arise from now until then... There were just so many variables that they'd need the medical droid to calculate them all.


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                      Satkia nodded in silence to what Navaria explained about her pregnancy. She was thinking about much already and knew that she'd need to take these news into account. "The lack of stress and C-section sound right."

                      She knew that there was a high risk that a bad development happened and she had to be psychologically prepared for this, but she wanted to take all chances to make this work.

                      "I appreciate you being honest with me, Navaria. It helps making the best adjustements for this. Due to these news, I believe that staying on Corellia for the upcoming months will be my best option. I hope that people, including my students, will understand. As you said, I am responsible for this child's life, besides my regular duties."

                      She was relieved that many of her students were higher in rank, so they could take care of themselves moreso than some padawans who needed extended guidance in their early times in the Order.

                      "As for council duties, the holonet exists, so that will help avoid extra travel here."


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                        "They will have to understand. There really is no other option. And there's plenty of mentors to take over your students training. I shouldn't have to emphasize that your trip to Corellia is your last?" she said, raising a brow for emphasis but Satkia would, of course, agree.

                        "I mean it. No traveling. Holonet will suffice."


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                          "And it won't be more than a few months, so it isn't as if I was to stop training everyone forever." Satkia nodded to Navaria's question about her trip to Corellia. "Indeed, it will be my last."

                          She took it seriously and would do all she could to ensure that this new life could come into this world. "Of course."


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                            "No. Not forever," she agreed and visibly relaxed when Satkia openly stated that she would remain on Corellia.

                            "Is there anything I can do in the mean time until then?" she asked. "I know this is overwhelming, and I was firm in this. I don't want you to feel that I'm not here to help too."


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                              When Navaria asked whether there was anything she could do to help, Satkia thought about it for a moment. "I appreciate you telling me things as they are. I prefer this so it helps me know what I can and should do. If this is alright with you, I'd like to include your name in the list of mentors I point my students to during my pregnancy."

                              It wasn't all, because even with her mother still alive, Satkia didn't have close ties with her, despite them being civilized with each other at last, thanks to Sarya Navaria's existence. "When I am getting closer to my due date, would you be alright with coming to Corellia? It'd mean a lot to me if you could be here when I give birth."