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A New Day Has Come

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  • A New Day Has Come

    Posted by Tessa Rendahl on 08-09-2002 08:20 PM:
    A New Day Has Come

    :: Tessa walked into the bar and looked around. She hadn't gotten the chance to meet anyone aside from Jedi Knight Aura StarRider. Perhaps tonight she could meet some other fellow Jedi. She took a seat at a small booth by a window which overlooked the scenic mountain range and then picked up the menu to see what she would order ::

    Posted by Wurzel on 08-10-2002 05:05 PM:

    A man with a long black hood, you could hardly see his face, axcept two deep brown eyes, telling about suffering and pain, he said with a hard, cold, but yet some warm, voice:" May I take a seat, my lady?" and looks at her.

    Posted by Tessa Rendahl on 08-10-2002 05:12 PM:

    :: Her dark eyes looked up at the man, although she did not recognize him from the Training Dojo ::

    "I'm sorry, but I am waiting for my fellow Jedi of the Students of the Light. Perhaps another time."

    Posted by Wurzel on 08-10-2002 05:16 PM:

    "Oh, I´m truly sorry, we´ll see if I´ll come back here again" He said as he took a final look at her and slowly turned away, heading for the bar. Those who were strong could feel a diffrence with the man.

    Posted by Count Alamar on 08-14-2002 05:58 PM:

    Alamar heard the man leave, and heard who had asked him to leave. He recognised the voice as a fellow Jedi, though his did not know her name. He walked slowly over towards her, his hands lightly brushing the tables and chairs to warn him of their location.

    He stopped infront of table, listing to Tessa's breathing for a moment. Once he knew where she was he turned his sightless eyes in her direction.

    "I hear you are waiting for a fellow Jedi...perhaps I may join you?"

    Alamar placed his hand on the back of a spare seat, but made no move to sit until invited to do so.

    Posted by Tessa Rendahl on 08-17-2002 02:21 AM:

    :: Tessa looked up to see a man with white eyes. After observing him for a moment, she realized he was sightless. She smiled at him and spoke with a genuine kindness toward her fellow Jedi ::

    "You certainly heard correctly. Please join me. I am Tessa Rendahl, it is very nice to meet you."

    Posted by Count Alamar on 08-18-2002 04:51 PM:

    Alamar nodded and sat down with the effortlessness of one who has been blind all his life and knows how to do things without help.

    He slowly reached his hand out, stopping an inch or so from Tessa's face, he turned his sightless eyes on her,

    "As i'm sure you can tell, i'm blind, do you mind if i find out what you look like?"

    Posted by Tessa Rendahl on 08-21-2002 11:50 PM:

    :: Tessa paused a moment. She had never met someone who was blind before but there was something about him that made her feel as if she could trust him ::

    "Um sure. Is there something I need to do to help?"

    Posted by Count Alamar on 09-14-2002 04:57 PM:

    Alamar smiled and gently ran his hand over her face, he was so well practised and gentle she hardly felt it. His hand ran down her cheek and over her lips. He removed his hand with a slight smile.

    "What colour are your eyes?"

    He asked politely

    Posted by Tessa Rendahl on 09-27-2002 12:26 AM:

    :: His touch was gentle and she sat perfectly still while he "looked" at her face ::

    "My eyes are blue."

    :: She paused for a moment, unsure whether to ask the question but decided to go ahead anyway ::

    "Count Alamar..I hope this isn't an intrusive question, but I was wondering..have you always been blind?"

    Posted by Count Alamar on 10-06-2002 03:33 PM:

    Alamar sighed saddly, his hands coming to rest in his lap. His sightless eyes dropped down, away from Tessa.

    "Yes and no..."

    He left it hanging for a moment, obviously going to continue but concidering his words before he did.

    "I was born blind, when I was about seven one of the sergens of my planet attempted to give me sight,"

    He sighed again, the memory was obviously painful.

    "And he did, for two whole minutes I had the power of sight, then this happened,"

    He moved his hand up to encompass the scar over his left eye. It was dull and faded now, obviously old but had been very deep.

    "Rebels attacked my fathers keep, one of them cut me with his blade as i stood over my dying father, it sliced into my eye, the shock not only undid the sergen's work, but made it so he could never try again either. On that day I gain and lost my sight, lost my father, and gained rulership of the region..."

    Posted by Tessa Rendahl on 10-06-2002 11:32 PM:

    :: Tessa hardly knew what to say ::

    "I'm so sorry for having you recall such a painful memory."

    :: She paused awkwardly before continuing ::

    "I am glad you are here though now. You do such an amazing job without your eyes that I can only imagine what you would be like with sight. Is there any hope at all with future advancements that you might one day regain your sight though?"

    Posted by Count Alamar on 10-11-2002 07:31 AM:

    Alamar chuckled, it seemed such an unsual sound after what he had just said.

    "No, I hope they never find a way to repair my eyes for I am more without them than I ever could be with them, my other senses are honed to such an edge that sight would hinder me..."

    He swirled the contense of his glass absentlty for a moment.

    "I am a Jedi, there is no pain,"

    He said quietly to himself

    Posted by Tessa Rendahl on 10-18-2002 12:27 AM:

    :: She smiled as he spoke. Tessa was intrigued by the man and almost seemed to hang on his every word ::

    "Tell me about your homeworld, Alamar. How did you come to find the Students of the Light?"