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    Posted by Lynch on 08-08-2002 02:55 AM:
    Dark Green Knives

    What dank little worm infested hole had he managed to find this time.

    So many worlds, so many places and this place stank of a smell that offended his senses. Many bars smelled of vomit, urine and un bathed patrons who wore enough of their meals and beverages upon them as the dirt that collected and stuck to their clothing. Depending on the establishment the very glasses might be dirty and filthy with the only cleaning being given to them when they were filled with whatever richly alcoholic liquid was poured into them.

    This place was not a place of scum and filth that so many low class bars were like. Even despite the mostly clean surroundings save for the tables still littered with food or drink and dirt on the floors this place had another “shine” to it that bothered the man.

    His green eyes cut through the interior like knives trying to piece it all together.

    Sitting at a table on the side of a wall he looked out from underneath his cowl, his eyes scanning for anything to settle his nagging senses. His life, now undead as it were although still moving was one of constant battles, wars and death. The darkness was his life, so very much was he a predator among sheep ready to cull the herd at a whim.

    From those eyes he looked and waited.

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 08-08-2002 08:18 PM:

    His malicious signature was clearly evident, riding the crisp currents of the pure mountain air. Aura trekked to the tavern frequented by the Students of the Light, a russet robe enshrouding her identity. Aura knew who was waiting for her, and what he wanted; like the dragon awaiting his prey, delighting in the torture of its impending victim.

    It had been several months since their last meeting at Rama's Corner, which almost ensued with her premature demise at his hands. Why the Sith Master had spared her life, poses an enigma the Jedi Knight would soon discover.

    Opening the door of the cabin, their eyes fixated on one another as she pulled down her hood, revealing herself as his past quarry. There is no emotion; there is peace. Countless times she had recited this part of the Jedi code while faced with a formidable enemy, as its calming words dispelled any fear and anxiety.

    "Jedah Lynch. . .so we meet again. And what brings you to this corner of the galaxy? I doubt you have arrived here on holiday."

    She stood there briefly before taking a seat by the winged demon. What ever his purpose for the visit, now the truth of their past encounter would be finally revealed.

    Posted by Lynch on 08-10-2002 06:18 PM:

    Instinctively his eyes went upward to meet her entrance, he knew when she was about to enter the bar. Following her path as she moved towards him he had not reacted in any way to incite a battle, not yet. Dark blood red gauntlets lining his arms to his hands clasped over an drink he had ordered. Drinking from the cup he placed it back down as she spoke. Leaning back in his seat he locked his eyes onto hers.

    “People do travel.”

    Short response. He had no intention to give her another clue to what he was doing here, why give so freely answers to questions a person might seek. “So many people around here...pity they waste their lives helpless. How much of them have any time left do you think?”

    Giving her a grin as his cowl dropped over his eyes he chuckled.

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 08-12-2002 06:38 PM:

    "Your endless campaign to procur an innocent's life and the Jedi whom serve them, that is the waste in your words, and the corrupt foundation for your twisted concepts, forever ensnarled in a black soul of ruin. As long as there are Jedi, we will protect whom you seek to devour."

    Aura ordered mineral water from a passing droid as she momentarily avoided his sinister gaze.

    "Tell me, Sith Master...Why am I still alive after our first encounter at Rama's Corner? For one who has pledged to eradicate the Jedi, a known enemy sits before you, still breathing and growing stronger in the Force each passing day."

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 08-13-2002 11:36 PM:

    **She was not truly surprised the Jedi had not taken notice of her. Perhaps it was the fact the Sith Master's presence was overpowering and strong, the darkness oozing from his every pore. Or, perhaps it was the fact she was still small, was dressed all in black, and while walking behind her Master, had fallen into his shadow. Not that it mattered now, the young girl liked not being noticed by such a creature as the one Master Lynch had spoken to. The whole place was too bright, it hurt her eyes and there was something about it all that just made her uncomfortable anyway, but watching the woman as she spoke to her Guardian was enough entertainment to make everything else seemingly vanish.
    Takai sat next to the imposing Sith Master, watching the woman carefully with deep, lifeless violet eyes. Her curiosity was sparked by the woman so unlike anyone else she had ever met, though the Jedi faintly reminded the young girl of her twin brother.**

    Posted by Lynch on 08-19-2002 08:06 PM:

    “You should get this unhealthy obsession with these things you call Sith checked out. It is impeding your judgement and rationality. I’m afraid that one bite has warped your thinking.”

    Grabbing the mineral water as the waiter walked to their table with the order the Sith held up the glass in front of him, looking at the woman through the water Lynch smiled.

    “Does a king kill a single servant on a whim when he can beat the man into total obedience over time. I am sure you have seen how a cat plays with its food, how the mighty rule over the weak by domination. Such too is what you shall fall under. You will kneel before me and swear fealty such will be your destiny”

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 08-22-2002 08:08 AM:

    Regulating the control over her anger at his arrogant assertions became a trying ordeal for Aura, yet with her attunement with the Lightside she paid no heed to his audacious retorts.

    "You pilfered my memory at our first introduction, ingested most of my blood, and attacked me with lightning. I have every right to judge what is the truth of your defiled existence. Your assailment on me only rendered me more culminated with the Lightside, so you have failed in your calculations of what has eventuated."

    She then allowed a slight grin to tug at her features.

    "You underestimate the Jedi, blind one. But hold tightly onto the dreams of your illusions, if it so brings you pleasure, for they shall never come to pass as a future actuality."

    Posted by Lynch on 08-26-2002 07:53 PM:

    A battle of wills, a battle of views, such was this and more than that. There was a hostility and he could see its fires burning in her eyes even if she did her best to hide it. Hostility, hatred, anger...such were things to encourage.

    “Oh the twist of fates in their grand equation have no much planned for you, in your noble profession you shall rescue the hurdled masses and protect the weak from their own foolishness. How your name will ring out in the Heavens, can you not hear them already whispering your name.”

    Shaking the mineral water back and forth in his palm he spilled some of its contents out on the floor.

    “How your name will ebb down the chains of time like a constant stream. The glory. The fame. The prestige. The noble Jedi. Is that not what its all about.”

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 08-30-2002 12:48 AM:

    **Watching her master speak and toy with the Jedi amused her greatly. And although she was finding immense enjoyment in this lesson, her face was still blank and still as if she were a little doll at the Sith Master's side. Though, as she sat there, the few patrons in the place that noticed her and were unlucky to make eye contact with the child quickly looked away as a wave of unease passed over them.**

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 09-07-2002 09:33 AM:

    "You have much to learn about us Sith Master. Fame, is not what we quest for. Personal sacrafice is not uncommon amongst my kind. What you speak of are the desires of the Sith, not the Jedi," she countered, unstirred by his verbal assault, as she added further to the conversation.

    "Enjoying my water? I would have thought a Sith of your caliber would have more entertaining things in mind, diabolic in nature, no doubt."

    Posted by Lynch on 09-09-2002 01:56 PM:

    “Oh little Jedi little Jedi, how you misunderstand I not but like the sparrow who catches the worm, not like a wolf who hunts lesser animals than itself to consume and live on to sustain life. Such is their nature, such is their cause and here you are....unsure of mine and condemn me so readily. Is this the open mindness the Jedi preach? Their fairness and kindness equal too?”

    Taking a look at the glass, its contents partly drained from spilling it the Sith let a fake grin shine at the edge of his lips. “Water is so many species it gives them the basic elements of existence. Such an innocent do so think I’am an evil thing do you not? Tell you condemn species whose religious and social ways end with their continued survival over that of another?”

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 09-10-2002 04:16 PM:

    "Your twisted conceptions are ludicrous. You kill for blood as it sustains your existence. This I can understand. But you toy with your victims, torture them, and seek pleasure in ther destruction and pain. A wolf and a sparrow kill because they must to survive. They gain no form of aberrant satisfaction on taking a life. It is merely instinct. Don't preach to me the Jedi ways, Sith Master. The only reason you spared my life months ago is so you didn't lose your play toy, thus depriving yourself of a future entertainment. I have news for you Lynch, I have grown stronger than before our last encounter in Rama's," Aura debated, her eyes cool and calculating.

    Posted by Lynch on 09-20-2002 06:38 PM:

    “Ah little song bird how you chirp.”

    Locking his eyes that burned with an inner darkness he smirked.

    “Play thing? Do you think your worthy to be my play thing? I do not know if your up to the task of being my play thing, you might not have the skill nor endurance to keep up to my way of life. You boast about you’ve grown in power and accuse me of again being one of these Sith..tsk tsk my dear, tsk tsk. I always knew the Jedi were power mongers who prided themselves on being better than most of the lower beings in their presence. I did not know however they were so deluded.”

    Chuckling he gave her a mocking stare.

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 09-21-2002 08:21 AM:

    Aura locked eyes with this heinous apperition, his eerie glowing green eyes almost mesmermized her as they attempted to bore through her conscious, yet her mind block held like Mandalorion armor, rebounding his bold attempt.

    "I grow stronger only to serve the innocent slaughtered by you and your dissillusioned fledglings. Pride, is a Sith attribute. We do not boast of power. We are selfless in our actions to protect the weak. Do not place words on my tongue you have no comprehension of. You have faltered in your trials of never to obtain an accurate accumulated knowledge of our kind. What it is to be a Lightside warrior you could never fathom. A savior of justice, a guardian of the oppressed. I am weary of this debate. You see things as an instrument of evil could only ascertain, and nothing I can say will ever sway your contorted beliefs infesting your decayed soul."

    Aura glanced at the young dark haired girl, sensing a coldness and evil signature, as she speculated she was one of his apprentices.

    "So now you corrupt the children I see. Tell me, how low can you actually sink at lowering yourself to such perversions?"

    The Jedi Knight spoke intrepidly to the Sith Master. If her chafing retorts bruised his towering ego, then she could only expect a physical altercation may ensue, but would be ready for him this time.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 09-21-2002 02:47 PM:

    **A slight smirk was the initial reaction to what the Jedi had said. **

    "He did nothing. "I was born this way..."

    **Her voice was soft, quiet, emotionless yet filled with a venomous sting that cut through the air.
    After she had spoken however, she said nothing else and let her gaze return to the table in front of her.**

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 09-21-2002 03:41 PM:

    "Born to evil? I think not. I can only visualize how you were corrupted at your early years into made to think such misconceptions as fact. Have you have never known the loving embrace of your mother or father, or even your mentor? A Sith cannot offer these things without the greeds of obsession or passion saturating their desires. True untainted love can only be felt by the tender touch of ones not stained of the atrocities of unmerciful acts. One is born innocent. It is outside influence that debauchs this grace."

    Aura turned from the youth as she ordered a Corellian ale, shaking her head in disgust at the thought of minors being misguided and led by the power lusting Sith. She studied the amber brew, its golden luminence reminding her of a lake she used to swim at on her home planet Corellia, adorned by the blazing sun skimming its tranquil blue waters, golden shimmering specs dancing in unison as the waves caressingly navigated them about, accompanied with the invigorating breeze that was so welcomed on a blistering summer's day.

    Posted by Lynch on 09-21-2002 06:01 PM:

    “You do so chirp endlessly little bird. Chirp.”

    Running his index finger across the table he than studied what dirt he had picked up as he gave a look of non interest.


    Holding up the glass he shook it several times.


    With a sudden thrust of his arm outward he hurled the glass with its remaining water opposite the room to shatter against the wall. The sound of glass shattering as shards were sent forth nearly avoiding two patrons who were seated opposite of each other at a table who promptly jumped up from their seats quite startled.


    A low mocking laugher devoid of any true emotion escaped his lips. “The child is breed of darkness by agents of darkness and serves the darkness. I merely guild the dear child through these turbulent times of strife and war throughout the cosmos. I suppose you would rather see her abandoned, tossed aside to the wilds and deprivation of humanity or worse. Is that what you want? Is that what you desire? You so condemn what we do, yet is what you ask any less perverse or corrupt? Or do you think your ideology so beyond and righteous that You must always be right. Ah yes....the Jedi....always right, even if their actions result in causalities and death of the innocent. What generous and benevolent creatures you Jedi be. I bow to your cause and unholy reign of terror you fascist impose on so many due to their beliefs just because it does not fit in with your own mind set.”

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 09-21-2002 09:49 PM:

    "Bark..bark..bark..Your incessant howling is your most annoying quality.
    So, the child was seeded from an abomination of a cryptic nature. Then by all means, nurture it.

    Bark Bark. . . wolf from hell.

    Jedi respect all life, but I find this part of the code distasteful at times. Again you transport words in my mouth which have not transpired. I never said the Jedi are above all in a righteous tribunal of right and wrong. We only seek knowledge and service for protection. You Sith are the antagonists of morality! We serve the justified populace! Of course some die from our actions to thwart disaster..ONLY because YOU and YOUR kind seek RETRIBUTION against us! You are a hypocrite Lynch! It is YOU whom seems to have to be always JUSTIFIED and CORRECT in your endless campaign of declarations!" Aura sighed as he succeeded in releasing her anger, forcing her to dive deeply into a meditative trance to compose her serenity.

    "I see your bite did make an impact on my control. Pleased with yourself DEMON?!"

    Aura turned from him as she decided she wanted no more of this one sided conversation and prepared to depart the premises.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 09-22-2002 12:04 AM:

    **A soft giggle was heard from the little girl. The Jedi's sudden outburst amused her greatly. It reminded herself of the expression on the doctor's face the day she had been born, when everyone believed her to have been stillborn. But then her eyes had opened, and locked on the doctor that had been leaving the room, the door had slammed shut on his fingertips, causing him to loose them.
    She continued to giggle for a few more seconds before suddenly stopping herself, suddenly curious as to what the Jedi would have thought if she had known that. Perhaps she would change her mind and understand that some people simply were not born to be "good"**

    Posted by Lynch on 09-24-2002 09:01 PM:

    Sitting back as the woman began to leave he had to admit to himself, he was very pleased. The docile little lamb had shown her fangs as she erupted for that brief moment. A great moment indeed. The Jedi despite ignoring the acknowledgment due to their foolish pride often did not bother to show how they really felt nor their feelings. They were afraid. Afraid of what they might become. Afraid they might become like him..

    “ I dont think so.”

    Holding up a arm with his palm held open a table shook and flew to the door pinning the exit before she could leave. “Apparently you have ghost in this establishment...maybe your little outburst woke them up...don’t you think”

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 10-04-2002 02:29 PM:

    Aura sighed expecting to never escape his presence.

    "My thoughts are of no consequence to a Sith. The apperition is you, a putrifying Dark messenger of ill fate. If you think you can turn me, then by all means try. Or are you just going to sit there and play as an amusing hologram for your child fledgling you have tucked under your proverbial wing? They are wings, are they not? Or are they wasted appendages? All you do is talk about your precious Sith concepts, Lynch. I have innocents to save and padawans to train, now if you would excuse me."

    Aura raised her hand as the table slid out of her way at an accelerated speed to its original location, as if it were never stirred.

    Posted by Lynch on 10-07-2002 04:14 PM:

    Leaping up to his feet the diabolical Sith made his way towards the Jedi, he could sense her annoyance, her repulsion at what he was despite his denials and words. From his back his wings rose out to hang out from his side as he stepped behind the woman grabbing her about the wrist and forcefully hauling her back to him, holding the back of her body to the front of his, he wrapped his wings about her trapping her firmly against him.

    Brushing his hand against her cheek he whispered into her ear. “Ah my dear, how you are wrong. Surely you know it despite your protest. You know from your dreams that you desire a life free from the bonds of this blasphemous order and its code. Your soul cries out to be let free from its chains that bind it to a foul and arcane group who’s purpose is never to be achieved. I have seen your dreams, this life is not the one you want.”

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 10-12-2002 01:48 PM:

    The brush from his hand sent an ample shiver through her body. She let her free hand touch his wing, surprised at its power and softness. Odd how something so beautiful could be so deadly and evil.

    "It is you who has been infesting my dreams after that first bite upon my throat at Rama's. You knew it would create a sort of bond between us, yet I fight your control and domination everyday. I shall never give in. The code is my life."

    Spinning around to face her adversary, she dared to elevate her scrutiny into electric-green eyes that were burrowing within the confines of her structured existence, attempting the bold undertaking of the dissection of her mind, piece by piece to exterminate what she was and stood for, a Jedi Knight, guardian of peace.

    "Please, don't do this. You know I find you attractive, and this passion I secretly harbor forces me to meditate on hours at end to eradicate it from my conscious being, till you beckon me again at my night time's retreat to call me like I was your possession."

    She found herself leaning her head against the hollow of his left shoulder smoothing her face into his wing, then backed away as she found it was pleasureable and alluring.

    "Stop it...You do not know what you are doing. Why can you not free me from this daily torment? Lest the stab from your blade would prove less an excruciating ordeal, then ripping the inner core of my essence."

    Posted by Lynch on 10-21-2002 02:09 PM:

    Grinning first then wearing a smile that held a darkness behind it he bore his green eyes into her own and brought a hand up to her face, his fingers tracing her cheek and her lips. “You can not stop the inevitable, all that you are will not be what you will be, you can only give in, only surrender, there is no hope for the damned and you are poisoned. Fight the fates and you will only meet your own end.”

    Rising his hands up to her face to cover her eyes he closed them and brought her body to his hard and tightly, moving her head to one side exposing her neck he moved his mouth forward, his lip licking her tender flesh as his mouth opened wide revealing his sharp fangs that bite into her causing her whole body to shudder, a gasp rising from her lips.

    Holding her tight he drank of her blood as he held her to him feasting on her essence until at last he had his fill, running two of his finger across his mouth wiping the blood free he pressed the traces of her own blood to her lips and lowered her back to a table where she could lay upon it, her strength being severely weakened and no doubt her will and spirit being further tainted by his dark kiss.

    Leaning down over her on the table he moved his lips to her ear. “All that will be will be as it is written to be and I shall be seeing you in your dreams more yet until you at last bow before your Master as you know you shall........”

    Rising back and moving to one table the Sith Master vampyre picked up one glass of wine that sat on a table and drank its contents before letting the glass to fall from his finger tips to shatter on the floor in many shards. Motioning to Takai he gestured her for the time to leave and pushed open the door to the bar and looked back with a twisted smile only once and was then gone.

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 11-06-2002 09:50 AM:

    With her vision blurred, emerald eyes fading fast seemingly drained of life, she spoke softly to the Sith Master, "Jedah Lynch, you may drink of my blood, but you cannot stave the Force of Light fueling my spirit," Aura's final notation trailed off into a dismal blanket of abstract dreams as she called upon Daunte, via the Force, her newest padawan learner, a once prominent stormtrooper Captain, acutely aware his experience in warfare would be her best choice in the matter of her survival.

    "My padawan, I need your help, I have been attacked by the Sith Vampiric Master, I must...Daunte...," her silenced link cut off into a void of nothingness as she lapsed into a hibernation trance, slowing her heartbeat and metabolism to thwart the hunger of death's magnetic web.

    Posted by Daunte Aidán on 11-06-2002 10:46 AM:

    "Breath in..."

    Lungs filled

    "Breath out"

    Empty lungs.

    Daunte Aidan, the former stormtrooper, found himself in his quarter, performing some relaxion excercises, when all of a sudden something interrupted his concentration.

    "My padawan, I need your help, I have been attacked by the Sith Vampiric Master, I must...Daunte..."

    How was this possible? A voice inside the ex-imperial's head? What's this? Just another mistery of the force, yet to be unravled by Daunte.

    No time to waste, his master was in trouble and in need of him. In a heartbeat he was out of his room, and on his way to the tavern. On his way out he had grabbed a small med kit, found on a secret compartment of his Stormtrooper armor. Many were wounded in battle, and that kit, prooved to be useful more than once. It should prove so, again.

    As soon as he got there, Daunte could see his master in need. Many people were there, staring, not knowing what to do, paralayzed in terror. Unlike them, Daunte approached swifly knowing exactly what to do.

    First thing, was grab her wrist with his index and middle finger to check her pulse. "Nothing..." He gently placed his ear on her chest, no heartbeat could be heard, much blood she had lost.

    He then grabbed a small mirror and placed it right under her nose, it blured..."Eureka, she's breathing..."

    He then looked at the wound. "Damn, I can not apply a tourniquet here, she needs medical attention right away..." A small gauze was taken out of the small med kit, torn in two, and quickly pushed into the injury, just like a cork is pushed into a bottle of wine to prevent the liquid from comng out, hopefully that would stop the bleeding for a bit.

    He then placed his right arm under her neck and his left arm under her knees. He stood up and carried her. They were on their way to get the medical attention that she needed.