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Gateway to the 'Verse
Tales of the Galaxy
Roleplays occuring on any planet/setting, open for anyone to participate in.
Topics: 1,330 Posts: 29,294
Last Post: War Eternal (open)
1,330 29,294
Tasha Vode
Legends and Legacies
Invitation-only roleplays designed to follow a certain storyline - includes requests to PM first.
Topics: 4,044 Posts: 90,223
4,044 90,223
Jedah Lynch
Drifter's Paradise Galactic Outpost
Come visit the Galactic Outpost that orbits Nal Hutta and stay for a while. Enjoy shopping, dining and entertainment at this luxurious facility.
Topics: 407 Posts: 5,016
407 5,016
Deck One: Proprieters (181/1,549)
Deck Two: Restaurants (142/2,185)
Galaxy Faction Remnants
Force Users
Sentient and non-sentient lifeforms who possess a strong connection to the energy field known as the Force. Some use the Force for good, while others do not.
Topics: 14,059 Posts: 249,645
Last Post:
14,059 249,645
Renee Murano
New Jedi Order (Jedi) (5,426/101,436)
The Sith Empire (Sith) (7,637/131,497)
Armed forces personnel who serve on the ground, in the air, or in the water and are responsible for securing military assets in the galaxy.
Topics: 2,237 Posts: 33,792
Last Post:
2,237 33,792
Alex Strongborn
The New Republic (Rebel) (1,384/20,463)
A wretched hive of scum and villainy and their private business dealings.
Topics: 161 Posts: 610
Last Post:
161 610
Raguel Kaffaljidhma
Character Databank Registry
Character Bio Database
Complete your character biography using the template.
Topics: 20 Posts: 38
Last Post: Alex strongborn
20 38
Alex Strongborn
The Comlink
The Cantina
The place for fellow community members to talk OOC about upcoming movies, games, tv shows, to give birthday wishes, etc.
Topics: 3,593 Posts: 66,548
3,593 66,548
Garyn Fel'zev
Cantina Archive (2,666/53,573)
The Holonet
The place for new members to say hello, for current members to announce leaves of absence, returns to roleplaying, and recruitment for roleplay threads/groups, as well as any other OOC information about IC RPs.
Topics: 5,650 Posts: 63,559
Last Post: Unfortunate loa
5,650 63,559
Dara Shadowtide
Holonet Archive (4,564/52,971)
The Sabacc Den
Step into the Den for some fun and crazy posting games!
Topics: 451 Posts: 142,622
451 142,622
The Starport
Forum Posting and Username Account Help
Questions regarding vBulletin forum posting procedures/features, thread/post requests, and Username account issues should be posted here so that a member of the staff can provide assistance.
Topics: 199 Posts: 908
199 908
James Icarus
Avatar and Signature Help
If you need an avatar, signature, and/or images resized for your character, or if you would like to submit your signature for consideration and formatting for the main banner rotation, post in the appropriate subforum and a signature artist will reply. This is also the place to check/post character image claims.
Topics: 1,105 Posts: 6,295
Last Post: The time has come
1,105 6,295
Caltin Vanagor
Image Claims (5/5)
Finished Requests (726/4,818)
The Testing Zone (24/227)