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  • ::Studying Competition::

    Posted by Saharia on 09-10-2002 03:08 AM:
    ::Studying Competition::

    ::She did not hate jedi, no. Only their code. It spread lies that had to die. And for the lies to was best to see who the jedi were exactly. So she walked in relaxed, sat down and ordered Jawa juice. Three quarters Vodka and one quarter Jawa blood. Her smile twisted slightly as the droid said that was not available and sighed, considering the temptation to see how exactly the droid was wired up.::

    Vodka then. Something strong at least, it doesnt matter how it tastes.

    ::She remembered a few jedi she had considered friends but they had been left behind when TSE had been moved. Battlefield was battlefield, and a bar was a bar, there was a difference and she nodded to one of the jedi as they passed, wondering if any of them were battle ready. Touching her saber she smiled as she took a green mixture. Not Vodka, but it smelt strong. Good enough. There would be enough time to spread the truth later/ Jedi she was civil to but when it came to the battle field everything outsdie it mattered not. Anything that was not a battlefield required manners to any race.::

    Tell me good droid, before you go, how many jedi dwell here that you know of? I am assuming they have built some extra intelligence in you.

    Posted by Azrael Seraphim on 09-10-2002 06:38 AM:

    Azrael had been to bars before, during his journey to find the Jedi, most times they were dens of darkness, a place where fools dulled their minds and allowed fear and doubt to creep in unresisted, he did not like these places. However he was curious, the Jedi had a bar at their compound, was this a subtle way of luring people out of the shadows so they could be exposed to the light, shown the lies that fear, anger and hatred had force fed them for so long. His curiousness demanded that he find out...

    The doors open broadly as the winged-creature entered the room. The purity of his soul was shown by the soft glow he emitted, casting all shadows away from him. It was strange, but no matter where a Servant was, darkness never touched them.

    As he surveyed the room he noticed that many of the patrons were not senseless slobbering fools, no rather they were quite aware of all around them and all in amicable moods, eating and conversing with one another. But there was one who did not show light. A shadow, amonst a room full of beacons of hope and life. And he was drawn to see why she was here.

    Slowly Azrael approached the dark stranger, she appeared as the ones he had seen in other bars, sad, lonely. Attempting to dull the pain of darkness with drink. He saw she was armed with a light saber on her belt, he had his as well, (A treat for his master, he had been trained and mastered the first two forms of light saber technique, to even earn the right to carry the blade he had.) he was however unconcerned. Once he arrived to the designated spot he had chosen to speak to her from he opened his mouth and what can only be described as the singing of Angels was emitted. The actual sounds the dark sider heard were far different from what her mind interpreted them as in her own tongue; "Greetings lost one, I am the Servant, Azrael Seraphim. Forgive me for not showing you our traditional display of respect, but it seems this place is two crowded for it anyways. May I inquire as to why you seek to drown out the pain and darkness in your mind, with this liquid substance your kind calls alcohol." He waited patiently for her response.

    Posted by Saharia on 09-13-2002 03:57 AM:

    ::Saharia`s half smile twitched amusement in her eyes. Lost.::

    Not lost, I have found my path as we all must decide. Darkness is a friend as lightness to you is. I come to watch the jedi and to contemplate. Nothing more. Drink cannot overcome and I drink a strong drink for I have no taste but enjoy a drink that I can at least sense something in.
    Come, I am in the mood for conversation.

    ::Her eyes reflected a friendly look, a look of respect she gave everyone jedi sith or commoner. Battlefields were battlefields.::

    Posted by Azrael Seraphim on 09-13-2002 10:12 PM:

    Azrael's ageless eyes gazed down at the Sith who seemingly wasn't a Sith at the moment, just another child of the universe trying to find her place.

    "Interesting words Dark one... I will sit with you, however I have no need for your food or drink, so I must simply engage in conversation with you." His majestic voice rang out in undescribable tongue, however Saharia's brain instantly translated them into her own language.

    "Tell me why do you drink with my kind yet fight with your own?"