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Strength For Tomorrow [Judah, Open]

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  • Strength For Tomorrow [Judah, Open]

    A few days after Judah's trial, Satkia summoned him to the Assembly Hall, for the public ceremony that saw him rise to the rank of Jedi Guardian. After all the hardships of the past year, and the recovery, the young man had proved how far he had come and confirmed his dedication to the Light Side.

    Dressed in her Jedi robes, the petite redhead stood at the end of the hall, blue eyes watching the gathered Jedi. While Derakai - who had handled Judah's trial - and her had already told Judah how he had passed the test, the ceremony was a rite of passage that was a vital part of the Order, as it was an occasion to give merit to its members and an occasion for joy.

    She waited for Judah to arrive, before she would begin to speak.

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    This time the summons was not a surprise. Judah had been told he would he summoned though he already was aware of the reason. With all the difficulty and hardships he had been through it was good to know the reasons for this. Judah was excited to say the least. He knew what this meant for him as a Jedi, but also as lover and father. His entire goal had not only been to show the Jedi his change, but Katara as well. They had determined if the Jedi could trust him again, perhaps she could as well.

    Walking into the chambers, the Knight was dressed in the traditional robes of a Jedi Knight. Doors opened to him as if by will of their own and the man proceeded to the center of the room. With a low bow to the masters of the council, and to his own, Judah greeted those gathered.

    "You have summoned me, master."

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      Katara and Sasha Starkos had been given an invitation by Council Member and Judah's master, Sakia Wayne, to join the Jedi in his promotional ceremony. While carrying their young daughter in her arms, the conservatively dressed Corellisi had been shown into the Assembly Hall. They took their place among those gathered to witness the Telosian Knight being advanced to the rank of Jedi Guardian. This was a very special and long coming day.

      If Judah allowed himself to open to the Force and their bond, he would feel just how proud his Red was of him, and that his actions had proven an important point to her. Now their life together as a real family could begin...

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        N’yssa stood off to the side with the other Jedi Masters and Council Members, as the ceremony was about to begin. The Hall was filling up with Jedi of all ranks to witness the promotion that was about to take place. She knew the hardships Judah had faced, and was proud to see him standing here today. It took courage, and strength, and as always along the Jedi path, sacrifice.

        Remaining quiet, the pink haired Jedi waited for Satkia to begin.


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          Amongst the assembled, Navaria quietly waited for the ceremony to being, hands folded before her and hood raised above her head.


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            Satkia's expression remained neutral as she watched Judah join the gathered assembly, which included his partner and daughter. The redhead nodded to her pupil and friend. "Indeed, I have, Jedi Lesan."

            She took one step closer to him, before continuing. "The last months have seen you go through many hardships. They have changed you in profund ways. What changed for you since the last time I summoned you before your peers?"

            They had talked about many things, but it was important for all Jedi to speak in a more public fashion about what they had learned, as it gave insight and encouragement to all members of the Order.


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              As Satkia spoke, Judah acknowledged some of the guests which were familiar to him. In particular his gaze lingered with Katara and Sasha. They were his world. Judah had been happy to know Satkia approved of their visit, and permitted them to be part of the ceremony. What Kat did not know yet was Satkia had told him he would be permitted to live off compound should he pass his trial. Judah couldn't wait to tell her, though in person. For now, a mental nudge would have to hold him over.

              "The light of your hearts did burn bright in the darkest of times," he said mentally to both of his Reds. "I will tell you more later, but for now, just know I love you both so very much!"

              Others who were present did not get a mental nudge, in part because there were too many for Judah to deliver a personal message to. The rest was he did not have time. Satkia had posed a question, one which needed to be answered in full.

              "Some are here which do not know that I had given in to darkness. While I tried to fight it, to destroy it, the battle was fought alone. The failure to seek help when needed led me to do things I am not proud of. In the end it was several of the Jedi order which helped to purge the dark influence I had carried with me. I fell into a come which drained me physically. Had it not been for Katara, my muscles would have been far worse than what they were. Everything I tought was important was gone. Instead I found what really is important. I've learned new priorities, and ultimately, I've learnes we all carry a darkness with us. What matters is whether or not we will master it, or allow it to master us. I chose to master my darkness, and I am better because of it."

              Judah nodded to Satkia. Nothing of his tone or body language gave the impression he was being arrogant. The dark haired Jedi simply stated the truth from his point of view.

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                ... the problem is, to one he did appear "arrogant". The massive Jedi Master stood quietly among the other Masters, the self proclaimed "Vanguard" of the Order watched the proceedings, standing next to Master Tarkin. When Judah verbalized his belief that he "Mastered his darkness", Caltin folded his arms over each other and continued to watch. This conversation just became intriguing for a reason that it wasn't meant to.

                Make absolutely no mistake, he didn't judge the Jedi Knight for having an opinion like this, the man had been through a lot. However the massive Jedi Master had an opinion of his own. One of having been there himself and even having a similar belief.

                How long ago that was...

                The Caltin of old would be suspicious of this. Now? Now he would watch the Telosian with interest, and offer his own experience if Lesan needed it.

                Hope he never does.

                That was for another time though, this was a time of congratulations, and pride for the future. The Order was brighter this day.

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                Realize this and you will find strength.


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                  Having taken his usual place among his fellow Jedi, Guardian Nafrayo was particularly exited as he watched the one to be promoted: His friend, his brother Judah. The young man had been through a lot from what the Neti had heard. He´d even found a mate and had a child with her... and it was a good thing he stood here today. Struggles were a part of a Jedi´s life. And one who didn´t fall would emerge even stronger from it. Smiling gently, Nafrayo listened carefully to the words exchanged between Judah and his Master. He was very proud to call this man a brother...


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                    Satkia had watched Judah change since he had joined the Order. She saw him go through hardships, get lost in dark times and then be able to recover and become the Jedi he now was. She saw the change in him, the way he had learned so much.

                    "Mastering one's darkness is no easy feat. It is a lifetime task. We must all learn to keep it in check, not to let it control us. You have understood this, Jedi Lesan. You have understood a lot of things since the last time I summoned you here."

                    The redhead then produced a wooden box, with metallic details on it. She showed it to Judah, before opening it, revealing his lightsabers inside. "It is time to return them to their owner." She let the young man retrieve the offered box, before clasping her hands before her again.

                    "This is why you are to be recognized as one of the Guardians of the Jedi Order. Congratulations, Guardian Lesan."

                    For him only to hear, she continued. "I am proud of you, Judah. May the Force continue to be with you, always."
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                      "Thank you Master Wayne," Judah said as he reached for his lightsabers which were promptly placed on his belt once more.

                      The newest guardian had proven his trustworthiness again, to everyone he needed to. A new chapter was beginning in his life, and he was ready, at least he thought he was.

                      "Thank you for your faith, Satkia, you have always been more than a master, but a good friend as well. Oh and I snagged a redhead after all."

                      Of course the mental message was for her only, but Satkia would know what Judah was referring too. If he was going to move forward, he had to be able to be his old fun loving self. The experience of the past year to year and half needed to be viewed correctly, but moved from as well. Life had changed significantly for the Guardian, which meant new challenges. The biggest being he was now going to have to figure out how to balance his family life with being an active Jedi once more.

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                        Derakai, having been one of the firat Jedi to congratulate Judah, almost immediately after his Trial, sat silently in his seat, watching intently at the others in the room. Another Jedi had faced the Trial of Insight and came out stronger, and Derakai was overjoyed to have been a part of it, even though he did not show it. The loss of his eye had once again brought him to a stoic state, though he often snapped out of it, offering a smile or two even if small ones.

                        Judah had surpassed the shadow of his past and overpowered it with his own will, keeping it contained and always remembered. A fine Jedi Master, Judah Lesan would someday make.

                        "Congratulations Guardian Lesan, you have earned this day!"
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                          I'll never get used to hearing her referred to as Master Wayne, Bryce thought of his own master, smiling to himself.

                          Pushing that observation aside, the Guardian focused on the proceedings at hand as Judah Lessan advanced in rank and responsibility. It was a good day to see someone move forward and he was pleased for his colleague.


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                            “Congratulation Guardian Lesan.” N’yssa said with a bright smile when Satkia announced the promotion. Indeed he had gone through much, a lot of darkness, but to see him come out of it, to be a better Jedi because of it gave her a great sense of hope.


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                              Caltin supposed that he was the next person to offer congratulations, and why not, this is an accomplishment of commitment and of hope in looking to the future. While he had his own opinions, the massive Jedi Master was certain that there were those who had opinions of him. It made him actually glad that he was not a member of the Jedi Council, he wasn't sure he could ever make some of the decisions that they were burdened with on a daily basis, not that he couldn't step up if asked.

                              Offering his vice-grip of a hand for a handshake, the walking boulder offered, as always, his own unique form of congratulations. Two things to remember. What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters to what lies within us. Words he tries to live by himself every day. Also try to remember that you were given this life because you are strong enough to live it. He said it loud enough so that others could hear, right before backing away a nod to the new Guardian, as well as his loved ones and disappearing into the crowd.

                              You have power over your mind, not outside events.
                              Realize this and you will find strength.