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    Part I. In-Character (IC) information:

    Full Name: Albren Woll Ketlyon
    Character Type: Force User - Jedi
    Rank: Jedi Consular
    Alias: Some friends call him 'Abe'

    Age: 32
    Height: 1,77 m. (5'10")
    Weight: Between 70 and 75 kg. (154 - 165 lbs)
    Eye Color: Blue-grey
    Hair Color: Dark-blonde
    Home Planet: Naboo (residency on Coruscant)
    Species: Human
    Family: Father: Beckand Dorn Ketlyon. Mother; Majala Thierssen​

    Faction Affiliation: New Jedi Order

    Companion: An R9 Astromech droid (R9A1) called Rai

    Weapons: A green bladed, curved hilt lightsaber named "Pacificus"

    Ship: A Miy`Til-class Starfighter

    Skills/Abilities: Telekinesis, thought manipulation, healing, skilled in styles II (Makashi), III (Soresu) and IV (Ataru) in lightsaber combat​

    Background story:

    Albren is born in the year 4 ABY in Theed, the capital city of Naboo, as the only child of Beckand Dorn Ketlyon and Majala Thierssen. This is the same year the battle of Endor took place and the second Death Star was destroyed, after which Palpatine's Galactic Empire came to an end.
    In the aftermath of that final battle a lot happened around the galaxy. For more than a year a lot of planets were still fighting against imperials and, although the emperor was dead, a lot of people died during this period. As time passed, the final battles became less and less and Imperials surrendered to an increasing extent everywhere in the galaxy. The final battle, the battle of Jakku in 5 ABY, made the last imperials capitulate.

    During the years of peace that followed Albren grew up as a happy young boy. His father went on to become a senator in the New Republic and for this he was often away from home. Albren studied hard to follow in his father's footsteps some day but a life changing event made him decide differently. One day his father, together with several other senators, were killed when their ship encountered a battle cruiser from what is now known as the First Order.
    Albren was devastated by this which resulted in displaying powers he or anybody else in his surroundings never had seen before. His mother, however, recognized these powers and explained to Albren these powers were only given to few in the galaxy.

    As time went on Albren trained himself in using these powers. His curiousity made him study old books which told about the Jedi and what they did in a time before the Empire.
    On a trip to Coruscant he visited the old Jedi Temple which was abandoned by then. However, in a clumsy moment he re-activated the security system which showed him what had occured during the Great Jedi Purge he had read about several times. At that moment he decided for himself to find the remaining Jedi who survived the Purge and join them. Once he found them on Ossus Albren learned of the New Jedi Order where he would be trained by Master Clinsan Xanross. Now, after he completed his training, Albren is living incognito on Coruscant in order to save as much information from the old Jedi Temple.​


    Part II. Out of Character information:

    Image claim:

    Part III. Out of Character information (optional):

    Current storylines: Book I, The chronicles of Ketlyon

    Completed storylines:

    About the Roleplayer:

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