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Back to the Alpha...where things start(open)

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  • Back to the Alpha...where things start(open)

    Jacob came back here every so often. More so to see how his son was doing, although he managed thus far to keep away and make his son believe well, whatever it was at that point. In some regard he had a feeling that Junior knew the truth about the whole thing. Well, to some degree perhaps. What Junior didn't know was that his father wasn't a Sith. No, if anyone told him that then it was the truth, but he was not a Sith at all. He was a Dark Jedi, and believed in something different than the Sith. Although, he was one for a short period of time. But, their beliefs weren't his own. So he left them and went to Ruusan and became a Dark Jedi Master.

    Sending in the bishops that "protected" their Archbishop, the church was being rebuilt slowly but surely. They housed the church now in a small warehouse that wasn't being used. The Dark Jedi Master knew it was gonna take some time to fully rebuild all of it. Though he had to admit, at least the underground part of the church was still intact. It housed the backup records of everything that the church had and another organization as well. The Inquisition to be stating fact. Sure, it was named after the Galactic Empire version from yesteryear. Although their philosophy and such were different from the Empire. They sought those to bring into their fold, not force them or else kill them.

    As the two bishops walked in they knew who to look for and didn't see him. Coming back out, the Master then nodded as they waved him to come in. With that, Jacob stepped heavy as he was quite a tall man into the Tavern itself. His orange and black robes on he looked strange but that was what the colors of his church required him to wear. Pulling the Force into himself he made his aura and gift with the Force a tiny speck of dust if one could describe it as that. Looking to the bar, the former Jedi then sat down on a stool at the bar itself. He then ordered a glass of whiskey, then a shot of something on the special for that day. The two bishops then went to their own corner, still watching and looking out for their Archbishop.

    Jacob then took in the scene then downed the shot. After setting the shot glass down he then took a sip of his whiskey before smirking. Well, it was good to visit the place where his journey into the mystery of the Force began.

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    A not so unfamiliar presence sat close enough within the tavern to be spotted but far enough away so as to seem unapproachable. Legs lay stretched lazily out across an uninviting table somewhat, feet crossed over ankle. The patron wore a light blue set of robes with a sizable hood that seemed to conceal her face without their owner purposely trying to do so. She did not look the mindful nor doting picture she was known for expressing.

    "Tell your men to leave, or get out - I can faithfully assure you that I will not allow anything to happen to you on my watch." The woman he knew, a voice so familiar, lacking the tenderness he may have been used to. Now more so thick with a sense of assertiveness that did not entirely look good on her. "You are not that special .." Words that seemed like they could sting, until she offered her follow through to make all the rest of what she said, make an entirely different meaning. "We're all meant to be equals here, Murano - stop acting as if you don't belong -" Harsh perhaps, but she knew that it was more so the only way for him to really grasp that he was welcome, and that he didn't need all the extra. Amalia had never known Jacob to be a desperate man, and bringing along his men felt more like a case of paranoia. "Save your goons for when you really need them. Not at a space that speaks more of rainbows and sunshine."


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      Hearing that familiar voice the man turned to see Amalia with her hood over her head. Raising an eyebrow at the words she spoke and they did sting because the fact was that he knew Amalia to be the doting and tender person she'd always been. His orange eyes looked to the shape of the person he once knew and now the visage of someone he thought he knew now. The person who he once knew was now a fleeting memory cast aside. Looking to his Bishops he then nodded his head and the two downed their drinks having heard what she said. Blinking he then knew something was amiss when Amalia called him by his last name.

      "In all my years of knowing you, Amalia you've never called me by my last name." Jacob said drinking from his glass, "We may be equals...but you know as well as I do I don't follow the Force. I'm a religious man now. My path has changed...and it seems you have as well."

      Snorting he then turned back to the bar as the two Bishops left to go to the ship. He wasn't wanting to be that way toward her, but her attitude forced him to go that route. Good thing his son wasn't here or else there would be a bigger mess. Well, maybe not but he didn't wanna take chances. That being said he then drank from his glass of whiskey again before turning to look over his shoulder at her.

      "I don't need them. They follow me where I go. Not that you would realize what has transpired since I last saw you. What's your problem, Amalia? A Jedi like you wouldn't use harsh terms such as those. Are you a Clawdite who decided to shape shift into your form, is that it? Who and what are you really?"

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        Perhaps the Jedi had been a bit too assertive, she could admit that. Though Jacob, as far as she knew, had not been back to the tavern in some time. She really didn't condone the presence of the unknown figures. Over time, Amalia had learned that her sense of tenderness was not always the ease of approach she hoped it would be. Her past experiences had certainly changed her, but not in such a way that she was worse for wear. It was not Amalia's ultimate decision who came and went, but she did seem to heighten her inner will of protection in spaces that she felt were important to her. "I apologize," she stated, lowering her hood gently behind her so that Jacob could see her face. The lightsider did not defend nor explain herself, offering sincerely the apology because she had thought better of her own actions. In days past, Amalia would have been prone to explain herself, but she had felt suspicion creeping inwardly with Jacob's immediate arrival. He hadn't given her a reason not to trust him, but just knowing he had not been within such familiar walls likely in a while, heightened her own state. She did not know for certain, but found his presence questionable and the only way to resolve her inner curiosity, was to ask, as she felt she ought to have done from the start. "What brings you here, Jacob?" Her tone previously had not been laced with any ill will, just assertively direct in a way that appeared more dominating than her expected submissive nature. She seemed to be taking a little bit more of a thought out approach for the moment. "I would venture to guess that it has been some time since your last visit? I'd certainly have heard word from your son if you had ..." The female lowered her feet toward ground, locking one leg over the other, but her attire hid the gesture. "I'm suspicious as to why you are here, for that reason, if it is perhaps true that you've not been here in some time. I'd hope you'd understand that I do have a job to do in protecting those here, foe or .. friend ..." She did not owe an explanation, but it seemed best suited, not expecting Jacob to understand her sense of direct assertiveness, but perhaps it would paint at least somewhat of a picture. While the two individuals were not necessarily strangers, time had changed them both, expectations and interactions perhaps would not entirely be the same. "We're certainly not strangers - but time and the structure of our paths, may have woven different experiences for us now. There must be parts of you I once knew, but much I still need to learn. So I feel it is best we both proceed with caution." Caution in the approach of being mindful, Amalia certainly did not want to assume too much of Jacob and she hoped the same for him in his approach with her. As Jacob could maybe observe, Amalia still held onto a direct approach, but even she was not perfect on how to maintain her approach at times, especially when she was biased with caution.


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          Jacob knew that with Amalia his presence here made things awkward in some ways. Sure, he hadn't been here in a while, although he had been through these parts about 4 months prior. But, the Jedi Master wasn't present in the tavern at that time. At least to Jacob she wasn't. He didn't see her face anywhere inside and the two Bishops that were with him helped him look out for his son. They knew his face and such so they would tell Jacob if his son was ever near. With the apology that Amalia put forth he knew she at least meant it.

          "Apology accepted." Jacob said nodding his head a bit.

          The way Amalia was now was something that the Dark Jedi Master would have to get used to. As she just assertively asked him why he was here the man took a drink out of his glass and set it down looking at Amalia fully now as she put her hood down. A tiny smile formed the right corner of his lips. There were many reasons why he was here. He always liked this tavern, and it was like a home to him even if the Jedi themselves were not anymore. The owner knew him of course as Tom would pass by every so often to see if everything between Amalia and Jacob was alright. The tavern owner knew things were gonna be awkward he he decided not to stay and listen through it and tended to other customers in the meantime.

          Jacob also knew that before they went back to Ruusan that they would have to refuel and it just happened to be that Yavin VIII was on their way back through the hyperspace route back to Ruusan. Plus, Jacob was reminded of how his journey through life began on Yavin VIII. Not just the tavern but also the Jedi. Much had changed since he was younger and when he was a Jedi Knight. Though, some things were the same.

          That tiny smile on his lip he then answered, "It's on our way back home. Refuel before we head back. But, I just wanted to come here because my journey through life took place on this planet."

          It was then that Amalia ventured to guess that it had been a long time since he came back, "No. Shorter time then you'd think. Lots of things to do when you lead a religion as I do."

          When she brought up his son he then put a hand up, "I know. I haven't seen him since I've been gone. He thinks I'm passed on. I'd rather keep it that way. Unless he heard otherwise. If that's the case...I'm sure we'll meet when we meet. But...sadly, Amalia I don't think you'd hear from him. From what some have said he still doesn't trust you. I don't know what went on between you both and I don't wanna know...that's for you both to work out."

          As the Master spoke of duty to protect those here he then nodded. Of course he understood and he would do the same in her shoes. Both were familiar with one another, yes, but then again they grew apart from one another. Time changed things and things wouldn't be the same. Nor should they be. Jacob was happy where he was in life and he hoped Amalia was the same. Taking another shot he then downed it before his orange eyes looked at Amalia.

          "We're not strangers entirely, no. Both of us have taken different paths indeed. Experience comes with wisdom. Wisdom with experience. They go hand in hand as some would say. Obviously there are parts you'll know and some you don't. The same with you. What parts are still there that I know, Amalia?"

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            The Lightsider kept a solemn expression as she listened to Jacob. She was not so certain on how to address anything concerning his son. However, in the process of listening, in perhaps being on the outside looking in for a moment, she did realize that she was in err for even really mentioning Junior, as he didn't actually have any place in their conversation. Not fairly, anyway. "You are of course, more than welcome to visit," she stated, knowing she was only stating something of sheer obviousness. Anyone was welcome to the tavern so long as they did not cause any trouble.

            Deep down, Amalia knew that she had given Jacob such a hard time at his arrival because well, that was all he did, was visit. He was not the typical visitor, as once upon a time, he had called this place home. Amalia did not consider him a drifter despite his chosen current placement. Nor did she consider his chosen career path, a failure. He appeared happy, but she did offer some judgement at his desire to return in frequent fashion compared to those who had chosen to walk away entirely. It was unusual, and it often provided Amalia with an itch of curiosity that she could never scratch. Amalia wanted to know what brought him, but despite the way she asked it, such was not simply what she entirely wanted to know. Perhaps it was time for her to take the initiative to be more upfront with him and find out. "Yes, but I was not specifically asking you about convenience - you could go anywhere on your way back home -" Amalia knew that his presence returning as often as it did somehow seemed to matter, or she would not have attempted to draw attention to it. She'd have to make that exposed. "It's very rare that when a former resident chooses to leave here, that they frequently choose to return - Mind you, not that it would not be welcome - but it does pique my curiosity a great deal - It's not the food - your son - nor the Jedi way that brings you here - so why then do you come so often?" It did seem again as if Amalia was poking at the man, but not. She knew there was much better prepared food for him back home, and his son he didn't entirely wish to see, and the Jedi path, well - he'd chosen a different path of sorts. Perhaps for Jacob, it was as simple that he was still fond of a place he once called home. If she had been the wrong kind of influencer, offering Jacob direction back to the path he had once started on, would have been all too easy. As for Amalia, she had all the confidence in the world that she could assist him to such familiar ways. However, it was that every path made should be a chosen one, even when she noticed ones appeal to be elsewhere at times.

            "Junior has reached the rank of Knight, I've heard. Though I have yet to personally congratulate him - I am certainly proud. If he so chooses to speak with me, I will directly answer any and all questions that he may or may not have. Though no amount of answers can correct a breach of trust." The Jedi did not opt to discuss Jacob's son any further, as she felt it was unwise to. Junior was much more grown now, and so Amalia was certain that he more than likely did not want to be approached as a topic of discussion, particularly without being present. "As to your question, I'm not entirely certain that I can answer that. My beliefs as a Jedi are the same as they ever were. My guidance and mentorship, equally so. The core of me - similar - but still - I have grown." Amalia was not certain that her answer offered much insight, but of those that really knew her, Jacob did. So her answer should not have brought too much of a struggle, she hoped.


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              Jacob's expression was one of a welcoming one, and the face that was happy to see a familiar face. The man she knew had let go of the hatred he had for the Jedi though he did hate the Sith, even though he was among them for a short stint. In that time he realized their ways were not his, and that he did so because of the anger and distrust that he'd felt for the Jedi at that time in his life. For a while, Jacob gave up on the Force and drifted around drinking himself to death. At least those that knew him it appeared he was doing it. With that he took a drink and then set it down. Not that he couldn't invite Amalia to Ruusan. If she happened to pass through then so be it.

              "If you happen through my part of the galaxy you are welcome, of course. Though where I am from, they don't take kindly to Force users." Jacob said without revealing exactly where he called home now.

              As the Jedi Master asked why he came here because the statement she made was true. The former Jedi could go anywhere around Yavin VIII and do the same thing but he chose to come here. Why exactly? Because it was calming to him to come back to a place, and to reminisce about his past in ways. Reflection on what was and what could have been. Jacob never dwelled on it because the past was what it was and the present was as well. The future was ever changing and no one could be certain of it.

              A smile came to his face, "That is true, Amalia. It is very rare, yes, but not unheard of a former resident returning back. But, no it is neither of those that bring me here. I do keep up on how my son is, yes, but I'm sure he does know I still live. I just don't want to face him at this point. If it happens down the line, then it happens then. Just...not now. I come here because..." He took a breath, " calms me. It makes me reflect, and it is also a part of my past. I don't run from it I see it and know that it is there. At times I reminisce about good times...and then reflect upon bad ones."

              The Archbishop then drained the rest of his glass. Setting it down he refrained for now from getting another. In place of it he then took the glass of water and drank from that as he felt the cool water go down and it calmed the burning sensation of the alcohol that was there previously a moment ago. As Amalia spoke of Junior reaching Knight he then beamed with pride. His son had reached the point his father had, though in time he knew Junior would surpass him. That was what the father wanted for his son. He wanted Junior to be the man he couldn't be. Nor was he at this stage, avoiding his son for something that they needed to confront with one another. But, Jacob was nonetheless proud of Junior.

              "I'm proud of him. He's more of a man at this stage then I'll ever be through the rest of my life." Jacob said with pride at the beginning and then it tapered off, "But I think he'll speak with you. In time, Amalia. As a Knight he must confront the things he did in his past, the actions he made, the words spoken, and be better for them. He's still a young man, but a young and wise one at that. Just like his old man." He said with a chuckle, then it faded, as she answered to what he would know of her still, "Fair enough. What is it that I don't know? Would you care to answer that question or should I refrain from it?"

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                Though Amalia secretly knew that Jacob held hate for the Sith, she had always chosen not to correct it. Over time, she had learned that pushing him would only see to make things worse. Yet he knew very well that Amalia did not condone such things. She could not necessarily seek to stop him from feeling such things, but out in the heat of battle was an entirely different matter. She would do what she had to do, as peacefully as possible, if it came to that.

                It was an oddity for Amalia to ever have an overabundance of confidence, but deep down, she felt that she could find herself welcome almost anywhere. With time. No matter how hard she needed to work to receive each and every welcome. "Thank you .. and you should know there is little to stop me if I should set my mind onto something. We are alike that way, you and I," she shared, thanking him for the invite while acknowledging that she may nto be welcome by all. It was not something she would entirely let stop her.

                While Amalia did not most certainly agree with how Jacob chose to interact with his son, she had stubbornly learned not to get in the middle of family matters. It was much easier for her to contain herself, however, with Jacob than it was with Junior.

                "Well, you're always welcome," Amalia stated, returning her own brief welcome, as she knew that perhaps she had not fully made him feel welcome at his most recent arrival. She thought that perhaps he would understand, as this was home for Amalia and she was protective of it and of those who did dwell within it. Though unsaid, he knew that should trouble ever come up, they would both need to reevaluate. A difficult task to be sure among friends, and while it was a very unlikely scenario, she'd always have to keep herself cautious... to anyone. Every time she was home, Amalia often found herself as a lookout to all sides of the temple and its surrounding areas.

                A slight twinge of guilt hit her at revealing his son's progress, as she realized only then, that she had robbed Jacob of sharing the news with his father. Being that they were not in strong communications, it was easier not to regret having opened her mouth. She would own the consequences with Junior if it came to that, as she did her best to sustain honesty with him. Murano always did his best to be polite while maintaining his own integrity, but Amalia did find it a bit difficult inwardly, sharing with him. She was, and had always been, a reserved individual. She still was now to an extent.

                "I worry less of what others may think of me. I afford less of a reserved approach with my thoughts, choosing to be more candid, without worrying how my words will be taken." Amalia had her moments where she would think things through, in particular with younglings, but for the most part, she tried to be more direct. ".. and while my path still resides with the Jedi, well, I've chosen not to allow the Jedi way to come before all things in my life..." Amalia could recall in many instances how she had lost out on countless relationships, some friendships, some much more. She had, more than not, put her career before everyone and everything else. Certain that there was much more that she could share with Jacob, she felt that what little she had spoken of would have to be enough for the time being. Though if he wanted to ask anything specific, Amalia was more than likely to answer him, rather than to shy away from sharing more.


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                  As Amalia spoke of the two of them being alike in the way of them setting their minds to something that not much will get in their way he nodded. It was true, they were alike in that regard and still were. That was what drew them together back when as Master and Padawan. Jacob remembered those times fondly as he did when he came here. Though there were bad points when he was a Jedi he didn't dawn on those either. All of that happened for a reason and Jacob was wiser for those parts of his past.

                  It was then that she said he was always welcome here to which he then closed his eyes a brief moment and nodded his head, "Thank you."

                  Truth be told he didn't hate Jedi, he did not care one bit for the Sith, and the Jedi to him were a hinderance to themselves. Jacob didn't see it back then but in his mind and his opinions and belief that they were their own worst enemies. They didn't do what was necessary when it was that time and that was what held them back from doing it. Least it was his belief and not theirs, obviously. But, he wouldn't go around starting trouble just for the sake of doing so. No, he and his group stayed to the shadow and did things accordingly when the need arose. If either the Jedi or Sith got in the way of the means to an end then they had to be stopped by any means necessary. Even death. Jacob would defend this Tavern even if he didn't belong with the Jedi anymore. It was a place he frequented in his earlier days and it held a place in his heart, always.

                  Jacob then heard Amalia speak of worrying less of what others think of her to which he felt the same. As she also said that she didn't mince words, more or less, that was something new. In the earlier days for the two of them she did. But, he had to congratulate her for finally speaking her mind. Something that she should have done a long time ago. When Amalia spoke of not letting her path with the Jedi hinder everything else in her life, Jacob blinked his orange colored eyes. That revelation took him by surprise the most. Tilting his head he then held a tiny smile with that.

                  "It's about time, Amalia. You can't let being a Jedi hinder you from being a person. That is why the Jedi of old imploded on themselves. To me, and to my parents...may they rest in peace among other members of my family...they cast aside their...well...humanity. But, maybe that's just my observation." He said and the last part he shrugged.

                  Looking as some of the younglings came in with one of the Masters or whoever it was that was instructing them he saw the innocence on their faces. A smile came to his face just before the anguish and guilt that he couldn't stop the destruction of his church and the orphanage next door from being terrorized. The look on his face said it all as the PTSD from the whole ordeal kicked in. His eyes streaked with the vision of it all being demolished in the blink of an eye. The explosion that sent him flying back and those who were inside waiting for him, the orphanage running amok with the innocent children who were being cared for and those inside on that day in that part of the building losing their lives in an instant.

                  Jacob had that whole moment or two flash into his mind and he remembered getting a vision from it through the Force. But, he did nothing to stop it as he disregarded it that day. No longer did he do such things now. With that being said his face was one of sadness and anguish as he seemed to be stuck in a trance not even blinking as he did look at Amalia but it was like he didn't see her nor the others in the room. All he saw was the memories of that dreadful day in his eyes.

                  When the violence causes silence...who are we mistaken.... Was what rang through his mind as that day the Force projected that to him before everything went completely sideways. In that moment Amalia would see a tear roll down his face.

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                    It was not the first time Amalia had seen someone she cared for, not be consistently in the present. In such a fragile moment, Amalia knew it not the wisest opportunity to physically nudge someone to attempt to get them back to the present moment. Instead, the female very gently reached out with the force and left Jacob aware of her aura. Some might have found appropriate to enter another's mind, but Amalia did not like to do so without expressed permission. Not even during a critical time. Instead, her aura softly blanketed him, just enough to be a consistent reminder that she was with him but not to be overbearing. Unfortunately, Amalia could not solely help Jacob get through the matter at had, he would need to do a little bit of TLC to himself. All the lightsider could do was just make him somewhat aware that she was there if he needed her presence. She was neither invasive but nor dismissive. Even though he was a friend, the Jedi needed to be keenly aware of her surroundings, in case Jacob found himself to involuntarily committing to something that was not within his control. She had more than just herself and Jacob to seek to protect at all times. She did not react as if he was a foe, or even someone ready to strike, she was simply mindful in case she might need to take some kind of action.


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                      As Jacob traversed his memories for the time that he did his eyes then blinked and he then returned to the present. Feeling her there helped guide him back to the present moment and time though the Dark Jedi Master at times knew he would have these sort of memories off and on until he could confront them head on. The man she knew hadn't went back to that spot in quite some time and confront the experience and pain and sadness that he felt on that day. The lives that were lost and the feeling that he couldn't do anything about it was what pained him the most. He blatantly ignored a sign from the Force that something was going to go wrong but he flat out ignored the warning. Those that were there paid for his mistake and he would always carry that with him. When Jacob returned to the present moment and time his orange eyes then looked to Amalia in a moment of apology.

                      "I'm sorry. I...umm...had a moment there of a bad experience. Sorry you had to see me in that moment." Jacob said apologizing for it, "It was trauma that I had suffered during my time where I am now. Such things happen, yes, but all those lives shouldn't have happened."

                      But you's not's not my your head...they are dying....

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                        The former part of Amalia would have offered to try to heal Jacob, as if he were broken. It was a concept that had been inviting to her because she assumed she was being helpful. these days she believed to do such a things, to try to heal the meant, was like suggesting that he was a broken man. Amalia did not see him as broken. She saw him as someone simply with many layers, and that if he needed to do any healing at all, she truly could not do that for him. She could guide and be supportive as his friend.

                        "Nothing to apologize for, Jacob. I am just glad you are within the present, you had me a little worried. If there is anything I can do, any advice I can give or other support, it's freely offered." It was tempting for Amalia to offer outside suggestion, but the truth was, she had no idea what he was going through or what he had been through. She wasn't about to judge him. She could disagree with his methods as clearly they did not follow the same cause but she would not presume to know what was best or what he ought to do. Just being a place of support was the best she knew she could offer. "I'm not here to judge you. i don't know what you've been through aside from what you've shared. I can only say that my past has haunted me from time to time and to that I always try to remember that my past cannot often dictate my future and who I choose to become. That is solely up to me, as it is for you. So I hope with that in mind, that your past will not always haunt you. I've always known you to be someone who makes a difference and I am certain that has not changed."