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  • Alex strongborn

    Part I. In-Character (IC) information:
    Full Name: Alex strongborn

    Character type: military

    Rank: private, aristocrat

    alias: The giant, the tireless soldier

    Age: 26

    Height:6' 9"

    Weight: 320

    Eye Color: blue

    Hair Color: blonde

    Home Planet: corusant

    Species: human

    Faction Affiliation: the new republic


    Family: Edward strongborn - father, Sarah strongborn - mother, olivia strongborn- sister

    Background story: Alex's childhood was one of splendor he didn't lack for anything. Finding his pation for bodybuilding and most forms of unarmed combat Alex devoted most of his time when not in study to honing his body. Living most of his younger life in service to his family of weapon manufacturers selling to both sides. After a deal gone with the imperials and two of his families employees where killed Alex swore on their Graves to help the republic in anyway he could even if that meant being a footsoldier for the republic.

    Skills/Abilities: pugilist | mixed martial arts | all blasters | weightlifting | driving/piloting | weapon maintenance | computer hacking | sculpture work |
    Multilingual |
    Weapons: spiked gauntlets, e-11 blaster rifle


    Part II. Out of Character information:
    Image claim: Alex Louis Armstrong
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