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First Time Teacher [Kayla, Kameron]

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  • First Time Teacher [Kayla, Kameron]

    Following her husband's promotion to Master, Lorenza was staying for a bit on Yavin VIII, before returning home, to Corellia. The petite knight had no idea what she had got herself into. She had agreed to take on her first padawan, but not one, two. She had known this day would come but she was still apprehensive about her capability to be a teacher.

    She had sent a message to Master Vanagor's niece and nephew, so they would meet with her in the gardens of the tavern. While they would begin training, this session was also important because it would also mean introductions. Before jumping straight into actual lessons, she wished to know more about the teenagers.

    She arrived a bit earlier than the time set, greeted Tom and went to take place at a table that suited three patrons. She ordered some tea and waited for the padawans to show up.

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    Having gotten the message after an uncomfortable night of walking around the grounds knowing that everyone was looking at him funny, they weren't but he was a teenager with a double legacy, Kameron wasn't sure what to expect. Kayla was having a conversation with cousin Alyscia "Girl to Girl" so he wasn't sure what to do, so he walked around. He wasn't bothered, just a little lonely at the moment, it hit him that he didn't have the parents around, as much as they were "'rents" he missed them already. He missed his friends too. He didn't want to just bother Uncle Caltin who had already told him that his door was always open, he wanted to make his way on his own... he just didn't know how yet.

    So he slowly walked into the Tavern and smiled to the woman who sent the message. With a bit of shyness that's been there since he was once lost in a department store for ten minutes at the age of 4 he smiled weakly. Good Morning.


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        Kayla let most of the looks just fall by the wayside. It really didn't bother her because this was a life that wasn't quite accepted fully in her heart. So this was just acclimating and processing and having a great time tying up the holonet with her cousin Alyscia! There was plenty of incidental talk to past the time as she talked about Yavin and her cousin talked about the fun trip that Caltin sprung on her and before they could get to the juicy tidbits about her Uncle meeting someone, it was time to bid Alyscia goodbye!

        She powered down her personal terminal and grabbed her coat that her mother packed - wanting to make sure that her daughter was warm on the frigid moon. The walk was rather lonely and boring, not much to see but her eyes weren't ready to be opened just yet. Walking into the tavern, she saw Kameron beat her here and walked up to him.

        "Hello, bro." She then looked to Lorenza and smiled. Just because she was questioning herself, didn't mean she would be rude. "Hello, Master."

        It was the common greeting from Padawan to Master after all!


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          "Good morning, Kameron. Please, have a seat." Lorenza smiled to the teenager and soon his sister joined them. "Hello, Kayla. Please join us." She waited for both padawans to have taken place. Being called Master was weird for her. She didn't know whether she could get used to this.

          "As you expect, I am Knight Lorenza Pyrrin. I accepted to train both of you, but before we start proper lessons, I thought it would be good for all of us to get to know each other a bit."

          She took a sip from her tea, curious to know more about them. "You are my first students, so this will be a learning experience for me as well."


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            He had heard Kay' walk in and give her "I'm not doing well" address, she called him "bro" and never does unless she's having a rough time. Which made him feel bad, after all she is his sister. Then when the Jedi Knight had made her introductions she mentioned how it would be a learning experience for all of them. That is where it hit him, it all seemed to make sense as to why she was ceeling the way she was and he was feeling the way he was. She was here for him... at least he thought so.

            Thank you for taking us in, I hope to do you proud, but moreso I want to make my sister proud. She's here for me, I know she is even if she won't admit it. I've always been the flighty one, the dreamer who is following the bloodlin. Kayla here is the thinker, a lot smarter than me... but cares much more for others than herself. Then he looked her way.

            No matter what happens, I'm in your corner. I love you sis and am proud to be your brother. It's why I'm here to make you proud to be my sister. She would know the look in his eye, he wasn't fishing for compliments, or hugs, he was sincere.


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              She was heavily conflicted as she sat down, listening to her brother's declaration. Kayla really didn't like being put on the spot like this so much, not in regard to her feelings, in front of others. But she did understand where Kameron was coming from. Why he was doing this. The two of them were close with one another since as far back as she could remember but lately, Kayla had been keeping herself too preoccupied with being strong for him. He figured it out.

              "Thanks, Kameron. I love you too," she said truthfully, but left it that for now. Even with his sincerity, she wasn't still sold on being here with the Jedi and considered her master a stranger until she thought otherwise.


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                Being an empath, Lorenza could tell there was a lot more going on than the surface she could already see. She wasn't the kind to pry, even prior to her days joining the Jedi, somewhat by what she believed to be an accident.

                She felt the twins's honesty too and didn't say a word for a moment. "I didn't come here to become a Jedi myself in the first place." She explained to break the ice. "I came here believing only my daughter was Force sensitive. Turned out she got it from me. I wouldn't have thought back then that I would be here today, meeting with my first students."

                There was no hesitation in her tone at this point. She had come a very long way, but she felt that explaining how everyone had their own path to the Light Side was important.