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    Posted by Aryiah Dana on 08-20-2002 10:47 AM:
    New Life...

    A young blonde woman entered the bar soaking wet from the rain that poured freely outside. Her hood obscured her facial features as it dripped freely. As she looked around, she saw that it wasn't very populated and took a seat in the nearest booth next to her. She was a bit shy at entering a place she had never seen or had been to, but she had to let that pass. Looking around at her surroundings, she felt as if she was safe and was in good hands.


    Posted by Wurzel on 08-20-2002 05:22 PM:

    Slowly a man rised up and started walking towards Aryiah, his long hood tells the story of journeys and pain, when he finally reaches her booth, he said " I see you´re alone, may I take a seat? " He was driven to do this since her beauty was driving him mad, witch you also could see in his eyes.

    Posted by Aryiah Dana on 08-22-2002 12:48 PM:

    *She diverted her hazel eyes to the man and nodded slightly. She was still rather shy, but soon let that pass. She motioned toward the empty seat next to her and smiled.*

    "Of course you may."

    Posted by Wurzel on 08-25-2002 11:05 AM:

    Keeping his eyes looked on hers, he slowly took a seat, ordering in a vodka, pure vodka, when he sat down the light made it possible to see his face, his eyes looked lonely, and full of pain, but still under control. " What brings you here all alone? It can be dangerous, strange things have appeared lately." he said as a greeting of some kind, for he was not use to this kind of stuff.

    Posted by Murghos on 08-29-2002 11:11 AM:

    ::Walked into the bar and looked around, then walked up to a booth, about four meters from Wurzel ::

    "Young lady, beware of Wurzel, for he is on the Dark Side, he´s hoping to become a sith of some kind"

    ::But as he said these words, he saw Wurzels eyes, and he saw that Wurzel was wearing in battle armour underneath his black hood, and then he decided to run out from the bar, with a fast :: "farewell"

    Posted by Wurzel on 08-29-2002 11:14 AM:

    Looking at the running man, and then suddenly stood up, saying: "It´s been a true pleasure talking to you, even though he was right, I have to go now, farewell"

    He looked around as he started walking for the door, with killing in his mind