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Force of the Shore [Bryce, Open]

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  • Force of the Shore [Bryce, Open]

    This was a unique day for Satkia as she arrived early to the Assembly Hall. Every time a Jedi was promoted, it was a good day for the Jedi, as it strengthened the Order. She had attended many ceremonies and had promoted many of her students, but it was the very first time one of her pupils, one she had followed since their first steps as a padawan, was reaching the rank of Master.

    Dressed in her Jedi robes, the petite redhead walked up to the end of the room, blue eyes upon the entrance. She nodded to the other Jedi who were gathering bit by bit. Now all they needed before beginning the proceedings was for Bryce to join them.

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    Sporting a dark outer robe with the hood up over his head, Bryce Pyrrin walked slowly and deliberately toward the stage where Satkia waited for him. He took his time because, truly, he could not believe he'd reached this point in his career as a Jedi. When he had first come to Yavin 8, he would not have imagined this moment in his wildest dreams.

    As he reached Satkia at last, the Corellian smiled down at his mentor. "Master Wayne."


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      Satkia could tell that Bryce was still wrapping his mind around the reason behind this summon to the assembly hall. She still remembered the padawan he had been and how much he had grown since joining the Jedi Order.

      "Guardian Pyrrin." She smiled politely and bowhed her head to him. "Much has happened to you since the last time I called you to stand before us. What does this have taught you?"


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        Bryce was a shy man and still not comfortable talking in front of the assembled Jedi at these ceremonies. So, he kept his response short and sweet lest his old tendency to stutter come crashing back in to make it even harder!

        "To trust in the Force. Always. Without hesitation," Bryce replied.

        He thought about how he'd trusted his instincts and the Force's power on the rescue mission he'd just undertaken with a New Republic soldier. The man he'd become had changed so much, in faith, from the youth he'd been when first joining the Order.


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          Satkia knew how Bryce preferred not to be put in the spotlight and have to speak so publicly but it was important and she knew that he would answer her question. She nodded with seriousness to his words. It might sound like a simple answer to some, but it was a sincere and meaningful one.

          "Trusting in the Force can indeed help us, even in the most perilous times." She agreed much with her student's belief.

          "Guardian Pyrrin, I have watched you grow as a Jedi for the past years. It has been quite the journey and I am certain that this is far from over. Yet, it is time for you to stand beside me as a fellow Jedi Master. You have earned it."

          She bowed her head to him. "May the Force be with you, always, Jedi Master Pyrrin." As she looked at him again, she smiled at once. "I am so proud of you, Bryce."


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            "Thank you, Master," Bryce said quietly.

            He executed a formal, deep bow to the petite redhead, then turned to face the assembly. Bryce felt a bit too awed by it all to gulp or stammer, which was saying something!

            The newly minted Jedi Master's dark blue-eyed gaze reached his wife's and then their children's. Much like Satkia, he wouldn't be where he was without their support.


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              Standing off to the side so as not to draw any attention, Caltin did not want to interrupt a family moment, but he wanted to show his support to a Jedi who seemed to have a broken watch and an upside down map. The guy deserved a "win", and this was as good one as any, if not better. Walking up slowly and offering a handshake, he simply spoke a few words. Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. Good job, kid.

              You have power over your mind, not outside events.
              Realize this and you will find strength.


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                With Jaq and Nara next to her, Lorenza watched the ceremony that saw Master Wayne promote her husband to the rank of Jedi Master. It was such a big moment. The petite Knight was feeling a lot of emotions at this moment, happy ones.

                She was so proud of Bryce. She smiled warmly to him as they could approach him. "Congratulations!" She knew she'd remember this day for a very long time. A kind of family hug ensued from the kids and her right after, and it was well deserved!


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                  Standing at his usual spot in the back of the Hall, Nafrayo watched as his fellow Jedi Bryce Pyrrin was promoted to the rank of Jedi Master. It was a great honor to receive. The Neti had met him and his wife a few times in his time at the temple. And he considered the librarian to be an example worth following...

                  ~Congratulations. And may the Force always be with you, Master...~
                  , he sent quietly through the Force.


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                    Lynmeira was proud to see the man who had become her mentor rise to the higher rank. There were many different types of path among the Order, all tied with a common goal to serve the Light Side.

                    She smiled and bowed her head to Pyrrin. "Congratulations and may the Force be with you, always."


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                      Suri watched the proceedings in background, smiling as the promotion of the Order's latest Jedi Master drew to a close. He had come a long way in his journey, and Suri was proud to have met him, Lorenza and their children. Once the ceremony was complete, she looked to Satkia, a small, subtle grin forming on her lips before turning to Jedi Master Bryce Pyrrin, her subtle grin, turning to one with joy and happiness.

                      "Congratulations, Master Pyrrin on your promotion." she said, bowing respectfully to him. "May the Force Be with you and your family, always."


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                        The one eyed Nagai, Derakai Valgarus sat silently as his fellow Council member spoke to her student. Bryce had helped Derakai on a mission not too long ago and he was glad for the man's help. Now a Master, Byrce would be one to help bring forth a brighter future for the Jedi as all Masters do.

                        Nodding to his fellow Master, Derakai offered a smile as he stood up to shake Bryce's hand.

                        "Congratulations Master Pyrrin, may the Force guide you to great things that you may share with those needing to learn."

                        Having given his blessing, Derakai moved back to his seat to allow others to congratulate Bryce for his day.
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                          And after Lynmeira had given Master Pyrinn congratulations, Navaria then offered a bow herself, smiling as she addressed her peer. "Well done, Bryce. Congratulations on this honor. May the Force always protect you in all the dark places that you may walk."