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  • Nila Viern

    Part I. In-Character (IC) information:

    Full Name: Nila Ellena Viern

    Character Type: Force User - Jedi

    Rank: Padawan


    Age: 28

    Height:5′4”/ 163 cm

    Weight: 115 lbs/52 kg

    Eye Color: Green

    Hair Color: Dark Brown

    Home Planet: Corellia

    Species: Human

    Faction Affiliation:(optional)

    Companion: None

    Family: Father: Ben Viern, Mother: Ella Viern

    Background story: Nila Viern was born in Corellia to Ella and Ben Viern. She was an only child, that not only had her parents full and undivided attention, but she also grew up comfortably. While her parents were not rich by any means, they were able to provide for their daughter both at will and to what was necessary. However, Nila was taught to place more personal value on morals, rather than on objects. Both her mother and father served their community with undivided loyalty. Ella, a full time nurse, and Nila’s father, a police officer. Though her parents were both busy often with work, they continuously reached out toward their local communities to give when and where they could Ella, Nila’s mother, made baked goods for families. Nila was taught to sow dolls and teddy bears for fellow children. While Ben sometimes on his off duty, would work within the local youth organizations, helping children and teens to learn new personal life skills. It was a kind of life that Nila could feel proud of, doing good made her feel good. At least, it was supposed to, but when she was in school, doing good, felt anything but good, being that her peers often considered her a goodie two shoes. Instead of being praised for her good deeds, she felt judged. Still, Nila was not the sort to be let down for too long, and the judgement didn’t keep her from helping others. She did onto others as she would want to be treated. Maybe the kids in school didn’t have a fondness for her sowing, but those who received her toys certainly seemed to appreciate her work. As a child, she was tempted by her peers, being told she should sell the things she made. Admittedly, it was a nice thought, as there were lots of things she wanted, and that took money. For Nila, money didn’t grow on trees, and she learned the value of a dollar. It was very tempting, but making someone smile was far more rewarding.

    Nila’s high school years did not run as smoothly as her early childhood, her parents desiring that she participate in some form of extracurricular activities involving school. Between music , writing, and community involvement, that didn’t leave Nila with much of a social life. Her parents advised her that her school activities were part of her social structure. Being that she had not wanted to do school activities in the first place, it took the teen a little while to get serious with her writing and music activities. Eventually after months of personal involvement, she learned to enjoy all of her activities and found a nice balance, continuing to sow toys for children inside the community. Upon her parents reaching their own personal retirement just after Nila graduating high school, she painfully found herself having to get used to them not being around as often. As retirees, both her parents found wonder in foreign travel, so they were often not home. It was luckily, a part of life that Nila found herself transitioning into smoothly, even if she didn’t like it. She took a free year to herself, trying to discover her own passions, as it were, but found her heart’s calling in becoming a nurse. With her parents’ full support, Nila attended nursing school, and for the first time in her life, she felt secure enough to not need the extra helping hand of her parents. Though that sense of security found its way to be short lived, as both of her parents died in a devastating vehicle crash after leaving a retirement party for a family friend. Falling into a little bit of a speed bump, Nila found motivation eventually in knowing that she was on her own. Understanding she had to place food on the table for herself was the driving force that allowed Nila to finish nursing school. As a young adult, Nila was faced with many life distractions, co-workers tempting her left and right to go out and party or go for drinks, but nurse was enough of a dream for Nila to keep focused. She really enjoyed caring for others, it nearly became an obsession for her. Until a new obsession walked into her life in the form of a rebellious young man by the name of Jush Eartash. He’d come into the hospital she’d been working at, a smuggler having gotten into a basic scuffle. She’d treated his minor cuts and bruises, and although she had tried her best to ignore his charming ways, it didn’t take long for Nila to unexpectedly fall in love with him. After nearly a year and a half of courtship, the two settled into married life. Nila remained a Nurse and he a smuggler. There love was a love that could have stood the test of time, and yet a love that no one easily understood. Nila was more of a good girl, while Jush was edgy and rebellious, complete opposites. Nila had never understood the entirety of opposites attracted until meeting Jush.

    Not too long after newlywed life, Nila found herself pregnant with fraternal twins, a son, Zaybros and a daughter, Cheecle. Three happy years she was given with her husband and children, until life came crashing down around her. From an unexpected disagreement with an unknown party, Jush is killed, leaving Nila to take care of their two children all on their own. Yet with her husband’s mysterious passing and fear she may be next in line to die, Nila painfully gives her twins up for adoption, hoping that a new family can look to protect them in ways that Nila doesn’t feel she could confidently do. With her children lost but never forgotten somewhere out there, Nila just as lost and alone, she obsessively finds herself drawing back into her work as it is the only thing during the time that keeps her motivated. Her life with her husband and children had made her feel more alive than she had ever felt before, and without their presence in person, Nila finds herself living more of a dull life, doing the same thing, day after day. Go to work, go home, and go to the market on the weekends. Though a social life is far and few between, Nila does manage to socialize. It is one man in particular that she often sees in the market, Mister Masaki, that will subtly assist Nila in guiding her life in a new direction, along with a woman shrouded in mystery, that will ultimately change her life forever, leading her toward the path of the Jedi.





    Part II. Out of Character information:

    Image claim: Jessica Lowndes

    Part III. Out of Character information (optional):

    Current storylines:

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    Other Characters Played:

    Amalia Braska
    Darth Zeta