I'm getting in the habit of writing again, and I find myself reading more and more reviews of books, Blu Ray, and movies (yes, I am aware the last two hold the same material ). So as my desire allows for it, I think I will be providing my worthless insight and horrible opinion on books, movies, and such that I view or read here. If you want to respond, I'll set up a response thread in the "books" forum so Dara and N'yssa don't get mad at me .

Anyway, let me get the ball rolling with the movie I went to see today: Logan.

Logan is, of course the known name of the Marvel Comics character, mutant, and all around grumpy claw wielding, cigar smoking Canadian known as "Wolverine."

This is rumored to be Hugh Jackman's last movie of the franchise, though he has recently said that he would be open to reprising the role one more time (can you say "Avengers"?) The movie centers around the recent comic book storyline "Old Man Logan", hence the title of the movie. It is set in 2029, mutantkind is in hiding having all but been wiped out. Professor X has suffered a severe trauma and is in Logan's care (Logan of course has a job and is living in secret). The movie is the classic "recluse set in his ways finds a young girl in trouble and takes her in reluctantly" story, Logan might as well take the nickname "Rooster Cogburn" and call it a day.

The group I was in is a collection of "comic book enthusiasts", much like I was some years ago. So they caught me up on what the movie would be based on as we were sitting, waiting for the previews, I was lucky. I don't think that others in the theater had this, granted some did, not all though as I did notice some leaving rather disappointed at the end. The movie flowed nicely, but the main problem still lied in the fact that you needed to know the comic to fully understand the movie, I do not see this as able to stand on it's own. There may be some who simply see this as a new "True Grit", and others who cannot understand why Wolverine was not healing (which you do not fully learn until 3/4 into the movie).

Patrick Stewart was surprising in his potty mouth but hey, it's Professor X and he makes the film respectable, Hugh Jackman IS Wolverine so there is no surprise there. What surprised me was "Callaban" whose name escapes me at the moment (Hey! I'm writing this off the top of my head here), who reminds me of "Weioun" of "Dominion" fame from Star Trek Deep Space Nine (). The girl in the movie, she was a surprise of intensity, wit, and fun though, it was fun to see her develop through the movie, but again I had to learn the story first, that is a problem.

Overall I liked the film, but for nostalgia reasons, not really for the story. It's not to say the story was "bad", but that it was contrived, and you had to have prior knowledge going in. With the "First Class" mashups, not to mention the whole "Phoenix/Dark Phoenix" debacle where Scott Summers and Professor X (the first time) were killed, this movie was deep, but lost on me. I would give it 6.5 out of 10, though I am sure I am in the minority here.

Below are some spoilers, so if you haven't seen the movie and you open this, don't blame me.

What happened with the mutants? What did Professor X do? If you don't know this, you're lost.
Why is there always a fat kid in trouble?
What is so special about the enhanced troops? Were they special forces? Employed by this company?
What about Callaban?
These questions are from the point of view of a person who did not read the comics. I was caught up on everything, I get it, but I can see someone going into this and being all sorts of confused. There wasn't enough buildup to everything and that is a shame.

Hope you liked this first attempt.