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    Kerrick didn't know what he was doing anymore. His world was completely upside down, and he had no idea what he was supposed to do. Inwardly, he no longer felt like being among the Jedi was the right thing for him. He didn't think being Force Sensitive was right for him. The force had managed to take everything from him that he cared about. One thing was certain, he couldn't be a Jedi and be with her. That point had been made very clear. They had tried but their lives kept pulling them in separate directions.

    Kerrick had seen so many drink their sorrows away before, so why not try for himself? Corellian Whiskey seemed to be the drink of choice when wanting to get completely wasted, so he got a bottle. The liquid burned all the way down, and the Padawan winced and gulped as it slid down his throat. Why did people do this again? Oh yeah because their girlfriends dumped them.

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    “Well... there’s a face I haven’t seen for a while.” Came the voice of Kerrick’s Master, Keeva Thymes as she plopped down at the table across from her. The blond haired Guardian had a sour look on her face, as she propped her elbow on the table, and rested her chin in her hand. She glanced down at the liquid in his glass and sighed.

    “I’ll have the same.” Keeva called out to the nearest wait-staff and waited until a second glass of whiskey was placed on the table. “Leave the bottle, and put it on my tab.” She added with a softer tone.

    “I believe I am familiar with that look, the drinking also gave it away. Now... I could pretend that it is only because you’ve been away for so long that you are worried about facing your old Master.... but I believe, given what I know about you, this is about a woman.”


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      It was once a month that the guards let Zeke come into the Tavern to mingle with his fellow Jedi. Today happened to be that day. As the former Sith walked into the tavern with the guards in tow, he then walked up to a table behind where Keeva and Kerrick were sitting. He didn't usually want to disturb anyone. Not in the slightest. If anything he usually waited till someone came to talk to him. That was just his way. There were times he would but, today wasn't one of them.

      The service droid came around and Zeke then gave him the order, "I'll have an ale, and I'll have also a bit of snacking food. Anything will be fine. I like to snack while I drink. You caught me at a rare moment. I'm actually drinking."

      He then chuckled and the droid did although it was programmed to laugh at times. Walking away the droid put in the order and Tom walked over to Zeke and put his hand on the man's shoulder. Zeke smiled up at him and the old owner then winked. They both had a chuckle before Tom spoke.

      "How ya doing, Zeke? Has it been a month already?" He said with a joking manner.

      "Yeah, seems like longer." The Padawan said with a smirk, "Being stuck in those cells does that to ya."

      "I bet. I'll get your order here in a moment. Figured I'd say hello." He said taking his hand off his shoulder.

      "Thanks, Tom. I appreciate it." Zeke said with a nod.


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        "It is," Kerrick said ignoring everything around him. "I will not lie about it."

        The voice of his master was somewhat of a scolding sound to him. Not because she was scolding him, but because he had been gone so long. He wondered if she even knew that he had snuck away to meet Asori at a winter ball. For now he was back, but Kerrick was seriously considering a change. How could he stay with the Jedi when they kept him from her.

        "I am finding I can't be a Jedi and have her. I don't know what to do."


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          Keeva frowned. It was the dilemma she knew would haunt him the moment she heard about this girl in their training sessions in the past. Kerrick’s mind was focused on her, in order to become a Jedi he would have to choose one or the other. Perhaps the Guardian was too narrow minded in the choice, but given her own experience it was best to put love aside.

          “It’s a choice only you can make. You love this girl, more so than becoming a Jedi?” She asked. “Would you follow her, be there for her even if she does things that are unimaginable to you? Could you follow her if she turns her back on you in the end?”

          Keeva sighed, looking at her student with a sorrowful look. “Listen Kerrick, i’m not the greatest with love, my love life was turned upside down and spat upon. In the end I knew that the Jedi is the only place I belong, to some I maybe hiding my feelings but I know in the end my life is to serve the galaxy. I’m to be the protector and guardian, that is where my love has moved to and I believe that is where I belong. But... it’s a hard life and not an easy on. You may not be ready for that road... I’m not going to sit here and tell you to lose the girl and be a Jedi. Instead... you need to find the answer yourself... maybe the Jedi isn’t the right choice for you.”


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            "It is only complicated for me because of who she is with," Kerrick stated simply before taking another drink. "Because she is Sith I have to choose. It is not fair. You at least found love here, despite what happened with that, you found a man here to love. I had to fall in love with a Sith, and even if I didn't love her, she would still be my best friend."

            Kerrick wasn't sure his master would ever understand. His friend was lost to him, and he to her, unless one of them left their faction to join the other. Kerrick knew Asori would never leave the Sith. That meant one thing. Kerrick would have to leave the Jedi, but was the relationship worth it? Could he stand by Asori's side if she committed great acts of terror?

            "I don't know Master, but please don't judge me by your experience. Not all of us can turn our back on the ones we love no matter how consumed by darkness they become."

            The statement wasn't fair, but neither was her suggestion that the Jedi had been a wrong choice for him. He was hurting so he lashed out.


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              As Tom walked off Zeke then chuckled for a moment before his order came. Sitting at his table he heard the dilemma that Kerrick had going on. Seemed like he was in a pickle at this point in his life. Hearing the whole conversation because they were right near him he didn't mean to eavesdrop. He just happened to be sitting right near them. As Zeke pondered what he'd do in that situation the Padawan then got up with his drink and walked to them. Standing by them he then waited till they finished speaking to one another.

              "If I may intrude...if she's a good friend then she's a friend. If you can love her for who she is then that is acceptance. Take it from me though, it's hard to be near someone who's done horrible things. Trust me, I have. Horrible things. I'm redeeming myself for them though. Slowly but surely though I am." Zeke said taking a sip before he spoke again, "If she's consumed by darkness then you must be the light to balance her out. Only then will she be truely human."

              He then shrugged. Maybe that wasn't the best advice but, given the guy was a Jedi he knew that he'd need to make the right choice for himself, like he did. Well, given the fact that Zeke was lied to into becoming a Sith for reasons that he would keep to himself for now.

              "But, being a Jedi is hard. It isn't the easy path like the Sith. Again, I know from experience." Zeke said then outstretched his hand towards Kerrick, "Name is Zeke Mantias. Former Sith, and, now Jedi Padawan."


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                “Kerrick, i’ll never judge you on your love choice.” Keeva said, trying to sound sincere, though coming from her it may sound more harsh. She smiled at Kerrick, envying him a little. Even though he had a difficult road a head of him, he hasn’t lost her yet. Maybe there was hope for him, for both of them.

                It was then, that Zeke came to them, Keeva listened to the Padawan. He had overheard their conversation. She was upset that he was eavesdropping on a private meeting between Master and student, it became clear that perhaps he can help Kerrick out more than she could. Moving aside, she gave Zeke room to take a seat at their table.

                “You fell in love with her when you were both children, right?” Keeva asked. “Before she became a Sith? Maybe Zeke is right... maybe you’re to be her light when she needs it most.”


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                  Overhearing the conversation going on, she understood this dilemma all too well and though it had been some time ago, she still remembered it like it was yesterday. Turning in the booth that she had claimed to do some reading, Kaie listened to Keeva and Zeke as they tried to offer their advice and hoped that Kerrick was listening. He was in love, at least he thought he was even though her life had taken her a different way.

                  She could also see that look in his eye as Kerrick spoke. "If it's meant to be then you have to be her anchor which means not giving up on the path you've chosen, not the one of destruction. Love will conquer all, but you have to be strong for her and not give up. Holding on with one hand to the rock while stretching out with the other to her. If she grabs it and you can pull her in, then it's meant to be," she shrugged, leaving the other option unsaid.