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    The winter-blue bite of the Yavin northern reaches were unpleasant at best, but Remus had grown accustom to it after a year of residence there. Even after his release, he had spent much time wandering the moon's mountains alone with his wyrwulf companion Cailín, where the cold was perhaps more unforgiving in its wake. He did not expect, however, that he would be back at the northern facility so soon after he had left, yet when word reached him of a Sith turncoat currently contained in the north, it was so compelling that he simply could not ignore it.

    In the last year, Jedi guards would escort Remus to, from and through the northern facility, but this time they said nothing. They barely acknowledged him save for wishing to know who he was visiting. Apart from that, their bland expressions gave nothing away, such as they were trained. Though the Jedi took great care in ensuring their captives had decent living conditions, the corridors of the prison felt as endless and as uneasy as they always had on such grim days.

    After being directed accordingly, the Jedi Apprentice strode in silence, with Cailiín at his heel, until he arrived at the cell. Behind its force barrier there was a man with not much of a Sith look, but that caused him to silently question himself what a Sith was supposed to look like in the first place. Calmly he spoke through the force shield.
    "Forgive my intrusion. Are you Zeke Mantias?"

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    Zeke had been staring at the ceiling. Thinking of what he could have or rather, should have done when they faced the Dread Master. At one point during the ordeal he went head on with the Sith using rather agressive tactics to outwit and outplay him. Although he'd have rather done something different he was pondering if it was a good choice or not. Sometimes he felt it was right, but, other times he wished he would have done something different. Either way the offspring had to be stopped. Luckily, the two Master, Caltin and Satkia were there, along with Garyn. If not the outcome would have been different for Zeke.

    As he sat there looking up at the ceiling, Zeke heard footsteps coming. Maybe it was the guards doing their rounds again. If so, Zeke would just calmly nod to them as they passed. It had been more then a year since he'd come to Yavin VIII and changed his destiny for sure. No longer was he a Sith, but, he felt as if he wasn't a full fledged Jedi either. In that case he would make sure he studied hard and made sure that he was making the right choices.

    When someone approached and asked his name, Zeke then sat up on his bed. Not hearing that voice before he then raised an eyebrow. Looking over at the man he then nodded.

    "I am." Zeke said and then saw the wyrwulf behind him, "But it's okay, your not intruding. I was merely thinking."


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      Bah. The boring place. Cailin had pinned ears back against her head as they entered, though only briefly. If Master wanted to go here then they could. If he wanted to sit in his boring room, with his boring books and not have any more wonderful adventures outside.. Well they could. As long as he took her with him that was all right, but she didn't have to be happy about it. It was better out in the snow, with the air that carried scents that told whole stories to those with the nose to read them.

      Her interest was piqued a little more when they went to a different boring room instead of the one she knew every single step and smell of. There was a man in there. He wasn't threatening and she didn't think he was pack, she'd never smelt him on Master before in any case. Since he fell at neither extreme of the spectrum, the six legged canine stayed where she was, though she did treat him to a very canine tilting of her head.

      She felt a little bad for him, stuck in the boring room. Perhaps he'd get let out eventually like they had. Did everyone have to sit in the boring room? Perhaps they'd been bad. When she was bad Master usually just gave her a look and that was enough. Two-leggers were incomprehensible though. They just did things. It rarely made sense.

      She understood Master, that was good enough.


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        "I know that visitations can be a distraction when one is trying to settle their mind, especially when such settling is paramount to one's own progression as a Jedi." Remus looked at the young man beyond the barrier carefully for a while. He could feel the Force energy that surrounded him, the shades of dark with the intentions of light, a veritable 'grey', that element between elements, for now.
        "I came simply because I wished to meet another former Sith. My name is Remus, Jedi Apprentice, and this is Cailín."

        ((OOC: Not a great post, but thanks for being patient.))

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          OOC: No problem my friend I know things have been busy for ya

          With a chuckle Zeke said, "Sometimes it's not a bad thing. Although being in here gives me plenty of time to think nowadays. Either way good to see someone besides the guards. More or less they don't treat me like a prisoner. Well, when I first arrived here they did. Now they're like friends."

          Looking towards Cailin he then smiled when she tilted her head to look at him. Standing up he then pulled a chair and then sat down so that he could face both of them. Then Zeke pointed to another chair beside his cell in case Remus wanted to sit down himself. Once the man introduced himself he then nodded. He'd heard his name brought up among the Sith before. Just didn't know he then turned to the Light like he did eventually.

          "Then you came to the right place." Zeke said with a smile, "Nice to meet you Remus, Cailin. What did you wish to talk about? I'd heard you name before among the Sith. Never knew you went to the Jedi like I have eventually."