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The ascention {Tessa Rendahl}

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  • The ascention {Tessa Rendahl}

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 11-04-2002 01:14 PM:
    The ascention {Tessa Rendahl}

    Strolling about the cubicle which served as a meeting room, Aura awaited Jedi Knight Tessa Rendahl with a honed patience, as her mingled thoughts travelled back to her last meeting with Master Azalin. Her fingers then traced the smooth dome of the astromech droid accompanying her, as she spoke to the blue machine as if it were a cherished companion.

    "Today is a great day for the SOTL, my friend," she articulated almost lovingly to R2L4, as a chorus of bleeps resounded from the droid in anticipation of the ceremonial act about to take place.

    Posted by Tessa Rendahl on 11-05-2002 01:49 AM:

    :: Jedi Knight Tessa Rendahl had received word that Jedi Master Aura StarRider had wished to speak with her. Not knowing what the meeting was about, Tessa quickly made her way to the meeting area and then bowed to the Jedi Master in respect before speaking with a smile ::

    "Hello, Master Aura. How are you doing this fine day?"

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 11-05-2002 01:41 PM:

    Aura bowed to Tessa upon her entrance, returning to her prior position, her emerald eyes ablazen with joy as she was about to bestow a celebrated honor onto her friend.

    "I am doing well, Jedi Master Tessa Rendahl," Aura paused briefly to read her friend's reaction, a bit astonished, as if she had erred.

    "Yes, you have become quite strong with the Force Tessa, surpassing that of a Knight's status in the Lightside. It pleases me to announce your ascention to the rank of Jedi Master. I trust this meets with your satisfaction and approval. You have earned this title through countless endeavors for your services to the Students of the Light.

    "Jedi Master Azalin spoke with me before her departure that you were ready for this new responsibility, as I concured with her decision." Aura spoke assuringly, releasing a satiated smile as she strolled about the room, her figers steepled captured in deep conjectures.

    "The academy is indeed expanding," she added. "We have more Jedi Knights to assist in the training of our padawans, and now, a new Master. Justice shall prevail in the face of evil," Aura declared, a radiating warmth bathing the two Masters as their eyes met, dual instruments of nobility.

    Posted by Tessa Rendahl on 11-12-2002 01:20 AM:

    :: Tessa could not breathe for a moment upon hearing such a tremendous honor so suddenly bestowed upon her. She swiftly kneeled to the floor in reverence of the trust Aura had in her to carry such a responsibility. As she rose to her feet, Tessa felt herself stand a bit taller as she now carried herself as a Master of the Students of the Light. Smiling over at Aura's casual banter and calm demeanor during all this, the new Jedi Master approached her ::

    "I thank you for such an honor this day. Master Azalin and yourself have served as the beacon of light to which I have set my standards, and I am pleased that you both find me ready for such a title as well."

    :: Stopping to stand next to Aura, Tessa looked over at her ::

    "Yes the academy is expanding nicely, although I have detected an unusual amount of dark energy in the galaxy somehow drawing nearer to us. Have you felt this as well?"

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 11-16-2002 10:54 AM:

    Aura nodded once, her face now grim as she pondered on her comment.

    "Indeed... I have, Tessa. As long as we have those like you and Amalia, the Knights, and padawan learners, strong with the Force, their defouled claws shall never establish a solid foundation." Unleashing a sigh, Aura placed a gentle hand on her friend's shoulder.

    "But now is the time for celebration. A new Master has been inaugurated in the SOTL. You need not thank us, Tessa, only yourself and your uncompromised dedication to the Lightside."

    Posted by Tessa Rendahl on 11-18-2002 01:02 AM:

    :: Tessa shook her head slightly in the affirmative and then turned to Aura with a smile ::

    "Is there a particular place you would like to go to celebrate? We have not had lunch together before and I would certainly enjoy some time just to relax and speak with a friend."