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  • Schizophrenia

    Posted by Loki on 11-17-2002 01:26 PM:

    A young man, more than likely not over the age of 22 walked somberly into the Mountain Side Tavern, there was remorse in his eyes but confidence in his gait. His aura seemed to be that of light, but covered in shadow, so only a shade of grey remained.

    "A bottle of Naboo peach cider and a frosted mug please..." He requested from the server droid. He was dressed as a transient, ne'er-do-well, a wanderer if you will. His long, shaggy, dirty blond hair was a tangle of curls and what-not. His hands seemed stained, but his fingernails were suprisingly clean. A shadow seemed to follow him, it was not quite in sync with his motions, but that was only discernible to the most observant of eyes.

    He picked out a table towards the back of the establishment, for he hated booths, only one way in and one way out, he liked more choices than that. Pulling a chair out he took the opened bottle of cider and poured it into his chilled mug, a mist appeared above the serving glass as the lukewarm liquid made contact with the frigid glass.

    Casually he lifted the cup to his lips, smelling the intoxicating aroma of the cider, it smelled like over-ripe peaches on a brisk fall morning. It reminded him of his childhood and his days in the Royal Orchards with his father, his eyes seemed to water as him fell victim to a moment of nostalgia. Slowly he took a healthy swig from his cool mug, the liquid was not as warm as it had been when he poured it, but there was a different fire to take it's place, the burning sensation of alchohol as it ran down the back of his throat.

    T'is a fine cider indeed... He thought as he took another drink. The drink was not strong, but it did the trick, it put the other prescense in his mind to sleep. No longer did the young noble from Rannon known as Loki sit at the table, it was now Vincent Cina, a once happy child and crown Prince of Nisa.

    His aura seemed to be a much lighter shade of grey...

    Posted by Talisa on 11-17-2002 03:20 PM:

    The young woman was sitting at a far table in the back when she saw the man enter. There was indeed something about him that intrigued her. Somehow she could feel a shadowy aura surrounding him, but that of a lighter side as well. She kept to herself though, choosing not to disturb him and returned to her drink.


    Posted by Loki on 11-21-2002 09:48 AM:

    Vincent continued to consume his drink, he wanted as much time to himself as possible. He had much to consider, much to think about. He had his own morality, his own soul at stake here, could he become a lightsider, had he stained himself too much?

    "Barkeep another bottle please..." The young blonde prince requested. His voice was soft and sad, like a child who had shamed his parents with his actions.

    What have I done...

    Posted by Talisa on 11-25-2002 06:02 PM:


    The woman stood and removed herself from the table, heading for the exit. Perhaps it was a bad time to enter... She could feel a conflict within him, much like the conflict within herself, but that would soon be taken care of. Striding out the door, Talisa began to walk toward her quarters to clear her mind.