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    -I| NAME |I- Oriadne Methalan Hallas
    -I| ALIASES |I- Ori, Addy
    -I| TITLES |I- Jedi Investigator | Jedi Shadow
    -I| BIRTHPLACE |I- Morellia
    -I| HOMEWORLD |I- Coruscant
    -I| GENDER |I- Female
    -I| MARITAL STATUS |I- Single
    -I| FORCE RANK |I- Jedi Padawan at 212 BBY | Jedi Knight at 198 BBY | Jedi Master at 157 BBY | Jedi Exile at 19 BBY
    -I| FORCE ALIGNMENT |I- Light to Grey
    -I| CHARACTER TYPE |I- Force User (Jedi Sentinel) | Fringe

    -I| SPECIES |I- Morellian
    -I| YEAR OF BIRTH |I- 220 BBY
    -I| SEX |I- Female
    -I| HEIGHT |I- 5'6" (169 cm)
    -I| WEIGHT |I- 143 lbs (64.86 kg)
    -I| EYE COLOUR |I- Dark Green
    -I| HAIR COLOUR |I- Red
    -I| SKIN PIGMENTATION |I- Caucasian
    -I| IMAGE CLAIMS |I- Lana Del Rey


    -I| PLATONIC |I-
    Szal Murn [Jedi Master; Deceased @ 135 BBY]
    Yuma Orys [Jedi Master; Deceased @ 19 BBY]
    + others

    Adathar Nytrau [Jedi Master; Deceased @ 19 BBY]


    Current Partner
    None | Open

    Former Partner(s)
    Aron Urstalis [Status Unknown]
    + possible others

    -I| FAMILIAL |I-
    Ethzema Hallas [Father][Deceased; Date Unknown]
    Damirei Hallas [Mother][Deceased; Date Unknown]
    Parazan Hallas [Brother][Status Unknown]
    Imara Hallas [Sister][Status Unknown]
    Amira Hallas [Sister][Status Unknown]
    Yurei Hallas [Brother][Status Unknown]
    Lokair Hallas [Brother][Status Unknown]
    Wesberal Hallas [Brother][Status Unknown]
    Jeric Hallas a.k.a. Thane Urstalis [Son][Status Unknown]
    Jefsran Hallas a.k.a Ilias Nytrau [Son][Status Unknown]
    Chiara Viren [Distant Relative]

    Owing to her Morellian genetics, Oriadne has a brilliant, long, fiery mane of red hair, complemented by dark green eyes, and skin with a healthy glow. Her stature is neither short nor tall, and her curves are moderate and balanced.

    Most of the years of her life have been spent in the robes, armour, and accoutrements of a Jedi, but after the Great Jedi Purge of 19 BBY (also known as the Second Jedi Purge or Palpatine's Purge), Ori shed much of what made up her appearance for two hundred years.

    -I| Part I - Discovery |I-
    Oriadne Methalan Hallas was born on Morellia in 220 BBY, the first child of Ethzema and Damirei Hallas, two Morellian Enforcers, but would soon be separated from her parents when a Jedi Knight by the name of Szal Murn, and his half-Shi'ido padawan, Adathar Nytrau came to the world, having chased a Dark Jedi criminal there. The commotion drew the attention of the new parents, and Ethzema dutifully went to investigate, as did a few other Enforcers in the neighbourhood. The ensuing battle would leave Szal and one Enforcer gravely wounded, and the Sith and two other Enforcers dead, while Adathar and Ethzema came out only limping, going right to tending to the other survivors, taking them to the Hallas home to hopefully recover. It was here that Szal would feel the touch of the Force in the wee Oriadne, only months old; Adathar was both worried over the condition of his master, and welling up with internal disagreement over what he too realised about the child... what he knew his master must be thinking about the child of a man whose assistance his master might have been dead without, but Szal, sensing the unvoiced dissent coming from his student, urged him to go help Ethzema take care of the bodies with respect, while Damirei tended to Szal and the other Enforcer. With Oriadne blissfully asleep and Adathar's young passion and empathy rerouted, the master could speak to the mother alone.

    The hard reality that Damirei was presented with by the Jedi Master was difficult to swallow. How could anyone believe that such a small, innocent life might choose to walk such a path of destruction? But to simply hope that no such thing would happen could not wholly prevent it, and this might be the only chance Damirei had to ensure her daughter would have a hope of becoming a better thing than what lurked in this realm - something Szal wouldn't be able to properly give a full investigation, this time, as his window for being on this planet without a proper permit was severely limited by the Commonwealth, such that he would not be fully recovered before they had to leave. The damage caused by this unfortunate event would hold them up in red tape for months, or longer: the Republic had no standing presence here, and Wild Space was rife with dark elements such as that which had just claimed the lives of two of the already dwindling population of Morellians; this was a point on which Szal could ensure that the child would not be wholly separated from her people, and not entirely subject to the Order's restrictions on relationships. With a promise that she would think on it and talk with her husband, padawan and husband returned, and Oriadne woke with a wail.

    While the two parents went to their child, Szal took the time to guide his padawan through tending to the wounds of others through the Force, a skill for which the master had very little talent (a skill Adathar had already learned to exercise on himself) to bolster the care that the mother had already given. While the padawan set about bringing some healing to the wounds of his master and the Enforcer near to them, Szal spoke to him on the matter of the child; Adathar was quiet throughout, feeling sad for the parents, but accepting and understanding the facts, and though dejected, agreed with his master. It was more than simply duty to attempt to bring a discovered sensitive into the fold. It was prevention. But meeting the child had left the padawan with the strong feeling that he was strung to her fate. Whatever that would come to mean, only time could tell.

    -I| Part II - A Path Diverted |I-
    Though Ethzema and Damirei would later leave Morellia to join the Republic as scouts, soon after the birth of another child, a son they named Parazan, Oriadne left with the two Jedi, bound for her new destiny in the days that followed that fateful meeting, when Szal was healed enough to move, more or less under his own power. They made their way to Coruscant, where the babe was delivered to the care of the fosterers at the Temple, but she would remain on their minds, especially for Adathar. Though he still felt conflicted about the situation, he knew this was the right thing to do. After submitting to the ministrations of the Circle of Healers and meeting with the High Council to deliver their report, the pair were soon sent on to their next mission. The next eight years would see Szal attain Mastery and Adathar pass his trials to become a Jedi Knight, while Oriadne grew in the Jedi way, made lasting friendships, and proved herself to be a promising Initiate.

    The time would come for Adathar to take a padawan of his own, and knowing the interest his student continued to have in the child they had delivered eight years before, Szal counseled him that the Force might have another in mind, but the upcoming Apprentice Tournament coincided with a period between missions, and the young Oriadne was thought to be one that would do well by the Masters who handled the induction of younglings into the Jedi way. Adathar accepted that he would at least be content to see her succeed, even if the Force might have someone else chosen for him, and they went to observe all the Initiates that would be proving themselves as they hoped to gain the attention of a Master or Knight. Adathar knew that he would have to couch his decision in who might be best suited for the work of a Shadow.

    Many of the Initiates applied themselves well, and shone bright, but few displayed a keen attention to the details of their opponent as it became apparent that Oriadne could do, and with her Morellian biology, she was given to great strength that had been tempered by her few years of training, to great effect. Szal would later remark with amusement that his student appeared to be prescient when it came to the girl, but that day proved that she was an ideal choice, and in short order, the young Morellian Initiate at the age of eight, became Jedi Padawan Oriadne Hallas, the first student of Jedi Knight Adathar Nytrau, who himself was only just an adult.

    Further history to be added, in time.


    -I| OTHER |I-

    -I| WEAPONS |I-

    -I| SHIP |I-

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    Kae has been roleplaying in the wonderful universe of Star Wars, on and off, since around 1998/99, starting at Talk City, under the name Miriya Cailis (and others).

    Too many, but none of them actively written on this forum, at present. I'll add them if I pick any of them up, again.

    Morellians don’t start showing any signs of aging until around 160 years, and I have figured the maximum age to be approximately 480 years, give or take, with an average lifespan of around 330 years, based on comparisons with humanity.