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  • Sitonia

    Part I. In-Character (IC) information:

    Full Name: Sitonia
    Character Type: Fringe
    Alias: "Hey! Someone stop her!"
    Age: 24
    Height: 5'8"/ 172cm
    Weight: 128lb / 58kg
    Eye Color: Cerulean
    Hair Color: White
    Home Planet: Chalcedon
    Species: Arkanian Offshoot
    Faction Affiliation: None
    Companion: None
    Family: Unknown

    Background story:

    Arkanian Offshoots typically don't get asked about their history. Very rarely do any rise to a level of significance befitting a conversation with/about them which doesn't rise above an exchange of goods and services. Sitonia is no exception.

    Sitonia, by the galaxy's standards, is no exception. She was born on a freighter in the Outer Rim between stops on her parents' work crew. Which is the galaxy's equivalent of perpetually holding a Nulrhek hand in your local Sabacc tournament: you're probably not going to win very often, but probably just enough to stay in at the table. Indigence seasoned every meal, and when she was lucky enough to have a bowl of something other than nutrient paste in front of her, she made sure that it looked freshly-washed by the time she was done with it.

    A roof was a luxury most nights, and she regularly counted stars as she fell asleep. A transient lifestyle with parents who chased credits rather than made a living meant she saw many different skies in her formative years.

    As for what happened to her parents? Well, they on different ships one day. Depending on the day, Sitonia either misheard or misremembered what docking bay to meet them at, and by the time she realized it, it was too late to go searching. After the fear and despondency abated, there was an odd, detached liberation that came from losing her parents: she was no longer their burden, and they were no longer hers. She made a promise to herself to make her next stop count. Next thing she knew, she was tumbling out onto Chalcedon with only the clothes on her back and the rarity of her species to her name.

    That was...ten years ago? Already? In those years, she's scraped together a comfortable routine: Work whichever cantina or sabacc den is hiring, listen to some wide-eyed offworlders recount their Generic Spacer Story Aurek, Besh, or Cresh while they drank themselves out of a day's or a week's pay. Sometimes, if they decided that they were buying wholesale that evening and didn't tip her out, she helped them sweat off some of those extra carbs with a nice chase through the packed streets after lifting their credits outside. That's where the "hiring" element of her plan came into play from time to time, as not many species were keen on being overserved into unconsciousness by a pickpocket bartender.

    Sometimes, though, the credits find their way to her in a different method. Maybe, if she gets that..."feeling" from them, she'll charm them out of the rest of the month's credits without combining it with an evening constitutional. It was a skill she didn't really learn as much as realize. And if you ask her to explain what it is, you'll likely wind up being entranced by her common answer: a wry grin and shrug. And when you wander home later, you'll wonder where you left your blasted wallet.


    Rudimentary martial arts (Self-taught)
    Turning sharp corners without falling down
    Spending your money

    Extendable durasteel vibrostaff

    Ship: You mean the one I ride from my flat to my job? Because, yeah. That one.

    Other: Part II. Out of Character information:

    Image claim: Katheryn Winnick