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    Image claim: Stephanie Leonidas

    FULL NAME: Quaza Vex
    CHARACTER TYPE: Force User | Thief
    RANK: Knight | Expert
    ALIAS: Street Rat | Mutt | Stab Happy
    AGE: 16
    HEIGHT: 5’2” (1.57m)
    WEIGHT: 112 lbs (51 kg)
    EYE COLOR: Golden
    HOME PLANET: Zeltros
    SPECIES: Zeltron | Zabrak | Cathar
    SEXUALITY: Bisexual


    Quaza is a mutt being half zeltron a quarter cathar and Zabrak. She doesn’t see herself as beautiful nor does she pride herself on her looks. In fact, she berates herself her heritage and looks. She hates Zeltrons thinking them all *****s because her mother was a *****.

    Despite her low self-esteem in the looks department she is confident in the skills she has acquired. Those skills aid her well she has a bit of the Cathar honor in her since she feels she has no blood family she has adopt the JRC crew as her family. Dax Tarkin, specifically as her brother since she knew him before becoming a Pirate. She is extremely loyal to them all she would kill and die for all of them

    Being half Zeltron she is an empath but unlike full zeltrons she can’t control the emotional situations around her as she doesn’t have pheromones. So negative emotions around will bring her down and positive ones will bring her up.

    She knows she is force sensitive but fears telling anyone because she already sees herself as a freak, she doesn’t want to be more of one.

    Likes: Gardening | Knives | Blasters | Drinking | Rum | Whiskey | Drugs | Cybernetics | Postcards | Blasters | Weapons | Engines | Speeder Bikes | Romance Novels | Black Roses | Comic Books | Graphic Novels | Comedy Holovids | Fire | Piercings | Tattoos | Bad Boys/girls | Puzzles | True Crime Novels | Dark Poetry

    Dislikes: Cold Weather | Authority | Worms | Black Licorice | Being Cold | Organization | People going through her things | People Taking/borrowing her things with out permission| Being Controlled | Hugging

    Strengths: Adventurous | Creative | Cultured | Curious | Educated | Empathetic | Flexible | Freethinking | Generous | Imaginative | Individualistic | Intelligent | Intuitive | Loyal | Observant | Patient | Perceptive | Reliable | Self-critical | Skillful | Witty

    Weaknesses: Addictive personality | Amoral | Chaotic | Compulsive | Crafty | Criminal | Cynical | Deceitful | Escapist | Fraudulent | Hedonistic | Hoarder | Nihilistic | Obsessive | Paranoid | Possessive | Quirky | Self- Destructive | Suspicious | Vulnerable

    (These are people Quaza considers family she is not official adopted by anyone.)
    Adoptive Mother: Cord Starfall
    Adoptive Brother: Dax Tarkin| Hansel Aulin

    Adoptive Sister: Maze Maniaci | Gretel Aulin


    Born on Zeltros to a Zeltron ***** and one of her Johns who was half cathar and half Zabrak. Quaza never real new her father and her mother pretty much neglected making her pretty much an orphan even if she knew where her mother was. The streets raised her and she learned quickly how to survive on her own. Most of her life has been all about herself and her survival getting by to move onto the next day. Though her mom tried to pressure and force her into the same life style she had at a young age Quaza rejected it and fled Zeltros.

    She ended up traveling all the way across the Galaxy landing on Tatoonie. However before reaching Tatoonie she was on Eriadu where she met her best friend, adoptive brother, and partner in crime Dax Tarkin. There friendship started out with her trying to rob him so could afford transport to a different planet. Instead the the Young Tarkin who was a skilled slicer/Programmer caught her and began to show her new criminal ways to make money rather then just her thuggish ways. Together they both went to Tattoonie where they joined up with a drug smuggling operation.

    Most people just assumed the pair were street kids from Tatoonie and Dax had made them both fake residency papers that they were from Tatoonie. For many years the two work on Tatoonie in the drug trade until a deal with a pirate operation came in conflict with the drug operation. The two switched sides joining Cord Starfalls pirate crew and it was here Quaza's force sensitivity truly started to show. A friend and member of the crew named Lestat Solaris started training her.

    Recently the pirate crew has disbanded though due to Cord's disappearance. Quaza finds herself a lone in the Galaxy as her best friend and brother Dax got a high paying job in the Hapes cluster. Now she finds herself niot sure what to due returning to her life as a thief and thug. She recently got her Zabrak tribal tattoos.

    Telekinesis | Telepathy | Force Speed | Force Rage | Pyromancy


    Knife fighting | Melee weapons fighting | Martial arts | Hand to hand combat | Ground fighting | Hot Wiring | Sleight of Hand | Mechanic’s | Mehcnaical\Electrical Engineering | Botany | Knife crafting/smithing


    Knives - Lots and Lots of Knives.

    X-21 shock glove - ussually worn or in a pocket but always easily accessible.

    DC-17 hand blaster - In a hip hoseter.


    Flight Jacket - Offers very minimal protection.



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