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Opening Doors [Remus, Open]

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  • Opening Doors [Remus, Open]

    Some time had passed since Satkia's journey to Tython with Remus. Life had kept her busy with duties and family. Yet, she had made sure to converse with her fellow council members in regards to the Padawan's future. He had come a long way since seeking redemption and a place among the Jedi.

    This was why he had today been summoned to the Assembly Hall. The petite redhead, garbed in her green and grey robes, was standing at the end of it, hands clasped before her.

    Blue eyes fell upon her pupil as the guards escorted him, but this time they left him at the entrance, leaving him to walk up to her on his own.

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    The day was quiet, benign. In silence the Jedi was walked to the Assembly Hall, donned in the typical attire attributed to one of his rank. He had known this day to come soon, he had meditated on it for a long time from his cell in the northern facility, but he had not anticipated exactly when. He had mixed feelings on the events to come; anticipation, anxiousness, surety, yet he was quiet and neutral towards it, and would take it as it came. In silence he arrived, with his wyrwulf companion Cailín at his heel, and in silence he approached the centrepoint of the Hall, eyes peering at him from all angles. What were those eyes saying? That he didn't belong there? That he, perhaps, would turn on them all? Or perhaps they were more accepting of him? The Jedi he had met had a gentle disposition towards him, but that was all that he knew. As he stood before his master, Remus bowed low until his eyes finally met hers.

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      The one eyed Nagai sat leaning foward on his Council seat, eyes on the redeemed man, not judging, but happy to see him progressing so well. Derakai was a very firm believer and promoter of redemption for thos that had found a darker path in their times of troubles. Seeing another take a step towards the light gave him hope for the future.

      A single violet eye watched, the other Force scarred eye beneath a patch, as those of Remus' fellow Jedi would enter and prepare for this joyous occasion.
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        Satkia's gaze remained upon her student as he walked up to her and bowed. "Padawan Remus, you have been with us for a while now. I still remember the day you came to the temple, seeking to redeem yourself and find a new path."

        The red haired master raised an inquisitive brow as she continued. "What did these months spent with us, learning about the Jedi ways, meeting other members of the Order, teach you?"


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          The Assembly Hall was filled once more with fellow Jedi, as one of them would soon reach a new level on his path within the Jedi Order. And Guardian Nafrayo was astonished to learn which Padawan was going to be promoted today: Remus. The former Sith had come a long way... and though he still had a long way to go, the Neti started to believe there was hope things would be different this time. Other Sith had joined the Jedi before, and defected back to the Dark Side, falling back to it´s promise of power... But with this man, who knew?

          While the Guardian had once agreed to deliver a message to a common acquaintance of Remus and him, he still remained largely reserved towards the Padawan. Yet, he´d kept a curious eye on him, watching his progression, particularly during a training session they had together some time ago. From what Nafrayo had seen and heard, this man was working hard to make his way towards the light. This earned him well deserved respect. Having taken his place in the back of the Hall, Nafrayo was tall enough to easily look over the heads of most of the assembled Jedi, watching Remus and his Master Satkia...


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            His master's voice broke the preceding silence, its echoes complimented by the natural acoustics of the hall until it became a blurred mess of sound as it reached the roof. On most days, Satkia would be casual, gentle and warm. Today, she was formal, perhaps a little stern, but all for good reason. This was a serious day, and without hesitation, he responded to her and the hall, with a similar formality from his heart.
            "It has been a hard year to integrate myself into the state of mind a Jedi should hold, but I have developed an understanding and respect for the benefits and strength of humility, patience and compassion, and how it may intensify and deepen one's connection with the Force. Having surrounded myself with Jedi materials, and under your patient, guiding hand, I feel I now strongly understand the life a Jedi should strive to follow, and I endeavour to uphold the values and ethics that make Jedi who they are. For that, and for welcoming me into the Jedi and giving me a chance to begin with, I am extremely grateful."
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              Satkia had heard Remus say these words in prior occasions but it was always important to share certain things and inner progression publicly, during these ceremonies. She had learned to ask questions in this fashion from her own Master, Navaria Tarkin.

              She nodded to her padawan's words. "Following your new beginning and your embracing of the Light that we are all gathered today. Your dedication has proven to the Council that you can now walk freely among us." This meant he would be able to move to take quarters in the compound and not need guards anymore.

              "I am proud to promote you today to the rank of Jedi Apprentice. May the Force continue to guide your path in the Light."


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                Remus gave a slow, deep bow to Master Satkia and to the rest of the Jedi Council, and when he stood straight again, he met his master with a warm smile. He felt a wave of freedom that he hadn't quite felt in such a manner for rather a long time. Though he had reasonable freedom during his temporary accommodation, there was always something pulling at him, but now that had gone. That was just a minor feeling, though, as what instilled more positivity within him was the trust that the Jedi had now placed in him from this point on, and that was a joyous feeling indeed.
                "I am humbled by your decision, Masters. Thank you."

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                  N’yssa stood next to the other Masters as Satkia brought forward Remus, promoting him to Jedi Apprentice. She had met the former Sith in his cell once before. He seemed genuine back then, and as she heard his words and felt he Force in him, she knew that he was on the right path. He had made great strides, and found a the Light in his darkness, as an Apprentice he will continue to grow down this new life of his.

                  Giving Remus a bow, the pink haired Jedi smiled. “Congratulations Remus.”


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                    Standing up from his seat after offering a nod to the bow Remus had offered, he approached the newly dubbed Apprentice extending a hand in congratulations.

                    "Well done Apprentice Remus, may you walk in the light for as long as the Force permits. I will be happy to see you here in the Council again for your Knighthood, or perhaps beforehand if your Master wishes to have me take you on for your trial."

                    Shaking his hand if allowed, the Nagai moved out of the way to allow the other Jedi to congratulate their fellow aspiring pupil of the light.
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                      As the Masters once again placed their trust into a former Sith choosing the Light, Nafrayo decided to do just the same. If Remus desire to be a true Jedi was genuine, the Neti would do all he could to help. After all, they´d spent some time together, in the cell or training. Now he was free to roam the Temple. And a part of Nafrayo hoped he would not betray the Jedi and return to the Sith just as Vega had...

                      Neither moving nor changing his expression, he directed a simple message to Remus through the Force:

                      ~Congratulations. I´m looking forward to watch your continued growth in the light... May the Force always be with you.~


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                        Standing in the crowd, Lynmeira observed the proceedings with interest. She had met Remus while he stayed at the northern facility and she was happy to see him now free to go in the Temple and further, as he was promoted to the rank of Apprentice.

                        She smiled warmly as she bowed to him, when given the opportunity. "Congratulations. May the Force be with you!" She knew they would meet again sooner than later, continuing their discussion on many topics.


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                          Lorenza watched the ceremony in silence. She was glad to see a former darksider walk the path of light, and be promoted among the Jedi, thanks to his dedication. The petite Knight simply bowed to the man, as he walked not far from her at some point.

                          "Congratulations, Apprentice Remus." She stated with a polite smile.


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                            Something important was going on.

                            She wasn't sure exactly what, but it was important to Master and she loved Master, so it was also important to her. The canine was careful to stay at exactly the right spot at her Masters heels, head and tail high, ears perked forward. She was utterly confident. These beings, many of whom she'd never bothered to meet would see no fear in her while she was representing her Master, no sir!

                            It wasn't so bad. In the first place, the before place, there would have been malice and aggression directed at any pack member who dared to stand out or be the centre of attention. Here the worst she could feel was wariness. Well. Good. She'd accepted that her Master had a very large and nebulous pack, but she'd still bite them if they tried anything funny.

                            There was some mouth moving and communicating, the majority of which went over the Wyrwulf's head, but Master was pleased. She allowed herself one happy, tongue lolling dog grin up at her Master and a single wave of her tail before she resumed her sentry position.