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    Gythe often wondered what became of the Jedi he saw initiated into their ranks. Many he might never see again, for one reason or another, and some he passed on occassion through the Temple's halls. With no presently active students, he found time to give to himself, and the Temple as a whole. His presence within the welcoming chamber of the Jedi was not frequent, but advice, teaching of younglings and bettering of his own skills became his focus.

    Their was one individual he had noticed in passing. A face he had welcomed into the Temple. At the time, he had been willing to accept the Jedi, and allow him to display the sort of individual he would become. No doubt he had received a Master, and forged bonds, and Gythe was curious to see that evolution at work. Tao was invited to his frequent training grounds, a glass dome built around the nature of Yavin.

    A stream ran right through the middle, coming from the outside by natural means and passing back out. It represented what Yavin VIII might have been were it not for the snow, the grass within green but the temperature still cool. He seated himself upon a bench, an arm draped over back and his head tipped back. Blue eyes stared skyward, natural flight flooding through the translucent surface above, lightly heated to melt snow and present that natural light.

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    Tao was surprised to receive an invitation, to say the least. The majority of his days, despite his desire to train and learn, had been spent in solitude. The holorecording, imparted by the human he had met on the day of his initiation, was replayed a second time. Then, certain of the meeting place that was mentioned, the Adumarian noble began to make his way toward the enclosed garden where he'd sparred Cordelia. His mode of dress was of typical Adumar extravagance; having not been able to function in the flowing robes he'd been provided. The pair of blades he wielded were customarily tucked into the white sash fastened about his hips, at either side, and the exceedingly soft soles of his shoes saw that his movement remained silent.

    Eventually, he made it to the appointed meeting spot. Espying the Jedi who had accepted him into the order, Tao made his way before him. He offered a short, courtly bow before nestling one forearm between his side and the right most blade dangling near it. "You are the Jedi from the Great Hall. It is good to see a familiar face. Is there something that I can do you?"


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      His head tipped forward, blue eyes finding that of the Jedi Padawan's. His form straightened a bit, pulling his arm away from where it lay in the event his guest chose to join him. "You may start by making yourself comfortable." He really had nothing he demanded of the Apprentice, but he was curious to see how his progress had come. That point would be evident sooner, rather than later. Settling his form into a slightly bent forward position, his elbows set upon his knees and his hands came together with his lips hidden behind his clasped grasp.

      "Yes, I am Gythe. And if I recall, your name is Tao." His eyes perked upward, peering through black hair towards his guest. "How do you find your time at the Temple so far?" He paused, allowing for the natural back and forth exchange of conversation, while remaining in what he considered a comfortable and contemplative position. "Have you managed to meet many other Jedi, and engage in any training as of yet?"


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        "That is correct." Tao confirmed at the mention of his name, rocking back on his heels comfortably and fastening his grey eyes upon the seasoned Jedi. Another question was posed, his own falling by the wayside and heaping more mystery upon the purpose of the meeting. "I've met a few others, yes, but no training has taken place yet. You could say that I am acclimating but that would only be an excuse. I did, however, spar with another Jedi who happened upon me during my own training regimen. It was an enlightening experience." He explained at length, finding it easy to speak to him; just as it had been in the Great Hall.

        He paused briefly, turning his eyes down and contemplating his stay thus far. "It has been quiet, peaceful. It is a far cry from Adumari society where one can expect to be called out for a duel on a daily basis."


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          As Tao reflected on the culture of his home planet, Gythe’s head rose away from his hands and inclined towards his companion. “Sounds like it could be tiresome.” He otherwise chose not to insult the culture, even if he didn’t agree with duels for the sake of pride and honor. “Coming from a location like that, you are probably very adept with a lightsaber. Do explain how your previous spar was enlightening.” He had obviously been exposed to something he wasn’t accustomed to on Adumar.

          He finally, following his answer, went on to divulge why he had requested Tao’s presence. “I was curious to see how things were coming, to follow up. What you have conveyed to me is that you are acclimating, but are not involved in the reasons you have meant to come here. I am offering to get you started, and open the door to the Force, then you can go from there.” Or he could assist him further at a later date, but that would be left for another time.


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            "At one time in my life, it was very exciting. Now, not so much." He confessed, ducking his head and peering at the other Jedi from beneath a jagged forelock. He had not yet experienced a training session involving a lightsaber but it was something he very much looked forward to; foreseeing it being something he excelled at, something familiar. "I hope to be, yes. As for the spar, it was enlightening because I never faced an opponent who employed the use of a staff before. Blastswords are the only weapon of choice on Adumar, you see."

            After his response, Gythe began to speak once more. An offer was put forth and Tao closed his eyes, bowing his head as he considered it. He was eager to learn more of the Force and this was a perfectly opportunity. "I would be honored, sir, to accept your offer."


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              Gythe had never heard of a blastsword before, or known their to be anything other than swords at all of various compounds. It was research for another time, for curiosity. “You will encounter many different types of weaponry as a Jedi, and must keep an open mind to what you are working against.” His chin fell back towards his hands. “For example. The Staff is an illusory weapon. It makes you feel as if you are being attacked by more than one end, but it’s wielder actually has fewer options for attack. The direction from which they may strike is limited.” This was especially the case when it was a lightsaber, and the blade could not touch the body.

              Tao eagerly accepted his suggestion, and so Gythe nodded. “Very well, get comfortable. Meditation, for the JedI, is often at the forefront of accessing the Force. It is through a quieting and stillness that we can truly hear. I want you to sit, immerse yourself, wait. Don’t think about what you are doing, just let your mind wander to the tranquil setting. Begin when you are ready.”


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                Tao bowed his head in acknowledgement of the advice the Jedi imparted. An open mind was not something an Adumari often admitted to possessing; but, after the events of his past, things had changed for the second son. He listened to his explanation about the staff and could readily agree that the advantage had been ultimately illusory, making him consider each end even though they couldn't be employed simultaneously. It was definitely something to keep in mind, if Cordelia ever deigned him worthy of another spar after he sneezed all over her.

                "All right..." Tao acquiesced, familiar with meditation when regarding duelist school. Emotions ran high in situations where challenges were casually tossed about in his society. Unlike the majority of his peers, Tao found it easy to center himself and dismiss such distractions. As a swordsman, it made him quite deadly. He sat himself on the bench next to Gythe, rocking the hilts of his blastswords aside so they would not clatter unnecessarily. Tilting his head back, he closed his eyes and took in everything their tranquil setting had to offer, sans sight. The trickle of water, the earthy scent, the warmth pumped in from vents above. His breathing slowed and along with it, his pulse. He waited, just as Gythe had suggested, allowing his mind to wander freely.


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                  Gythe watched, waited. He remained still and silent, letting Tao immerse himself in his surroundings for the time being. During that time, his blue eyes swept the terrain. A babbling brook nearby a tree, which rustled with the artificial air flow. Earthy scents, but also that smell of fresh water, not quite as potent as the ocean’s of Chad. His attention shifted slightly to Tao, but on a level of sensing with the Force. He felt the slow of the man’s heartbeat that truly signified his relaxation, and not restlessness.

                  “Good.” He spoke softly, intending his voice to continue to be soothing with it’s lack of heavy volume. “Everything lives, because the Force exists in all things and it is living. It is our ally, not our tool. Let it speak to you, be receptive. It has already begun in everything you hear and feel, but let it become more tangible. Open your awareness to it, and you will see it in all things.” It was easy not to see it for your average insensitive person, because it just was everywhere.


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                    The Jedi's voice resonated quietly in the back of his mind as he submersed himself deeper and deeper within the projected field of meditation. His breathing was even and deep, his heart thumping in a steady rhythm that promoted further tranquility. His focus remained outside of his own body, however, bidding his senses to do more than simply hear, smell, and see, for the Force was more than that. He wasn't sure how long he lingered on that bench beside Gythe before awareness dawned on him. The only way he could think to describe the sensation was its comparable traits to touch; only, he held no immediate physical connection to what he felt and the ebb and pull of it seemed infinite in that moment.

                    His breath hitched for a moment, the only physical indication of his discovery. Then, his breathing resumed its pacing and the lines furrowing his brow relaxed.


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                      "Makes you feel small, doesn't it?" He spoke as he rose as silently as he could, sweeping his hands around behind his back and thus drawing the cloak together between his arms behind him, or at least confined. Tao's awareness was made apparent by his physical realization more than anything else. He went silent, pacing quietly towards the side, curious how Tao would pick up on his presence and be able to distinguish him from the environment. At this stage, he anticipated actually sensing and distinguishing Gythe would be relatively easy with no effort given to containing his presence aside from through audible cues.

                      Finally, after circling around back to Tao's left side but remaining standing, he spoke aloud again. "And so you have opened yourself up to a much larger path. It will be the foundation for everything else you do with the Force going forward." This was what he had offered Tao, and so he let him do or say what he would, Gythe merely standing and awaiting anything else that might prompt a verbal response.