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    Posted by Journey Skylar on 11-03-2002 07:17 PM:
    Childhood Friends

    Jedi training, though rewarding in the serene joy it provided, was a rigorous undertaking and Padawan Journey Skylar was therefore very thankful for the relaxing environment that the Mountain Side Tavern provided. From her seat at a window-side booth, she gazed admiringly out upon the mountain range that loomed against the lavender and rose streaked sky, each rocky giant framed in the orange glow of the sunset. Gardens of jasmine and plumeria grew naturally over the lush green landscape, waving gently in the whisper of an evening breeze, so fragrant that their sweet scent penetrated even the tavern walls. Such inspirational beauty graced the planet that it seemed as if it was created for the very purpose of glorifying the Light.

    As lovely as the Temple and everything around it were, the Princess missed her homeworld of Noriah. She missed the springs of crystal water and the endless fields, empty except for the tigerlillies that sprung wild and untamed in their grassy stretches. She missed her parents and the beautiful palace that she had grown up in. A part of her-- a part that still exercised the emotions of a young child-- longed to return home. A Jedi should have no reservations, she reprimanded herself silently. Despite being homesick, Journey was honored to be on the path to becoming a Jedi, and she was fully devoted to her development in the Force, no matter how long it may take. Even so, it was nice to have a fellow native from Noriah there with her to talk to and recall the joyful memories of growing up with. She smiled to herself, patiently awaiting the arrival of her childhood friend, Heaven Epiphany.

    Posted by Heaven Epiphany on 11-04-2002 08:49 PM:

    Delicate hands glided along the smooth walls of the tavern, her booted feet shuffling against the floor incase something may be in her way. Soft hazy blue eyes stared off in the distance, a serene smile upon the young girls face. A peaceful aura sorrounded the padawan as she approached the bar and softly inquired about her friend, Journey Skylar.
    With the help of a guiding hand, she eventually made her way across the room and sank into a seat across from her princess and fellow Noriahan. Her slender hands folded across the curve of her belly that was growing larger with each week, her fit, slender frame almost looking absurd with carrying such a large weight.
    "Your majesty"
    Heaven addressed her friend respectfuly, it had been sometime since the two young woman had talked and she just wasn't quite sure if Journey no longer liked to be addressed informaly.

    Posted by Journey Skylar on 11-08-2002 12:37 AM:

    Journey laughed good-naturedly. "Lady Heaven," she returned, equally prim and proper. "There is no need for formalities, anymore," she suggested, assuming a more natural tone. "I'm glad that you are here! You are like a sister to me... I missed you so much when you left Noriah. It is so wonderful to see you again." Journey waved imperiously at a waiter droid that stood near the fountain in the center of the building. "I hear they have wonderful food," she commented as the robotic waiter bustled over.

    "What may I get you?" the silver protocol droid asked as he handed the two young women menus. "We have a prime special today, succulent raylon fish drenched in a light wine sauce..."

    "That sounds good," Journey nodded as she returned her menu. After Heaven had placed her order and the droid vanished into the crowd, Journey turned back to her friend. "So, how is your training going? And when is the baby due?"

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    "I'll have the same."

    Heaven dipped her head in a respectful nod to the waitress, offering a serene smile before she returned her attention to Journey.

    "I missed you greatly while I was away my heart sister."

    She grinned, using the word both girls had come up with earlier in their friendship..that had been what? 11 years ago almost...

    "To be honest with you Journey, I wasn't aware that I missed you so...I'd forgotten everything of Noriah..well..made myself forget I suppose. The time between my father's death and now is a time I will never forget, yet a time I will cringe upon each time I think of it. One single person was my saving grace, and I do hope to see him again soon."

    A smile spread upon her lips, lighting up her delicate features. She didn't go on however, simply answered Journey's question and inquired as to how her friend was.

    "The child is due in a month. My training is going quite well..thank you. And how about you Journey? How is your training? and Noriah? How can it be coping with out you?"