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    ​​​​​I. In-Character (IC) information:
    Full Name: Dash gillian
    Character Type: smuggler/ force user
    Rank: expert / knight
    Alias: face/ ghost/ party animal
    Age: 19
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 180
    Eye Color: icy blue
    Hair Color: platinum blonde
    Home Planet: corelia
    Species: 1/4 human 3/4zeltron
    Faction Affiliation: black sun
    Companion: none
    sexuality: bisexual

    Family: father - irsin gillian half zeltron deceased, mother - Lora gillian zeltron deceased, sister - eoni gillian


    Dash grew up resenting his zeltron roots he is the only one in his family that looked fully human. Even though his parents loved him and his sister still does he felt like an outsider in his own family. he hates being in people's head all the time knowing what they are feeling. Although he doesnt mind the leg up in certain scenerios it still bothers him even If he can help through pheromones. Dash has managed to look past his race and obtain skills that allows him to feel some sense of pride in himself and take pride in his looks. Dash does like to party hard especially with controlled substances since they shut off his telepathy.
    ​​​​​​Dash refuses to tap into his force abilities unless he has to as a last resort as it reminds him of his mother. Dash isn't afraid to use his looks to get what he needs even using his limited pheromones to get to his desired results but not fully liking it. Trusting more on his skills and apparently supernatural luck to get the job done.

    ​likes: partying | drinking | most alcohol| whiskey especially| comedy holovids| all novels| drugs | cybernetics | tattoos | all weapons that aren't being fired at him | some poetry mostly dark | bad and/or hogh society girls/boys | most plants | most games recreationally| gambling | speeder bikes | starships|

    dislikes: authority| extreme cold | extreme heat | groups unless it's a party| most organizations| being told what to do | people touching him| people stealing his stuff|

    Strengths: melee combatant | flexible | lucky | loyal | humourous | quick thinking | intelligent | persuasive | individuality | free speaking | sarcastic | punny | perceptive| quick thinking.

    Weakness: addictive personality | amoral | slow to trust | decietful | hedonistic | gambler | tends to speak his mind sometimes even if it's rude without thinking|

    ​ Backstory:

    Dash grew up in the slums of corelia his father worked in the corellian ship yards his mother was a stripper. Dash was the result of a one night stand instead of running off his father stayed around but both his parents argued both being unhappy. About a year after dash was born his sister was born both of his parents turned to drugs while dash and his sister where young to deal with the stress of being parents and being an unhappy couple. While the love was there for dash and his sister the drugs stayed as do to addiction otherwise Dash's life was routine for the next nine years. Until dash started trying drugs while his father taught him how to fix ships and speeders sneaking behind his parents backs to get drugs for the last six years his parents where alive. During Dash's puberty his mother tried forcing herself on him repeatedly while she was high dash ended up accidentally killing her during one of these episodes causing her to fall and break her neck after that his father kicked him out. Causing Dash to have to learn most of his combat abilities while. Earning a living and staying high he gained and lost friends but as of right now he is a smuggler without a ship and little friends to have his back.

    Skills/Abilities: skills: expertise in ship and vehicle piloting | polygot | expert with blasters | proficient with bladed weapons, mechanical/electrical engineering, jiujitsu | Taekwondo | computer hacking | blaster construction |
    Abilities&force powers: pheromones, telepathy , mind trick, mind probe, telekinesis, force speed, force rage.
    Weapons: 3 knives hidden on his person, 2 westar-34 with hollow grips for faster draw speed.
    Part II. Out of Character information:
    Image claim: lucky blue smith
    Part III. Out of Character information (optional):
    Current storylines:
    Completed storylines: A
    the Roleplayer:

    Other Characters Played:
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