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  • Snow Bound [Kameron]

    Morgana had thought that the repairs on her ship were only to take a few hours, but the mechanical diagnostic had been worse than expected. So she was stuck on Yavin VIII for at least a couple of days. The woman in her early thirties had managed to find a room in a nearby hotel away from the spaceport. The place was bloody chilly but it had nice landscapes.

    And she certainly hadn't packed clothes for this, but once she got used to the whipping cold, she was able to trot around a bit. After the night, the light sculptor had decided to go back to the mountain side tavern, she had discovered upon her arrival. It'd be the perfect place for breakfast! She was starving!

    Pushing the door, she blinked as she saw how crowded the place was. That wasn't expected at all. She was caught by surprise and didn't realize she was standing in the way, as she was trying to figure out where she could sit.

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    She wasn't the only one who had trouble finding a place to sit. Of course one of the others, a kid, was standing around, too shy to just take a seat that was open and by the time he worked up the courage to ask if one was taken, it was, by someone else. It was finally to the point where Tom had had enough and brought out empty stools from the back so that the two could have a seat.

    Uhh, thanks. He said to Tom, awkwardly letting the woman take one, then quickly claiming the other before someone else could claim his new prize.


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      Morgana hadn't even caught sight of the kid who had been standing not far behind her. She chuckled and gave a sheepish smile to Tom when he brought some empty stools. "Thanks, Tom!"

      She then saw the teenager and smiled as he let her take one. "Thanks." She nodded towards the crowded room. "It's only my second time here but I had no idea so many people could stop by for breakfast!"

      Chuckling, she grabbed the menu, before remembering her manners. She extended her hand to her new stool neighbour. "I'm Morgana."


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        I'm Kameron... He shrugged awkwardly, trying not to stare, she was eye-catching to him, but who wasn't at this point? People wanna call me "Kam", but I'm not sure I like it, it's okay for my dad... but... Realizing that he was beginning to ramble, he abruptly shut up. Then he realized that she had said something about the Tavern and how full it was. Yeah, everyone and their mother comes here in the morning.


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          Morgana was amused about the kid staring. She wasn't going to take offense about it, and she knew that her attire was probably weird for the weather, but she didn't care. "Pleasure, Kameron. You don't mind I use your full name? I'm sure you'll agree that I can't really look like your Dad." She winked.

          "Tom! I'll have a huge pot of caf and your breakfast special, please. I'm starving!" She looked at the teenager. "I'm an unexpected tourist, so not used to how things are here."


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            He wasn't staring at her clothing, he was staring at her features.

            STOP STARING, KAM!

            Realizing why he didn't stop looking at her, he dropped his chin and grabbed a glass of water sipping at it. Her joke about his dad made him laugh nervously, "Ares" was always one to make comments like that but he wasn't always sure that others could.

            I'll have one as well, but I'll go for nerf milk. He then shrugged at her comment about how things go. I just got here the day before yesterday. I only know what my uncle tells me, he's a Master here so I'm under that pressure.


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              Morgana grinned as she saw Kameron suddenly stop staring at her. It amused her. When he said when he had arrived, she nodded. "Landed here yesterday, trouble with my ship."

              She quirked a brow to what he said about his uncle. "I can see why it'd be tons of pressure. Family can be like that." Her parents had married against all odds, her mother from one of the biggest criminal families on her home world and her father's family was prestigious among bankers.

              "Can be even weirdest when you have a double legacy and you never know when people expect you to reject one side or embrace both."


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                Kameron became even more nervous as he could tell by her grin that she caught him catching himself staring. Oh well, just another person who thought he was a little kid, so he just shrugged it off. Then she mentioned the old "double legacy" and actually smiled himself at the thought. Waving his hand, he bobbed his head a little too. Yeah, Dad was head of all New Republic Military for awhile. I'm named after my granddad, former Old Republic/Empire/Rebel Alliance Admiral. His dad was a General, his dad wa... well you get the idea... he stopped, hoping he didn't sound arrogant. That made sense, right?


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                  Morgana thanked Tom as her pot of caf was brought before her. She happily poured herself a huge first mug. She quirked a brow at Kameron's explanation about his own family and double legacy.

                  "Republic leadership and Jedi Master in the family? No wonder you do have pressure. If you feel that you're doing what's right for you, it's fine." She smiled before taking a not so careful sip of the caf.

                  "I'm as much at ease in both sides of my family, but many outsiders think me as crazy if not worse than my parents. One side is a big name in the banking industry and the other a prominent crime family."


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                    That's just it. He took a sip from his milk and held his glass in a way that his mother would immediately see that something was bothering him, but no one her would recognize it yet. He had the pressure, but it was self imposed, sure, mom never wanted him to come here, she wanted him safe, but dad always said "it's your future to walk into". I'm not sure this is what I should be doing, but I know my dad felt the same way when he joined the military, and he excelled at what he did. Sorry I stared by the way, it was rude. You're just really pretty.


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                      Morgana was about to say something in regard to Kameron's path when he suddenly apologized for having stared, before complimenting her. "No apology needed. And thank you for the compliment." She gave him an appreciative smile. "Coming from a young man who'll probably make a few heads turn at the Temple, I take no offense." She was straightforward and tended to tell things as she saw them, even when it dragged her into trouble.

                      "I first went to study mathematics because I was good with numbers and being bankers' offspring, it made sense. I ended loving it, but it's not all I am, though this craft, this knowledge helps me in my creative work."


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                        "Turn heads"? She thought he was cute? HE HAD A CHANCE! Trying his hardest to not grin too widely, he knew he had a chance with an older woman! Right? Right? Nodding to Tom who had personally brought their breakfasts, he had gone to tear into his but stopped short, hearing the voice of his mother yelling at him to say "Grace". So he did quietly before beginning to eat more slowly. One thing she said had caught his ear as he ate. "Creativity work"?


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                          Maybe Morgana should have felt like some kind of maneater given how interesting her time on Yavin VIII was proving to be, but she didn't think like that. If she found someone interesting, she was willing to see how things could go. Maybe it was the bit of Zeltron blood in her veins. She always recalled her maternal grandmother telling her to own her choices and live the life she hoped for. That was why she hadn't opposed the marriage of Morgana's parents in the first place.

                          "I'm a Light Sculptor." She explained in between hearty bites from her food. "I've done this for more than a decade." She chuckled, not caring whether it showed she was in her thirties. "I get my ideas as much from equations as from sketches."


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                            A woman in her thirties thinks I'm cute! YEAH!

                            He was still taking away something from the conversation that wasn't being offered, but he was a teenage boy, what else could be expected? The thought of a sculptor was cool, really cool actually but he didn't really see how the math came into play. What he was wondering though was something that she was probably going to think was cute... at least he hoped so. How do you sculpt light?


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                              Morgana grinned to Kameron's question. She could get pretty passionate when talking about her art, though some people had found her to be plain annoying because she could be rather unstoppable!

                              "There is as much art as calculation in it, because you use the properties of light to shape your idea and get the right effect. Some are smaller than others, like the Corellian Flame Miniatures, but I tend to work on larger projects. Working with a space to create is a treat."