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    Jaina Halcard


    Part I. In-Character information:

    Full Name: Jaina Halcard

    Character Type: Mercenary

    Rank: N/A


    Age: 22

    Height: 5’8

    Weight: 140lbs

    Eye Color: Dark Brown

    Hair Color: Dark Brown

    Home Planet: Florrum

    Species: Human

    Faction Affiliation: None

    Companion: N/A

    Family: Parents deceased, no siblings, Grandfather - Sargas Halcard

    Background story: Jaina grew up on Florrum, a sulfurous desert planet in the outer rim territories. It was the home to various pirate gangs and other nefarious characters, likely why Jaina ended up in that line of work. With no immediate family, Jaina occasionally spoke to her grandfather, an elder in the community and widely respected leader. Her grandfather had taught her the ways of the Teras Kasi art form for self-defense and she was progressing well. He didn't know about her line of work though, and she wanted to keep it that way. She had scraped enough credits together to afford a used ship and was ready to depart the dust bowl of a planet. Seeking adventure and fortune, Jaina had recently left Florrum and had begun making stops at planets along the way. She was due for a big score and to finally be able to afford a new ship.

    Skills/Abilities: Teras Kasi, Highly skilled swordsman

    Weapons: Vibro Knuckler, dual Scythe Blades

    Ship: YV-330 light freighter named The Relentless

    Part II. Out of Character information:

    Image claim: Gina Carano

    About the Roleplayer: Fan of Star Wars and sci fi in general
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