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  • *A new bar*

    Posted by Miryan no Trunks on 12-01-2002 11:21 AM:
    *A new bar*

    *The morning was beautiful, as few ever were. Deep blue skies unmarked but by the smallest of clouds, crowning a wondering mountain landscape.. The air was thin but clean, and looking around at the rest of the world, this was amazing..*

    *Sith Lord MnT stood atop the highest peak in the range, meditating.. It had been quite some time since he'd spent a night training in such a place, and he had enjoyed it fully.. However.. As with everything, it needed to end, for he was getting hungry.. Looking down at the neighboring town, MnT hoped they would have a restaraunt or some such place open, and began the long climb down..*


    *An hour and a half later, MnT walked upto, and through the doors of the tavern, and looked around.. Instantly he could feel the presence of the light, and he almost laughed aloud.. A Jedi bar, when was the last time he'd been in one of These? Well, it didn't matter.. It was not like he was here to stir up any trouble anyways, and besides, what was the chances any of them would know who he was? It was not like he'd made contact with any Jedi in Months, so the chance of being recognized was fairly slim.. But enough, it was time to eat..*

    Posted by Ceryx Os on 12-01-2002 09:33 PM:

    The temperature of the tavern was warm compared to the weather outside. It felt like a nice home warmed by a fire. The ambiance was very nice and no trouble seemed to lurk nearby.

    Ceryx Os was talking to the bar tender. He'd grown to be quite good friends with the tender since it had opened. Their chats were endless and sometimes pointless. Their conversations were mostly about women, politics, the malfunctioning droids, and current events at the Students of The Light.

    Ceryx had never really seen a 'real' Sith. There hadn’t been many sightings of them in a while. Ceryx knew that their intentions were not good, and he’d be able to stop them with the training he had gotten at the Students of The Light, if he ever saw a Sith that he had to fight. The Dark Side was just a simple curiosity to Ceryx, nothing more.

    Setting his elbow on the counter, the bar tender asked Ceryx:

    “Have you ever seen one of ‘em… A Dark Sider I mean…” The tender whispered this to him, as if he were scared someone would hear him.

    “I personally haven’t… But I’m ready for them. My Master has taught me well.” Ceryx replied.

    A strange person seemed to have entered the tavern quite silently. Ceryx only took a glimpse at him but suspected nothing. Ceryx was enjoying his conversation, and paid no attention to the one who had just entered the doors of the tavern.

    “Ceryx, can you do me a favor and get me the glass over there” The tender pointed at the glass across from where Ceryx was.

    Ceryx stood up, and crossed the path with the stranger who’d entered the tavern. Concentrating on where the glass was, Ceryx bumped in to the stranger who’s presence felt darker from close than from far.

    “I’m so sorry” Ceryx said, stumbling a bit.

    Posted by Miryan no Trunks on 12-02-2002 10:29 AM:

    *Watching the obvious Jedi in training walk up, bump into him, and bounce off-almost tipping over in the process had been rather amusing, and it was all MnT could do to stop himself from chuckling..*

    ... Don't worry about it, good luck with that glass..

    *It was just as obvious where the Jedi was concentrating his energies on, as that he was a Jedi at All, to the Sith Lord.. With a smile, he sat down at one of the nearby tables, and with a quick telepathic message to the bartender, asked for a menu..*

    Posted by Ceryx Os on 12-02-2002 08:46 PM:

    Ceryx quirked a brow as he continued his path toward the glass. How did the stranger know that he was going to fetch the glass? Was it that obvious? Ceryx shrugged and took the glass in his hand. Making his way back, Ceryx didn’t see the tender. He set the glass on the counter and looked around.

    Ceryx’s eyes fixed themselves on the tender who was tending the stranger. As the tender came back, Ceryx looked at him and asked:

    “He’s new around here, eh?”

    The tender smiled and continued doing his business tending the stranger.

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 12-05-2002 09:59 AM:

    Aura ambled measureably into the tavern, her emerald eyes skirting the occupants. The last time she had ventured at the Inn she was attacked by the Sith Master known as Lynch, whom had now marked her twice, the first time at Rama's Corner, the infamous Sith tavern.

    She had spent countless hours meditating out his connection with her while recuperating in med-bay, but had it been enough to counter his encompassing power over her? Sensing her padawan and the Darksider, the Jedi Master sauntered over to Ceryx's vicinity, paying no heed to the Sith unless he introduced himself. Though his dark signature was clearly evident, he posed no threat and harbored a sense of honor.

    "And how are you today, Ceryx? Be wise with your words with that man, my padawan. Yes, he is a Sith. I would expect of a high rank, perhaps a Lord. He has honor, but is still a follower of the dark doctrine. In time, you will be able to detect Life Forces as I have. You are the closest to obtaining the rank of Knighthood of all my students," she beamed, proud of his training progress.

    "Have you any questions about the Sith? Oh yes, I have fought many in my time." She sighed while taking a seat across from him, ordering glacial water from a passing droid.

    Posted by Miryan no Trunks on 12-05-2002 06:18 PM:

    *Looking throughout the laminated menu, MnT was hard-pressed to decide on anything, So much sounded good, and the prices were far from expensive.. However, as someone new entered the bar, his thoughts were interrupted..*

    *Looking up, her presence in the force was enough to tell him that she was a Jedi Master, but there was something odd... Watching her aura, it seemed normal for a Jedi of such strength, but there was something else... Deep inside it, almost in direct outline of her, was a thin dark red line... Concentrating on it, MnT was further surprised.. It had the same presence in it as that of Jedah Lynch... How could That be?*

    *She walked over to the assumed Padawan, and began talking, but far from quietly enough that he couldn't hear.. She knew that he was a Sith, he'd have been surprised if she hadn't, and she was right about his rank.. How she picked up on his sense of honor was intriguing, but not enough to capture away his attention..*

    ... Hmm...

    *Perking up his ears moreso when she suggest her apprentice ask her any questions she may have about the Sith, MnT smiled.. It would be amusing to hear just what delusions this one carried about him and his kind, for he'd heard some rather interesting ones in his time.. Before he could reply, MnT wove the tendrills of psychic energy required to speak telepathically across the room and into their minds, before whispering a message into their thoughts..*

    "... Have no worry about me, Jedi, I am indeed Sith, but I'm not here to start a fight.. Simply enjoy a meal, if you Would have words with me, feel free.. If not, then I apologize for this interuption, please carry on.."

    Posted by Talisa on 12-05-2002 07:32 PM:

    *Talisa felt the presence of darkness in the tavern and nearly cringed, remained calm. It was apparent he only came here to have a meal and not start any trouble. She kept her eye out for any suspicious behavior and continued about her business in silence.*


    Posted by Aura StarRider on 12-06-2002 08:54 AM:

    Erecting a brow as the Sith Lord's thoughts seized her conscious, Aura nodded to Ceryx as she picked up her glass and made her way over to MnT, and bowed to him offering the polite gesture.

    "Hello, I am Jedi Master Aura StarRider...You seem to have me at a disadvantage, sir Sith..I am ascertaining you know more of me, than I of you. I sense something in you. Have you any affiliation with the Sith Master known as Lynch?" She felt he was his apprentice, yet voiced her inquiry nonetheless.

    Posted by Miryan no Trunks on 12-06-2002 05:36 PM:

    *Returning her bow as best he could whilst sitting, MnT offered her a seat with the gesture of moving one out for her, and replied..*

    ... T'is a pleasure to meet you, Mistress StarRider, I myself am Sith Lord Miryan no Trunks.. All I know of you is that which I can read from your aura and force presence, so I can't imagine there's anything of the likes with Me that you couldn't pick up upon.. As for Master Lynch, No, I'm not his apprentice.. The most I'm affiliated with him is through occassional conversation, and him dragging my bloodied body to the medical facilities once or twice..

    *He chuckled as he spoke the last bit.. It was true, two or three times now, the Sith Master had been there as he was hauled off to be healed. Once he was even the cause of it, though MnT held no ill feelings about it at all..*

    Posted by Ceryx Os on 12-06-2002 07:36 PM:

    "No questions that I can think of yet, Master." Ceryx replied.

    Ceryx got the message from the Sith. It was a bit odd for Ceryx to see a Sith actually communicating with Jedi when they despise them. The Sith was not creating chaos, therefore he deserved the respect he gave them.

    As Aura approached the Sith and introduced herself to him, Ceryx followed.

    "I am Ceryx Os. Master Aura's Apprentice."

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 12-07-2002 12:21 PM:

    Aura nodded to the Sith Lord taking a seat at his table.

    "Lynch could have killed me twice. I have become more attuned with the Force, so I would expect upon our next meeting it may not go in his favor. Alas a confrontation with him one would not desire...maybe not even a fellow Sith," she smiled in jest, as she recalled MnT's story of his encounter with the Sith Master.

    Averting her attention to Ceryx, Aura met his gaze.

    "In your future travels as a Jedi Knight, you may not find a Sith as accomodating, my padawan. I would expect this tavern serves as a neutral ground. It is advantageous we make the best of it."

    "Miryan no Trunks..Is it true the Sith Empire will attack this academy?" She asked confidentially, passing her scrutiny back to the Sith Lord.

    Posted by Miryan no Trunks on 12-08-2002 10:49 AM:

    ... My greetings, Ceryx. You seem to have chosen well when it comes to who you're taught by.. And Lady StarRider.. I do not know of your prowess as a warrior, so I couldn't give the best guess of how such an encounter would fare.. However, I believe you have my story mixed up.. He has been the cause of my body being brought to the medbays bloodied, but that was because we had been sparring when I first reached the rank of Knight. He didn't hold back, and I thank him for it. It was a good lesson for me, on learning to react more efficiently in new situations.

    *With a smile, he continued..*

    ... And no, it's not likely you'd find many, if Any other Sith like I, in that regards.. I may not believe in the path you Jedi take, or the beliefs of how the universe should be, that you harbour, but I respect those who can fight.. You see, I am a martial artist, and I believe strongly in honor through battle.. As for your question, I do not know, and you know as well as I, Lady StarRider, that even if I Did, saying so to you or Any Jedi would mark me as a traitor to the Sith..