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  • Teyla Ee'everwest

    Name: Teyla Ishae Airmiyah Ee'everwest
    Nicknames: Tey
    Titles: Lady Ee'everwest
    Homeworld: Naboo
    Rank: Jedi Padawan, Aristocrat
    Age: 25
    Sex: Female
    Height: 5'7''
    Weight: 120lbs
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin: Olive Tone / Tanned
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Species: Human/Hapan
    Marital Status: Single
    Loyalties: Jedi Order, Royal Houses of Naboo, House Ee'everwest
    Character Type: Force User
    Companion: N/A

    Adoptive Family:
    • Jagen Ee'everwest [Adoptive Father]
    • Sarnae Ee'everwest [Adoptive Mother, Nee. Aureus]
    • Kintel Ee'everwest [Adoptive Older Brother]
    • Alora Ee'everwest [Adoptive Older Sister]
    • Osenia Ee'everwest [Adoptive Younger Sister]
    • Mina Ee'everwest [Adoptive Youngest Sister]
    Biological Family:
    • Indra Djo [Biological Father]
    • Sanna Aureus [Biological Mother, Unknown]
    • Eline Djo [Biological Half-Sister]
    • Zale Ebonvar [Biological Half-Brother]
    • Mejali Aureus [Biological Grandmother]
    • Torek Aureus [Biological Father, Nee. Quez]

    Image Claim: Ksenia Barasheva

    Teyla was born on Hapes, Ta'a Chume'Dan, but was found abandoned on the doorstep of conservative aristocrats Jagen Ee'everwest and his wife Sarnae under mysterious circumstances on Naboo. She was taken in by the couple and raised alongside the rest of the Ee’everwest children whom she formed close relationships with. The majority of her early childhood was largely free of incident, spending most of it on her adopted families ancestral estate in Theed under the peerage of her father and the patriarch of House Ee'everwest, a family with history dating back more than a few hundred years.

    As one of the many ancient Royal Houses of Naboo, the Ee'everwests have always held some influence and sway throughout the city and the planets entirety. Known for their humanitarian efforts and the production of many a statesman and woman, their service to Naboo and her people has always been unquestionable and blameless.

    The moral backbone of society.

    Being a member of such an esteemed family meant that Teyla and the rest of her siblings lived under the constant eye of public scrutiny. Thus, unsurprisingly, when she reached her formative years, Jagen and Sarnae sent Teyla to be employed at The Order of Sanctuary. There, Teyla was groomed, polished, educated, and trained to fight as a warrior queen. Her formidable talent was what lead to her being chosen for service within her teens, going on to serve for many years and growing into womanhood as the most devout handmaiden... though it was clear that she was possessed of certain talents.

    When the time came for the Queen to finally retire, the order came for Teyla to leave the Royal Service and seek out the Jedi Order where her talents could be better honed. Lost without the structure of what she believed to be her sacred calling, she did the only thing she knew and reluctantly followed orders, heading to Yavin VIII where she began her training to become a Jedi Knight.
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    NFU Abilities
    • Echani Martial Arts - Adept
    • Hand to Hand Combat - Adept
    • Blaster Rifle/Pistol Proficiency - Adept
    • Starship/Speeder Piloting - Adept
    • Droid Repair - Novice
    • Investigator - Adept
    • High Galactic - Adept
    • Galactic Basic - Adept
    • Shyriiwook - Novice | Proficient

    Force Abilities

    • Detoxify Poison in Self and Others - Proficient
    • Force Sense - Proficient
    • Force Push/Pull - Proficient
    • Force Bellow - Novice
    • Tutaminis - Novice
    • Shii-Cho/Form I - Novice
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      • Humanity - Basic human limitations
      • Poor Eyesight - Struggles to see clearly in dim lighting
      • Over Commits
      • Limited By Personal Convictions - Can be narrow minded
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