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    Part I. In-Character (IC) information:
    Full Name: Dekar Janrenk
    Character Type: Hire for credits
    Rank: nothin
    Alias: DaJan
    Age: 22
    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 200 pounds
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Brown
    Home Planet: Coruscant
    Species: Human
    Faction Affiliation: (optional) on my own don't know anybody
    Companion: don't wanna talk about it
    Family: nope
    Background story: Dekar grew up on the streets of Coruscant after his family murdered. Begged for food and stole what he could get away with. He snuck onto a transport and got as far away from that planet as he could and landed on a new planet to him called Tatooine. Way too much dust and sand there though. Dekar now wants to earn some credits and try to make a name for himself around the planet. Hasn't gone so good so far. Ship got stolen, robbed of credits, and then left for dead after the first mission for hire. Need to figure out what happened and fix it and fast. Going to relocate to Anchorhead and see how that goes.

    Skills/Abilities: Still new at making credits in the galaxy so skills are not very good right now. Hoping to be able to make deliveries, carry cargo without it being seen, and maybe taking a bounty puck to make some credits.

    Weapons: 2 SonoMax 75 sonic pistols

    Ship: stolen from me

    Other: hoping to buy a bike or something in Anchorhead

    Part II. Out of Character information:

    Image claim: Nico Tortorella

    Part III. Out of Character information (optional):

    Current storylines:

    Completed storylines:

    About the Roleplayer: Signed up here a while back but didn't get started cuz life sucks lololol. Hoping to get something going.

    Other Characters Played: just this guy