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Prayer: Communion at last (Closed)

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  • Prayer: Communion at last (Closed)

    Posted by Azrael Seraphim on 11-12-2002 12:42 AM:
    Prayer: Communion at last (Closed)

    The Servants, an enigmatic race, few mortals had glanced upon their storied visages. It however was not always so; once the Servants were the guardians of the known universe, their sphere of influence and protection knew no bounds. They were among the ones who taught the early races how to use the force. It was the Servants who inspired the mortal force users to create the Jedi Order, to protect the galaxy. The Servants were the ones who served as the first Jedi Masters and teachers.

    But that was many millennia ago….

    The peace of the Servants could not last forever, a war, one many mortals no nothing about and those who do are ridiculed as followers of some strange cult, broke loose, the Servants were called back to Elysium, their home and to the Source, a point of pure force, which the Servants believed to be the birthplace of the universe, to defend it from armies of pure darkness, beings that no mortal has ever encountered and lived to tell. Soon the Servants were forgotten as mortal Jedi Masters made names for themselves and the Sith rose, there were more important things to do then recount the tales of the great protectors, the Servants. After ages of absence they were disregarded as ancient Jedi myths or completely forgotten. But that was now changing.

    The Servant Azrael Seraphim had found the remains of the Jedi Order, a group of light-siders unconquered by the night. He had fulfilled an ancient promise that the Servants would again return to their mortal brethren and bring about a Pax Galaxia upon the cosmos. It became apparent however that these mortals had learned new force techniques that the Servants would need instruction in and forgotten some of the old disciplines in which Azrael would be able to teach them.

    To do this however he would need rest. Rest, nourishment and companionship, but not just the companionship of mortals, he would need to commune with his Immortal brethren. Rest and nourishment were things that Azrael could attain on alone. A servant needed rest only once every 14 days. During this rest known as Prayer, a servant spent 8 hours in a meditated trance. It was also during Prayer that a Servant achieved his nourishment, for they do not need food, water or air like the mortals do, but rather they draw heavily upon the force to sustain their physical forms. This Prayer was both a boon and a bane to the Servants, during these consecutive 8 hours they were completely vulnerable and unable to defend themselves, but without it they would fade into the force. The blessings though of this are for 14 days they had no need of nourishment or rest.

    It was during this Prayer that a Servant partook in communion with his fellow Servants. During Prayer a Servants essence becomes a part of a collective conscience with other Servants praying. During this time, pain and anguish are vanquished, thoughts and ideas are exchanged, and psalms and hymns are lifted up in congregation. This communion of Servants, allowed them to be completely focused and rejuvenated when the Prayer ended.

    It had been nearly 14 days since Azrael had Prayed…

    As the young Servant entered his quarters he approached the center of the room, his face was solemn as his frame sunk down to rest on his knees. His arms and hands bent in front of him coming together to form a upside down triangle. His blonde head bowed low and his magnificent wings spread wide. Slowly the Servants breath became rhythmic and he began to Pray. As his mind began to close itself from the outside realm, Azrael cried out in song. It was audible to all who where in the compound at the time, though it disturbed none, it was quite possibly the most beautiful sound any of them had ever heard, thought not a word of it discernable, but then again, there were no words in mortal languages to describe the emotions Azrael was expressing. His was a Hymn of Longing, a song to lament his loneliness and his distance from his kindred.

    It had been far too long since the servant had communed with another…

    Posted by Ezekiel on 11-24-2002 10:53 PM:

    * The immortal angel Ezekiel ran swiftly through the halls of the temple that housed the ancient order in which he served loyally, it had been exactally 14 days since his last prayer.

    Ezekiel shook his head as he ran towards his quarters in the center of the great temple, through out his long life Ezekiel had always cut it close with prayer, he always waited till the last minute. He truly disliked the idea of being completly vulnerable and open to attack. The darkness was without honor and would not hesitate to strike him down while he was defenceless.

    Ezekiel rounded the corner quickly sliding somewhat on the slick metalic floor, his left hand dropped to the floor catching his balance. Slowing down he now stood before the large oak door that opened to his quarters, with his hand he shoved it open and entered.

    Sighing deeply to himself the winged being kneeled before a large symbol of his people that hung on a wall opposite the door. Calming himself Ezekiel placed his hands on the floor before him in the shape of a triangle, slowly he bowed. Placing his hands back on his thighs Ezekiel began his prayer. *

    ~ Some Time Later. Now deep within prayer ~

    * Ezekiel's heart began to race as he felt something he had not felt for sometime ... another of his kind. It had been many years since Ezekiel had left his home of Elysium in search of the mortals. Though while on his way he was attacked by what now are known as Sith, they left him for dead on a planet deep with the 'Unknown Regions' they also took his ship leaving him no way off this planet. His only hope was to contact this other ... this other servant of the light. *

    Posted by Azrael Seraphim on 11-30-2002 10:44 PM:

    As the hymns from the Servant rang out there was a change, it seemed as if another voice was joining with his.

    He'd not felt the prescence of another of his kind in so long it was nearly enough to wake him from prayer.

    Slowly the chorus of voices grew louder and more in sync. It was as if there were two servants in the same room.

    Who are you?

    Azrael sent this message across the cosmos to the one he was in communion with.

    Thank you... Was the second message as a tear gently fell from his eyes in joy.

    Posted by Ezekiel on 12-06-2002 02:08 PM:

    * He too nearly woke from Prayer as he heard and felt another of his kind, taking a deep breath he sent a reply *

    I am Ezekiel ... I have been searching for another of our kind for nearly a millenia ... Thank You as well.

    * Ezekiel paused for a moment, not wanting to get to emotional *

    Who are you?

    Posted by Azrael Seraphim on 12-22-2002 06:30 PM:

    Azrael, the seeker, though I have accomplished the goal. I have found the Jedi Order and have been accepted to train.

    Azrael began to glow, the sign that a Servant was communing with his/her bretheren. The force seemed to flow tangibly throughout the room. Azrael's strenght was being increased and replinished.

    Come join me my brother...

    Azrael sent an image of the Temple, he allowed Ezekiel to see the path that was taken to reach the Order. Soon there would be two and then more as the Servants began to find their long lost brothers.